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More build-up to England’s El Classico, some players talk and El-Rufai’s newly found hunger for goals

Arsenal FC usually plays its Premier League games on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday for the normal games……..Sunday for meetings with the “big four” or otherwise.

The Cash Money Oil Money Billionaires added to the Carpenters woes yesterday to go level on points with us. That also means that they are 1 point above the Red Hell Owners…..This makes tomorrow’s tie very very interesting.

After Monsieur Tuck-in’s gibberish days ago, it was expected that some players in the squad will make comments about it.  Bacary “Timaya” Sagna said that Monsieur Tuck-in loves to “wind up” people. He also said that he showed “lack of respect”. There’s no need talking again about Monsieur Tuck-in………He can go and hug a transformer for all i care.

Gael “Flash” Clichy says that playing “Cescy” football in Old Strafford might not be the answer but the players have been training real hard for tomorrow’s game. Flash feels that the win against the Red Hell Owners is mainly for bragging rights because there are 18 more games to go. Let’s remember that even if we win tomorrow at Old Strafford, a win against the Fruities will put the Red Hell Owners back in contention.

AW says that Samir “El-Rufai” Nasri now has a profound taste for goals. El-Rufai has scored 12 goals in 21 appearances. That is the total amount of goals he scored in his two previous seasons at the club. AW says that missing out of the World Cup played a major role in El-Rufai’s resurgence. At the rate at which El-Rufai is going, he will definitely pass the 20-goal mark because there are 5 more months of football to be played. El-Rufai didn’t bother himself to talk about Monsieur Tuck-in, he was more interested with his employers. He simply said that the Red Hell Owners are a bit different without their two goal hungry evil spirits…….CRo and Carlitos the Dracula, but they are still a good side. He’s also confident that the Gunners will get a result in Old Strafford tomorrow.

AW has also said that the decision to play Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas now rests on the captain’s able shoulders. That is a very positive news for the fans because we all know that El Capitan won’t chicken out because of his hamstring. This is a player that suffered a broken leg against Barca last season but chose to stay on the pitch. We all know what happened in the Nou Camp……..that little wizard.

Sir Chewie has urged the Red Hell Owners faithful to resist the urge of calling AW a paedophile. If we are 3-0 up with 5 minutes to go. They can chant for all i care. You chant convert chants to goals.

The full preview to tomorrow’s game will be in tomorrow’s blog post.

The games being played early on are the “B” n boring.

The London derby between the Twitch FC and the Cashlings will be very spicy. One thing is for sure……..points will be dropped.

That’s a wrap folks.

Enjoy your Sunday rice wherever you are.