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Transfer speculations, Diabytes returns and AW the Alchemist talks about tomorrow’s draw

†нє best thing about being a football fan is getting ready for each match as they come rapidly. All talk about †нє defeat against †нє Red Hell Owners have faded away rapidly and all eyes have been turned to Saturday’s encounter with †нє Red Striped Rugby boys.

When we visited them for a league encounter in February, †нє game was a very feisty affair. Their first goal came from a routine Rory “SpringHands” Delap throw. After all †нє box 18 tussle, a bloke called Puke or something like that gave them †нє lead. Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner equalized for us with a fine header. Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas scored a penalty and Thomas “Verminator” Vermaelen scored †нє winning goal. Both goals came in †нє dying moments of †нє game. †нє match will be remembered for one main event….†нє horrific double fracture of Aaron “Rambo” Ramsey’s leg. †нє clumsy nitwit that broke his leg got a red card and continued playing his football after a 3-match ban. We went there again in †нє FA Cup and lost 3-1.
There are emerging tales that Ryan Shawcross would have “extra security” when he arrives in London. I believe that injury is a tale of †нє past because †нє man he took out of action for 9 months in now trying to gain match fitness in Nottingham Forest. †нє only frustrating thing about Rambo’s injury was that he had really improved as a player in that period and was well above Diabytes and NwaSamba Denilson in †нє midfield selection.

AW said that his team is “ready” for anybody we would face in †нє Champions League knockout phase. †нє likeliest candidates to visit †нє Emirates in February are Schalke 04, Bayern, Real Madrid and Barcelona. We have met Schalke twice in †нє Champions League. We were paired in †нє same group in †нє 2001/02 season. We beat them in Highbury and lost in Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen. We met Real Madrid twice, which was in our road to Paris 06′. Thierry “Igwe” Henry scored †нє solitary goal in †нє Bernabeu while we had a goalless stalemate in Highbury. Our record against Bayern isn’t that good with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 defeats in 4 meetings. I remember Igwe scoring †нє only goal in Highbury but it wasn’t enough because Aunty Pizzaro scored twice in †нє 3-1 defeat at Allianz Arena. †нє last team left to talk about is Barcelona. Our first ever meeting was in †нє Paris 06′ final. We all know what happened there. We also met twice last season and †нє memories of both games are not really delightful. Barca came to our turf and taught us how to pass †нє ball. I can remember at some point in that match, they had up to 78% possession. Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia gave us a 1st half we will never forget but undid himself by allowing Zlatan “Turkey” Ibrahimovic to score two goals. †нє Little Wizard Messi was quite in that game and King Henry was brought in to play against †нє club he scored 226 goals for. There was a late rally with †нє introduction of Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott and we made it 2-2 thereby setting ourselves for a crunch match in Camp Nou. †нє squad that played in Camp Nou was very depleted with vital players in our squad missing. William “Mercenary” Gallas, Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin & Robin “glassboned” vanPersie were all missing through injury. Club captain and talisman, Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas had a double dose of injury and suspension. We scored first through Wald Bezt then †нє Little Wizard brought out his wand and unleashed a series of spells on us. †нє game ended with †нє headline “Little Wizard 4 Arsenal 1″.
To be frank, i would love us to play with any other team except Barcelona. They play like a team from MaRz. I have never seen a team whose players have telepathic understanding with each other. Their one-twos are exquisite and they have quality oozing out in every position. I just have this very bad feeling that we’ll be paired against them. Tomorrow’s draw will tell.

Roy ”Keano” Keane labeled †нє english El Classico as rubbish. He also said that †нє match lacked “intensity”. He should shut this pile hole and should be happy that his former team won †нє match. He should make sure that his Tractor Army shows us †нє intensity when we visit Portman Road in January.

†нє media are it again. We know that Stainless Steel’s departure is imminent. †нє media have come with two spicy tales that Arsenal is willing to sell Emmanuel “Farma” Eboue for £7m with †нє likeliest destination being Stadio Olimpico in Italy, †нє home ground of AS Roma. †нє joke of †нє day however is that Real Madrid want to offer us Karim Karim in exchange for Gael “Flash” Clichy. Now that’s what is call Classic BullShit. Why on Earth will we exchange our on and off yet dependable left back for a striker that was poor enough not to make his national team’s World Cup squad. We all know that Raymond Domenech is an arsecrater but Karim Karim is young of those youngsters that were just overhyped. Him like Owen we very good in their former clubs but made a wrong career decision leaving for green pastures. If Karim Karim stayed in Lyon, we would have made †нє French World Cup squad. Mr. Jose Moaninho…..thanks but no thanks.

After a series of rehabilitation, Diabytes is back in †нє squad. There’s something about that player. On his day, he can be a joy to watch but when he decides to have a bad day at †нє office, he can put up a very putrid performance. Thank heavens he’s back because he will add to AW’s selection headache.

Wald Bezt might miss out on †нє squad playing †нє Red Striped Rugby boys because †нє Baroness of Denmark is having his baby. If he decides to be on †нє pitch, AW should start him because i know he’ll be dying to do †нє “hand rocking” celebration when he scores a goal.

More on †нє match preview tomorrow.

Here’s to tomorrow’s draw.

Please Platini, don’t give us Barca.

I heard that †нє beer in Germany can be very nice in March. Show us some “German” love