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Gunners 2 WigWig 0: two steps away from ending “†нє drought”

Good morning to you all from Abuja.

I’m already up from †нє right side of my bed but my blocked nose ain’t helping matters

Arsenal appointed Arsene Wenger in September 1996. He has revolutionized †нє club in his 14 years with †нє club.

Arsene is †нє most successful Arsenal manager according to †нє record books. He has notched up 3 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups and 4 Community Shields. He has settled for †нє 2nd place on 11 occasions. Premier League (5 times), Champions League (once), Europa League (once), FA Cup (once), Carling Spoon (once) and Community Shield (twice).

That’s a very impressive resume.

When Monsieur V scored †нє final penalty in †нє FA Cup of †нє 2004/05 season, we as Arsenal fans thought that †нє trophy winning trend would continue.
In †нє 2005/06 farewell to Highbury season, †нє league was retained by †нє Cashlings FC under Moaninho. Jason Roberts killed our Carling Spoon dream with a very late strike. But †нє season will be remembered for our incredible Champions League adventure. After beating Ajax and FC Thun by 2-1 respectively, Volatile Jens went on an amazing 10-match clean sheet run before getting sent off in †нє final at Paris. While Volatile Jens was doing his business at †нє back, Thierry “Igwe” Henry was lethal up front. If he was half as good as he was all season long in that final we would have won †нє champions league. We had to secure fourth place by poisoning Twitch FC and pinging Benayoun’s Blackberry. I doubt if it came out that time but you get †нє message.
†нє 06/07 season saw a new beginning, a move to †нє magnificent Ashburton Grove. He gave Daddy B a testimonial match against Ajax but Klass †нє Hunter placed a curse by scoring first. †нє season was quite horrible for us. †нє injury list piled up for our star players. I only remember it for being Loyal Gilby’s highest scoring season. †нє rugby Boyz of Blue and White and PSV ensured that our season ended early enough.
Surprisingly, †нє 2007/08 season was a season Arsenal took by storm but conspired within themselves to throw a league winning position and settle for 3rd place. I’m still perplexed about how a team would be leading its 2 main title challengers with 5points and 8 points respectively and still lose †нє league. We did that in †нє 2002/03 season to †нє Red Hell Owners. I guess we didn’t learn from that error. They spanked us 4-0 in †нє FA Cup, †нє Vampires robbed us in †нє Champions League after Wal Cunt’s amazing sprint and of course “†нє Drog” to †нє Arsenal sickness cured us in †нє Carling Spoon final.
In †нє 08/09 campaign, †нє first half of †нє season was an on and off affair but when we bought Hotty Pancake from Zenit, a revival looked on †нє cards. Wald Bezt’s profilgacy ensured that Burnley whooped us in †нє Carling Spoon, †нє Drog stood in between us and FA Cup glory, and of course †нє Red Hell Owners taught us a footballing lesson in our own turf in †нє Champions League after a good away performance. I would hand some blame to FC Porto. †нє fools drew in Old Strafford but lost to d goal of d year in their home.
We all know what happened last season. Cash Money Oil Money Billionaires for †нє Spoon, Delap and his fellow goons for †нє FA Cup and of course…..Lionel Messi .

Is not that we haven’t been trying, injuries to our key players have played in major role in making our cabinet have cobwebs

Fools lik Moaninho and some other pundits use †нє #dead cliche of †нє 5 years barren speel, but he got his arrogant ass sodomised in Nou Camp. He was also fined and banned for telling 2 of his thugs to get intentional red cards. Pathetic. LeBoss made a slight but general comment but Moaninho started with †нє trophy tale. At least he didn’t call Wenger a voyeur this time.

†нє 2010/11 season has a different feeling about it.
Yes, there have been disappointments (WBA, Cartoons, Twitch FC and 99 Matheus Braga) but you can’t help but feel upbeat. †нє depth and quality of †нє squad is very impressive with Szszsz, Wald Bezt n Aztec Warrior even threatening to leave. That shows how big the squad is. Injuries are still taking their toll but unlike past seasons the replacements are more than capable. Some injured players like Stainless Steel may neva get his place back, El Capitan will definately get his place back because if Arsenal are †нє Transformers, he’s †нє All Spark and †нє Matrix of Leadership put together. As for †нє Belgian Verminator, we won’t see him in action this 2010 again but he has won our hearts with inspired performances. He even had 8 goals to his name! 6 more than Mikel. He was our signing of the season last season but †нє best signing of 2010 is ChiAmaka. He was sure about going to Arsenal. He declined a new contract in Bordeaux but instead of nagging and being lackadaisical like AdeMuMu he still played for Bordeaux with all his ĦeãЯt and received a Hero’s goodbye in †нє last match day in †нє wine city of Bordeaux. Because of his energy, commitment, Work Rate and of course goals we’ve allowed Glassboned vP to get deserved rest and work hard again.

Concerning yesterday’s Carling Spoon adventure, †нє temperature around †нє Emirate Stadiums was -44 degrees Celsius. Snoods were †нє order of †нє day. †нє squad was relatively strong. This season Arsene Wenger has got it right. He now uses a perfect blend that’s why I’m getting butterflies.
As for †нє match, WigWig scored an own goal, Wald Bezt slid a goal in. Aztec Warrior was very profilgate, Glassboned vP gave us a scare when his ass hit †нє deck. Wal Cunt almost scored a goal Igwe would be proud of, El-Rufai dribbled †нє keeper but had his shot cleared off †нє line and there was snow!
I even forgot to say that we won a game in †нє Emirates Stadium

Szszszsz (6.4) was quite bored, Rodallega’s absense meant that he’s workload was reduced but he did okay when he was needed. Ogo Gibbsy (6.9) put in another performance that will make him stake a claim for Flash’s shirt. Farma (6.1) disappointed me a bit, he was always getting turned inside out . Injourou(6.7) was solid. Kos100%tackle (6.8) was very composed. NwaSamba (6.5) did well, stuck to his style of play. Whizkhid (6.6) did okay before getting subbed. Wal Cunt (6.9) was very lively, was unlucky not to score an Igwe-like goal. Aztec Warrior (6.2) was very profilgate, he’s forgetting that he’s now a fringe player and with performances like this he’ll only be used in †нє Carling Spoon, he gave an assist to Wald Bezt though. GlassBoned vP’s (7.3) first touch was exquisite and his through passes were like hot knife through butter, he still needs a run of games. Wald Bezt (7.3) scored a goal in †нє box but spent most of his time off it, I think he forgets his role in †нє team. Young Muvee Star C. Eastwood (6.5) did enough to exorcise †нє ghosts of Shakhtar. El-Rufai (7.0) was a bright spark when he came in, even had a shot cleared off †нє line after making †нє goalie hit his ass on †нє turf. Reserve JET pilot (5.9) was shite, he had just 6 minutes + added time to show us that.

†нє Gentle frog pinged Sir A. Chewie to field a weak squad and he delivered using WankHammers like Kuzczczczcz, Smalling, O’ Shea, Young Evil Twin Fabio and Bebe.
†нє Carpenters ran out as 4-0 winners. I didn’t see that in †нє script.

A cunthound like Bebe cost †нє club £7m. That’s 2 squishas while †нє cuntbutler Smalling cost £10m…an equivalent to Verminator and Kos100%tackle.
Do †нє logic

All our Enemies are out!

We must win this competition to prove our doubters wrong and ease †нє pressure off LeBoss! No team could have a better manager who is as iron-willed and disciplined as him. †нє Media links players to him but when he wants a player that would add value to his squad he gets him. Hotty Pancake singlehandely ressurected our 2008/09 campaign and with that form he would have been vital in the Champions League that season.
Silvestre….no comment. Kos100%tackle played for ligue 2 side, Tours FC 2 years ago, Lorient last year..I wouldn’t have bought him in FM. But his reputation for reading the game and anticipating situations earned him †нє nick Kos100%tackle.

I love AW. Dunno about you

All cobwebs must be removed from the Emirates Stadium cabinet

Here’s to our first trophy in 5 years

Our squad is very very wet with desire n determination

Let’s end our drought with †нє “Rain”

Happy December