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WigWig comes to Emirates for a Carling Spoon Adventure, Farma’s enigmatic comeback and el Classico

Good Morning to you all from another harmattan infested day.

I just love it when a wish comes true.

I hoped for a mauling, they got a mauling. I also prayed for a Messi hattrick and Ramos own goal. I got a Messi masterclass and a Ramos red card. Moaninho finally entered spanish record books for all †нє wrong reasons. He said that we haven’t won a trophy in 5 years, Madrid had not conceded more than 4 goals in 17 years. He got 5. This was also †нє first time Barca dominated with 78% possession, †нє dirtiest El Classico so far with Moaninho’s thugs getting †нє bulk of †нє cards. His teams always have a stint of thuggery related to them. Inter vs Catania (2 red cards) , Chelsea…..
Arsenal went to Nou Camp with Silvestre in †нє ĦeãЯt of †нє defence. It ended 4-1. We even scored. †нє push on Pep by CRo was childish. He got lost in a big game again. †нє elbow by Ol’ Lady Ricky on Messi was cynical. And †нє final tackle by Ramos was atrocious. I spent all my time tweeting everything that was happening in Nou Camp, I got into TwitJail for my troubles. But there were two tweets that were very memorable
RT @Obitwyce: “When you give success to stupid people, it makes them more stupid, not intelligent”
RT @dkingpin: “Watching Barca as a gooner is likw watching your ex-girlfriend in a adult movie. You love it but there’s a nagging jealous feeling”

Fuck Moaninho and his thugs…
This is an Arsenal Blog by †нє way.

In my first blog, I said “When Emmanuel “Farma” Eboue landed awkwardly in Estadio AXA, I asked my friends a simple question,”How many weeks”. Colin Lewin and †нє rest of †нє physios say that a medial knee ligament strain lasts for at least 4-5 weeks. Let’s wish our Farma a speedy recovery because we are a bit short in that position”. I’m swallowing those words right now.

Our Farma is going to play WigWig today after being diagnosed with a medial knee ligament damage. How he miraculously recovered, I don’t know but its good to see him back in †нє mix.
I could do with some dives against WigWig.

LeBoss says that Wal Cunt, Wald Bezt and GlassBoned vP will be in action today leaving our Carling Spoon president, Aztec Warrior in †нє bench. Squisha is out with a knee problem so Injourou will come in for him.

†нє likely lineUp will be

Ogo Gibbsy-Injourou-Kos100%tackle-Farma
Banana Lomo
Wal Cunt-GlassBoned vP-Wald Bezt

LeBoss said that he’s going to make Emirates Stadium a fortress. He should start with WigWig. I wouldn’t mind another 4-0 victory.

WigWig knocked us out of †нє Carling Spoon in 2006. What made it more embarrassing is that Igwe played that game. They lost to †нє Red Hell Owners in †нє final. We lost to Barca in our own final.

Thank goodness November is over.

Good luck to AquaNama as he got 30 minutes under his belt for Nottingham.

My in-law’s call to bar is today.

I might miss †нє Carling Spoon encounter.

Here’s to a good Arsenal performance.