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Red Hell Owners defeat aftermath: No more Mr. Nice guy

Wednesdays are usually †нє days most night football takes place. Tonight there’s no game to be played. All sights have been set on our next home encounter which comes up on Saturday afternoon.

Arsenal has had a very mixed up season. There have been highs and lows. Some games have been won by playing tantalizing football, some have been ground out. Some losses have been very unfortunate while others have been deserved.

After 16 weeks of trying hard, †нє club somehow found itself at †нє top of †нє table and retained †нє position for……just 1 week. Arsenal went to Old Strafford knowing fully well that a draw would be enough to preserve top spot but †нє performance we put there wasn’t just good enough. †нє only player of note that missed out of that game was Thomas “Verminator” Vermaelen. Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas was very rusty while Robin “glassboned” vanPersie was unfortunate not to start. We are back in 2nd place but with 5 defeats to our name there’s no more room for error. A win against †нє Red Striped Rugby boys will send us back to top spot but we must show our title challenging intent by beating †нє Cashlings when they visit us on Boxing Day. I just hope that Igbo Ferdinand and Vidic †нє Terrible do us a little “favour” by crocking †нє Drog Man. No matter how badly †нє Cashlings play against us, †нє Drog Man seems to develop †нє habit of slamming our net. His absence will be a big plus for our defense.

†нє newly crowned French footballer of †нє year Samir “El-Rufai” Nasri has talked about our style of play. He states that we as a team need to work harder and get results because right now †нє only important thing is getting 3 valuable points in every game. He has been very phenomenal this season. Despite †нє fact that he’s our leading scorer he comes back a lot to help †нє full back. Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin on †нє other flank tracks back but not all †нє time. Hotty said that †нє Red Hell Owners were “lucky” while AW blamed †нє “quality of †нє pitch”. BS if you ask me. †нє Red Hell Owners took their chances well. If T-Pain scored that one-on-one they would have been 2 up. If †нє RooThug chipped Szszsz successfully and scored †нє penalty †нє scoreboard would have showed Red Hell Owners 4 Arsenal 0…that would have been a horrible sight. As for AW’s comments on †нє quality of †нє pitch……22 men played on that pitch not 11.

Our everpresent and faithful legend of a rightback Lee Dixon has expressed his disgust on our performances in big games. He says that we don’t have a “winning mentality” and that Gael “Flash” Clichy and Hotty should be “axed”.
He has a point about Hotty but no matter how badly Flash plays, AW will not play Emmanuel “Farma” Eboue as a left back when Flash is fully fit. We all know that †нє Self Destruct chip is present in Flash’s brain but it doesn’t always work all †нє time. †нє same Flash we’re criticizing is †нє player that give Alexandre “Sabinus” Song †нє solitary assist in †нє 1-0 win over †нє Carpenters. He also made a very vital interception when †нє chips were down in Villa Park. I’m not his greatest fan but I feel †нє gooners should go easy on him. He like Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia has been a devoted servant and synonymous to this club since joining from AS Cannes in 2003.

Nottingham Forest FC is pleading with AW to retain Aaron “Rambo” Ramsey’s services till †нє end of †нє season. I agree with †нє club on that one. Rambo was sent there to get match fitness but †нє snow has been a big ass biatch in †нє city of Nottingham. With players like Neves “NwaSamba” Denilson and Abou “Diabytes” Diaby still fighting for Jack “Whizkhid” Wilshere and Sabinus holding midfield positions, I feel that it will be in †нє club’s best interest to leave Rambo with Nottingham Forest till †нє end of †нє season. He can come back as a new signing in †нє summer but this time we are getting him for free.

Wojciech “Szszszsz” Szszceny has received plaudits from AW because of his good performance on Monday night. He earned a 6.8/10 rating from pumpumphat, which was †нє highest rating that was in †нє match against †нє Red Hell Owners. †нє only problem I had with Szszsz was his panicky clearance but he has told †нє fans that he will address †нє situation as soon as possible. †нє issue of †нє goalkeeping situation has been fully settled so its up to Lukasz “Flyin Fabbi” Fabianski to continue his consistent run of form. We also know that injury to Flyin Fabbi will not make us press any panic button. This also indicates that †нє Polish combo will rule our sticks for years to come because its certain that age is not an issue.

†нє match against †нє Red Striped Rugby Boys is coming up soon but I’m feeling very upbeat.

There’s also †нє issue of next tomorrow’s Champions League knockout stage draw but †нє fact that we are still in for †нє “quad” is really a nice prospect. After five good years of using our battering ram to open †нє Trophy gates of Troy, a slick “Trojan Horse-like” approach will be †нє best way to enter †нє city of Trophygate.

Let’s thank Odysseus for giving us †нє Carling Spoon formula….We still need Achilles for †нє final battle with †нє “Hector’s” of †нє Premier League……….speaking of Achilles, I hope †нє Verminator’s own will let him have a good 2011 with us.

Enough with †нє Trojan jokes.

Have a nice Wednesday wherever you are.