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†нє Villians vs †нє Heroes – Full Match Preview

Remember remember †нє month of

Unfortunately, November would be remembered for just being November – Arsenal bogey month

It started when our old boy Eduardo “Dudu Composure” Da Silva scored †нє winning goal in Eastern Europe, followed by Flyin Fabbi’s lapse in concentration which made some english bloke that looks like WWE’s Edge a star for †нє week at least. Two hard fought away wins came on †нє bounce earning an Arsenal player a change of nickname from “Flappy Handski” to “Flyin Fabbi”. That’s what I call him here, don’t know about you. A week after that I watched †нє North London Derby which left me with a very sour taste on my mouth. Instead of witnessing a midweek redemption match, I saw †нє Wenger boys concede two good goals from 99 Matheus. 80% blame would go to †нє squad, †нє remaining 20% must go a Hungarian referee that shares †нє same pronunciation with Afghanistan’s president. I don’t know if he felt our players were American Troops but with a victory against †нє groups whooping boys, Partizan, qualification is certain. We can even top †нє group if 99 Matheus uses his left foot in Eastern Europe.

if †нє heroes on red (or yellow and redcurrant) win †нє villians today, it won’t just be †нє satisfying end to a month long movie, it would send Arsenal to pole position in †нє Premier League, putting immense pressure on †нє Former Cashlings who are away to WWE’s Edge’s Cartoons and Red Hell Owners, who host †нє Rugby boys on White and Blue. †нє Former Cashlings’ haven’t scored an away goal for quite some time now but I don’t see them throwing this away. Let us hope that Edge has something up his sleeve. †нє Red Hell Owners on †нє other hand have †нє world’s highest earner, RooThug, back. That might scare †нє Rugby boys on White and Blue but if Morten Gamst “Mini Delap” Pedersen starts swinging them set pieces in….you may never know. Let’s not forget that he’s a Mini Delap.

I made some comments about †нє starting lineup in yesterday’s blog so I won’t go into full details again on that. All I can say is that we’ll stick to our 4-2-3-1 formation.

†нє assumed lineup would be

Flyin Fabbi
Flash – Kos100%Tackle – Squisha – Timaya
Sabinus – Whizkhid
Hotty Pancake – El Rufai – Banana Lomo

If you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll probably know all †нє nicknames of †нє players in †нє Arsenal squad. If you don’t, it’s just a click away.

Those fools that say that El Capitan should be stripped off his captaincy after 2 good years of service should go and boil beans.

Facts say that we are third, critics say that we are “ill-equipped” to win †нє title.

Let’s prove them wrong.
That’s something we are very good at.

Gerard Houllier’s men are 13th in league, they have †нє 4th best home form, they have won just once in their last eight games and they possess †нє worst record in †нє Premier League against teams in †нє Top Four…..who I’m I kidding…..teams in †нє TOP HALF of †нє table.

Enjoy †нє match wherever you’re watching it.

Like my good friend Tobenna “Morris Wenga” Opara said….

“Here’s to a Robert Pires own-goal”