Goonerdaily special: 2010 – A year in review.

2010 started with a FA Cup win against the Carpenters followed by a series of league wins. The first heartbreak came in the FA Cup in the hands of the Red Striped Rugby boys. Rory “Springhands” Delap and Ricardo “GanjaMan” Fuller drove the nails in our FA Cup coffin. A resounding win in the 1st knockout phase against Porto ensured that we’ll get our Paris 06’ final revenge against the BarcAliens. After a spirited 1st leg performance, Lionel “Little Wizard” Messi took it upon himself to hand us our biggest defeat of 2010. A late league title challenge ended up in disappointment because we threw it all away. I remember one annoying thing about that late challenge. Even after defeats to the Cashlings and the Red Hell Owners, we had the best fixture list on paper with 8 games remaining. The Cashlings won the League with 1 million goals scored. They also won the FA Cup against the Gentle Frog’s relegated PortsBrokeMouth.  Another trophyless campaign,  5 years in a row.

League football was over and all eyes were turned to South Africa.

No gunner goalie represented his country in the tournament.

Three defenders represented the same country. One other defender was placed in the “Group of Death” containing Brazil and Portugal. A fair share of our midfielders made their World Cup squads. One went all the way to win the tourney while the others came back home after going out in the group stages. One other midfielder of note was deemed “not good enough” to make his country’s squad. Thank God he missed out….his country was a big disgrace. Almost all Arsenal attackers were present in their national team squads because they are essential pieces in their country’s jigsaw puzzle. One missed out because his national team manager preferred One-Dimensional wingers to him.

Only two players got on the scoresheet in the one-month old World Cup. Two players also got to the final match in Soccer City. One had to settle for the silver medal. The World Cup winning gunner spent a lot of time with his BarcAlien friends from Krypton. A bald fool that didn’t play a game because his predecessor was way better connived with the tallest bearded BarcAlien to put their Alien clothing on our gunner’s body.

The summer tourney was over and league football was lurking again around the corner. The Bloody BarcAliens spent all summer trying to unsettle our “Clark Kent” to come back to Krypton.  I can imagine what would have happened if he didn’t sign a long term deal years ago. AW the Alchemist brought out an £80m price tag like a Scarecrow. This caused the BarcAliens to run back to the Atmosphere with the promise that they’ll be back again.

The new season began with a draw against Count Hodgson’s Vampires. This was followed by 4 straight wins with teams beginning with “B”. A last gasp draw by the Red Striped Black Pussies ensured that we didn’t have 5 wins on the bounce. A 4-1 mauling of our bitter rivals Twitch FC followed in the Carling Spoon. The first scorpion tail sting took place against WBA but the Gunners bounced back against Partizan. The Drog Man did his thing when we visited the Cashlings. We then went on a 5-match unbeaten run that saw us score 15 goals and concede 2. Two disappointing defeats came on followed by two Lukasz “Flyin Fabbi” Fabianski inspired away victories. After losing stupidly to Twitch FC on our turf, our Champions League lives was hanging on a thin thread with a defeat to Braga. An away victory at Villa Park paved the way for 3 straight home wins in three different competitions. The win against WigWig put us in the Carling Spoon semis, the win against Foolham catapulted us to the summit of the League while the win against Partizan earned us a post-Valentine’s day date with the BarcAliens in the Champions League. Flyin Fabbi’s hip injury ensured that Wojciech “Szszsz” Szczesny got his league debut against the Red Hell Owners, a match that ended in defeat. The game against the Red Striped Rugby Boys was postponed due to heavy snow. We then got our long awaited revenge against the Cashlings on a cold Monday night. 2010 ended with a self-inflicted own goal like wound that ensured that we shared the spoils against WigWig. This ensured that we stay 2 points off the summit with a game in hand.

At the end of each calendar year, Goonerdaily will publish a list of its personal awards for the Gunners in that year. There are awards for the good, the bad and the ugly.

The criteria include:

Save of the year

Goal of the year

Assist of the year

Goalkeeping blunder of the year

Match of the year

Worst match of the year

Most improved player of the year

Worst player of the year

Player of the year

Goonerdaily XI of the year

Each criterion will have a top three listing from the 3rd to the 1st.


In football, the goalie stands out as the backbone of any team. He’s the leader of the defensive orchestra. He can be the difference between 3 points and 1 point. Here’s goonerdaily’s top 3.

3.            Flyin Fabbi against the Cash Money Oil Money Billionaires (October 2010): A truly memorable save that ensured that Flyin Fabbi kept his first clean sheet of the season. It was a shot taken from the left boot of Jerome Boateng

2.            Manuel ”Stainless Steel” Almunia against the BarcAliens (February 2010): In one of the best goalkeeping displays in his Arsenal career, Stainless Steel pulled off a magnificent save from a Lionel “Little Wizard” Messi curler.

1.            Flyin Fabbi against the Wild Bingoz (November 2010): In a game we found ourselves at the back foot throughout the game, Flyin Fabbi pulled out a save of the highest quality in the dying moments of the game. With Arsenal leading by a lone goal with seconds to spare, a low drive to the bottom corner was saved by Flyin Fabbi’s left hand. The best part of it all was that his long throw led to a quick counter attack which saw the gunners go 2 up thanks to ChiAmaka



Goals are the very essence of football. One goal is enough to get you 3 points in a match provided you are rock solid and water-tight at the back. These are the 3 goals goonerdaily felt stood out from the crowd in 2010

3.            Alexandre “Sabinus” Song  against MadMan Coyle’s Nomads (September 2010): A goal of rare quality that came from Sabinus. When he received the ball, his first touch took the ball away from some bloke, Sabinus then gathered up some momentum before chipping the ball away from the keeper. What a way to open your goalscoring account.

2.            Carlos “Aztec Warrior” Vela against MadMan Coyle’s Nomads (September 2010): You don’t always have to score bicycle kicks or long range volleys to be a goal of the year contender, Aztec Warrior’s simple placed shot against the Nomads was the icing of the very delicious cake baked by the Gunners. Arsenal unbelievably exchanged 24 passes before El Capitan sent a delicious through ball over the top to Aztec Warrior’s path. Everyone including me expected another delightful chip but he chose to place the ball to put us 4-1 up.

1.            Samir “El-Rufai” Nasri against FC Porto (March 2010): We needed a better response from the Flyin Fabbi horror show in Estadio Dragao, what we saw in the Emirates was simply stunning. Wald Bezt got his first senior hattrick but the star of the night was El-Rufai. He got the ball from the corner flag and somehow jinxed his way through 3 able bodied Porto defenders. He still had the time to place it on Helton’s post.        That was truly the goal of the year.



A bullet can never be fired if the “gunpowder” isn’t supplied. These are the 3 passes that cut through the opponent’s defense like a hot knife through butter. It’s not surprising that one man stands out from the crowd. Mr. Creativity himself…………..El Capitan. Here’s goonerdaily’s top 3.

3.            Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas for El-Rufai against Twitch FC (September 2010): In a game where Arsenal’s first half was simply stunning before they conspired to lose the game. El Capitan pulled all the strings in the midfield. Seconds after spotting El-Rufai, he sent a delightful diagonal through pass to his teammate. The goal wasn’t the cleanest thing you would ever see but it made the fans sing “One-Nil to the Arsenal”

2.            Robin “glassboned” van Persie for Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott against the White & Blue Rugby Boys (August 2010): The glassboned vP noticed that Wal Kuint had activated his “biker mode”. The through pass was very sly and the finish even better. That was the only Arsenal goal that “tore the net” in 2010.

1.            El-Capitan for Aztec Warrior against MadMan Coyle’s Nomads (September 2010): After exchanging 22 passes, number 23 arrived at El-Capitan’s feet. While everyone expected a shot or another “Ole”, he lobbed the ball beautifully to the Aztec Warriors path. The rest they say is history…..



This is definitely not a nice award to have but as a true gooner, you have to accept the fact that the “good” goes hand-in-hand with the “bad”. In football, a lapse of concentration from a goalie will not go unpunished. Here’s goonerdaily’s top 3.

3.            Stainless Steel against Twitch FC (April 2010): Our bitter rivals had not won us in the league for a very long time and the defeat was a hard pill to swallow. The lowest point of the game was Stainless Steel’s inability to catch the rookie’s first shot on target. While it looked on camera replay that Stainless Steel went for the ball, it somehow passed the space between his hands. Shameful

2.            Flyin Fabbi against WigWig (April 2010): It was an unbelievable movie in the making. Scene 1: A corner kick for the opposition, Act 1: Some arsehole crosses the ball, Act 2: Flyin Fabbi catches the ball, Act 3: Flyin Fabbi decides to bounce the ball off Fishy Bramby’s head, Act 4: Goal for WigWig, Act 5: Flyin Fabbi wishes for the ground to open up. The movie finished in Act 4. Simply pathetic

3.            Flyin Fabbi against FC Porto (February 2010): This goal was the kind of goal you would only see in your nightmares. A cuntbutla turns Flash inside out and decides to give Flyin Fabbi a backpass-like cross. With the Falcon miles away, Flyin Fabbi pushes the ball into his net. In one word………Appalling



This award goes with the adage that says “beauty lies with the beholder”. Goonerdaily’s match of the year may never be yours but just enjoy the article all the same.

3.            Arsenal 5 Porto 0 (March 2010): The first leg was simply horrible. A Flyin Fabbi own goal followed by a headed goal from Big Sol. The referee and Flyin Fabbi made everybody bewildered with that second goal leaving our task very simple. Win Porto at home and book your place in the quarters. We didn’t make it beyond that stage but Wald Bezt’s hattrick and El-Rufai’s wonder goal ensured that we would have the sweetest dreams ever in that night in March.

2.            Arsenal 2 BarcAliens 2 (April 2010): This was a game we had no chance in hell to even dream of equalizing. The BarcAliens came to Mother Emirates Earth and decided to claim the land. A feat they achieved for 70 minutes. Wal Kuint’s intro did our World a whole lot good but the game will always be remembered for “Clark Kent’s” (El Capitan’s) bravery. He is truly our SuperMan.

1.            Arsenal 3 Villans 0 (February 2010): El-Capitan was a major doubt for the match so he had to settle for a place in the dugout. The burden of the creativity was too heavy for El-Rufai to bear so when the chips were really down AW the Alchemist decided to take a risk because it was simple…..”no risk no reward’. Within minutes of stepping into the pitch, Arsenal won a freekick at the edge of the box. Up stepped El-Capitan…….1-0, that wasn’t enough. 26 minutes later he chased Wal Kuint to receive a through pass which he coolly slotted past Brad “His Lordship Akpo” Friedel. He unfortunately tweaked his hammy in the process and was substituted. A captain’s performance and goonerdaily’s match of the year.


As I wrote earlier, the good goes hand-in-hand with the bad. Here are the 3 games goonerdaily felt perplexed and vexed when watching. A true waste of hard earned currency.

3.            Arsenal 0 Cashlings 3: The Drog Man stole the show. That’s all I have to say.

2.            Arsenal 2 Twitch FC 3: After a scintillating first half display, the World’s best left footed Chimpanzee, vdV and a Kab driver ensured that Twitch FC’s 67 game winless streak against the “big Four” came to an end. BullShit

3.            Arsenal 2 WigWig 3: How on Earth did a team that has 13 Premier League titles, 10 FA Cups, 1 Fairs Cup, 1 Cup Winners Cup and 2 Carling Spoons lead 2-0 at the 80th minute and still get………..BEATEN!!! Unbefuckingleivable.



AW is known for being one of football’s greatest “alchemists”, he has turned a lot of footballers from their raw horrible state to World Class status. One of his greatest protégées missed out on the greatest individual award for football in 2004 and 2005. Here are the 3 players goonerdaily felt that AW the Alchemist converted from lead to gold in 2010.

3.            Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner: The rangy dane was brought in from FC Copenhagen for £75,000 in 2005. He was sent to ply his trade with McAlbino’s Blues in the Championship. 2010 was a great year for our cocky forward. If his footballing ability was half as good as his confidence and words spoken to the media, he would have been a superstar but Wald Bezt really rewarded AW the Alchemist in 2010 with so many late vital goals when glassboned vP was out chilling with a horse’s placenta. His direct style of play, off the ball running and aerial ability was used effectively in 2010. He needs to improve in his first touch and finishing though.

2.            Jack “Whizkhid” Wilshere: This lad is definitely the best thing that has happened to England in 2010. He was so good that there were calls for the 18 year old teenager to board the plane to South Africa. His loan spell at MadMan Coyle’s Nomads was the turning point in his young career. There were a lot of fans that wanted him to have a second spell with the Nomads but AW the Alchemist saw sitting down what no Arsenal fan could see standing……………the Future. With our new 4-2-3-1 formation, Whizkhid is a regular starter and he has surpassed everybody’s expectation. To think he’s just 18.

1.            Sabinus: This young African came to the club from SC Bastia for a BOGOF fee (Buy One Get One Free). He was sent to Charlton to improve his football because he struggled to make the squad with defensive midfielders like Loyal Gilby, Flanimal and BeansHead Diarra. The way they all departed was not taken likely by the fans……me included. AW the alchemist went back to the lab and brought out one of the best defensive midfielders in the Premier League. Naturally built and with the stamina of an ox, Sabinus added technique, skill, confidence and goal scoring to his game making him one of the finest players to have being molded by AW the Alchemist.


It’s one thing to have a bad day at the office. It’s another thing to produce inconsistent performances consistently. Here’s goonerdaily’s top 3 countdown for Arsenal’s most disappointing players in 2010.

3.            Aztec Warrior: When he was 17 he was labeled as the “next best thing” but he hasn’t lived up to that tag. It’s also true that he doesn’t get many chances on the pitch but he has to grab the bull by its horns and balls with the little ones he has been getting. We all know AW is a manager that gives second chances one million times. If he could play a nightclub bouncer like Julio Baptista week in week out, what more the Aztec Warrior. As messed up as Baptista was he was our Carling Spoon president with 8 goals scored and 1 own goal conceded. Aztec Warrior should step up his game this 2011 or else we could make a few million bucks from him.

2.            Gael “Flash” Clichy: He has been a dedicated servant since arriving from Cannes but Flash needs competition to bring out the real him. Kieran “Ogo Gibbsy” Gibbs’ girlfriend is probably one of our clubs physios so it’s high time we get a new left back. Times without number, Flash has been the weakest link in our defense. Let’s hope 2011 will be a better year for him.

1.            Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin: He came to Arsenal on the back of a splendid European Championship tournament and a good UEFA Cup campaign. The highest point in his Arsenal career is undoubtedly the 4 goal outing he had in Anfield. We all hoped that there was more to come but 2010 will be a year Hotty won’t remember fondly. When he was moved into the central position due to an injury to glassboned vP and the operation by Wald Bezt, the “pygmy in the middle” started playing very lackadaisically and didn’t show any work rate. He has played very poorly this season but he still the most creative force in the club in terms of assists. He’s not getting any younger and if he carries this sort of form when he reaches the 30-year old mark, he’ll definitely be shipped out. Let’s hope he will exorcise all the 2010 demons and put in better performances in 2011.



This is definitely the best award a player can add to his CV. The award shows that out of a squad containing over 30 players, 3 players stand out. 2010 was a very good year for 3 gunners. They are:

3.            Thomas “The Verminator” Vermaelen: He came for roughly £10 million and was the star performer in the heart of our defense. His stern look and die-hard attitude made him a thorn for many strikers in the Premier League. The only striker that made him commit an error was the Drog Man. That was clearly not his fault because there’s a behind-the-scenes deal between the Drog Man and the Arsenal. He’s part of the Arsenal. His Achilles tendon made him miss out of the tail end of the year but the Verminator is undoubtedly the 3rd best player to wear the Red and White in 2010. Good luck to him as he continues his long road to recovery from his mysterious injury because we’ll need his services against the BarcAliens.

2.            El-Rufai: At the early part of the year, El Capitan got injured and the Mr. Creativity role fell to El-Rufai. There were games he strutted his stuff while there were some that the burden was too much to bear. His misery was further compounded when that ArseCrater Domenech made him watch the World Cup on his flat screen TV because the Arseling felt that El-Rufai wasn’t good enough for the French disgrace of a World Cup squad. That unleashed the beast within and the sole beneficiary has been Arsenal FC. El-Rufai has been excellent this season with the amount of goals he has scored already totaling all he scored in his two previous seasons. He also showed at the tail end of 2010 that Arsenal is not a “One-Man club”. Congratulations to him because his breathtaking displays earned him the “French footballer of the Year” award.

1.            El-Capitan: Our captain, our leader, our talisman, our Clark Kent, our SuperMan, our Mr. Creativity, our king, our backbone, our heartbeat, our Matrix of Leadership, our AllSpark and of course…..our alien that came from Krypton with Xavi, Iniesta and Smallville’s SuperMan when the planet was about to be obliterated. When AW the Alchemist signed El-Capitan for relatively nothing in the 2003/04 season, no one knew that he would be the conversion of the word “Arsenal” in Spanish. At the age of 23, he already has over 250 games under his belt. He’s still our youngest ever Champions League scorer. 2010 was a phenomenal year for El-Capitan. Even though he was renowned for his ability to spot a pass for a teammate playing in Mars, he drastically improved with his finishing ability. His ability to place shots under intense pressure showed that although his age is just 23, his mind is definitely 40. El-Capitan ended last season’s campaign in March with 19 goals and over 15 assists. Truly magnificent. There are some players that are older than him in the squad but they refer to him as “our Captain”. That tells you the whole story. It’s beyond doubt that the goonerdaily best player award for 2010 goes to El Capitan.



This is the final award in this year’s edition. It goes to 11 players that gave Arsenal everything even if they ended in another trophyless campaign. The goonerdaily XI award will be given on account of Arsenal’s 4-2-3-1 formation.

GOALIE OF 2010 – Flyin Fabbi: Started the year with some jittery performances but usurped Stainless Steel at the end of the year. He has finally achieved half his dream as a goalie…..Artur Boruc and Tomas Kzszszszs are up next. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 6.7

LEFT BACK OF 2010 – Flash: Like I have a choice! Flash doesn’t really have contenders for his position so complacency has crept into his game. I can’t still deny the fact that on his day he can be very good. His right footed assist to Sabinus against the Carpenters can never be forgotten because it handed us 3 valuable points. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 6.4

RIGHT BACK OF 2010 – Bacary “Timaya” Sagna: He was probably the most consistent performer of 2010. His interceptions were absolutely vital this year. He also put in a lion’s share of good crosses. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 7.7

CENTER BACK OF 2010 – The Verminator: The Verminator joined Arsenal with a relatively unknown reputation. The fact that Arsenal’s chief scout Steve Rowley watched him go over 30 games in the Eredivisie meant that he was definitely the man for our defence. The easiest tactic to use against Arsenal before The Verminator’s arrival was to lob the ball “over the top”. He vanquished that tactic with style. His ability to leap as high as a Tigger in Winnie the Pooh made our opponents resolve to other tactics. His tackling ability is also top notch. The icing on the Verm-Cake is that he has an eagle-eye for goal. A center back scored 8 goals in his first season with the club…..that’s 6 more than Mikel Obi…haha. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 8.5

CENTER BACK OF 2010 – Laurent “Kos100%tackle” Koscielny: We all know the AW the alchemist has a thing for French footballers. What the hell!……..he’s French. His stronghold and scouting ability in Ligue 1 has been a revelation for Arsenal FC. He doesn’t just bring the best French footballers to the club; he gets them at relatively cheap prices. With the exit of the Mercenary, Kolo Mentality, Send Errors and the BeansHeaded Frenchie, it was evident that our defense was in dire in of manpower. While the media were at it linking us to defenders from the Milky Way, AW the alchemist went to Lorient FC to have a little chat with Yoann Gourcuff’s father. For a fee of £8.25m, AW the Alchemist revealed another intelligent defender to the footballing world. He might not be the strongest of players you will ever see, but Kos100%tackle’s ability to read the mind of an opponent and anticipate the ball with pinpoint accuracy is simply marvelous. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 7.4

HOLDING MIDFIELDER OF 2010 – Sabinus: The most shocking thing about Sabinus is that he’s just 22. This simply means that he’ll probably rule our defensive midfield for 10 more years if he continues to work as hard as he did this 2010. With the exit of all renowned defensive midfielders in Arsenal, the panic button was pressed so hard by the fans that it sprang out of the remote control. AW the Alchemist simply told the fans that everything was under control. If AW the alchemist had buckled under the intense pressure and opened Arsenal’s cheque book to buy a new defensive midfielder, the World could have been denied the viewing pleasure of Arsenal’s African diamond, Sabinus. He did his “dirty” job using a “clean” style. His key attributes in 2010 were technique, first touch, tackling, strength, work rate, stamina, anticipation and a canny eye for goal. These are the attributes you search for when buying a defensive midfielder in Football Manager. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 8.0

HOLDING MIDFIELDER OF 2010 – Whizkhid: This is one player Arsenal FC can clearly brag about. A raw product of our impressive youth academy. Our academy is probably the best on Earth. The only academy better than ours is in another galaxy. The BarcAlien Mutant Academy. After spending a lot of time disgracing his elders in the Reserve League, AW the Alchemist decided that it was time for him to step up his game. At the milky age of 17, he was sent to a club that has monsters like the Elbow Man. His spell there was so impressive to the extent of MadMan Coyle “ass-kissing” AW the Alchemist for him to have a second spell. We as fans thought that a second loan spell would be in the club’s best interest but AW the Alchemist slotted him into the holding role in our impressive formation. Whizkhid has been very outstanding in 2010. His commitment to the cause could make officials do the MRI scan on him again because he does not play like the average 18-year old. He just signed a new contract that would keep him in the club for all eternity. That’s definitely okay by me. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 7.8

ATTACKING MIDFIELDER OF 2010 – El Capitan: El Capitan is definitely the next best thing after Thierry “Igwe” Henry. He came all the way from Krypton and was shown the light by AW the Alchemist. He is one of the most selfless footballers in the galaxy. He is very level headed, a true professional to the very bone. As for his passing ability….you wouldn’t blame him. In his days at Krypton with the BarcAlien Mutant Academy, he played “intergalactic soccer” with the rest of the Aliens all over the galaxy. He could be in Venus yet give a through pass to his teammate in Jupiter. Once in a while you’ll have to thank your “lucky stars” for some events that happened. If Krypton still remained in the Milky Way, we may never have gotten the chance to “steal” El Capitan. El Capitan has asserted himself in the hearts of Arsenal fans worldwide with his performances in the 2009/10 campaign. The goals and assists came like coins falling out of a miser’s sack. His hamstring became a worry in the tail end of the year and the BarcAliens tried to woo him back. F*ck off BarcAliens, he loves “Mother Emirates Earth”. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 9.0

RIGHT WINGER OF 2010 – El-Rufai: El Rufai came into Arsenal as the right replacement for Alex “DribblyMcNoScore” Hleb. He adapted nicely and scored on his debut. His second season started horribly with an injury inflicted by Abou “Diabytes” Diaby. 2010 however has been the year of El-Rufai. He did well as El Capitan’s replacement in the early part of 2010 then spent the summer holidays at home instead of going to South Africa. This act activated a hidden monster within. El-Rufai’s newly found confidence and eye for goal was the highlight of our 2010 campaign so far. He even started his own Super Snood adventure. The goals he has scored this season have been very amazing. He opened his account with two penalties against Twitch FC. He has notched up 12 goals so far, thereby equaling his total amount in his last two seasons with the club. At the rate his going, he’ll definitely do the Lampback of London does. Hit the 20-goal mark. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 8.8

LEFT WINGER OF 2010 – Hotty: I know he won the award for the worst player but let’s face it, who is more effective than him on the left wing? Not that I want to go easy on Hotty, he spent the early part of 2010 deployed as the lone striker. It was vivid to see how he struggled in the role. His misery was further compounded when his motherland dashed their World Cup ticket to Slovenia. Judging by Slovenia’s below-par showing in the finals, Russia would have been a better option. The bright side was that Hotty had a lot of time to rest after 10 good months of running up and down the pitch. This season has been very enigmatic for Hotty. With 6 goals and a lion’s share of assists, he still finds himself on the edge. I truly hope he has a good 2011 because AW the Alchemist still considers him as an important squad member. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 6.3

LONE STRIKER OF 2010 – ChiAmaka: This is by far the best French bargain AW the Alchemist has dealt with. Arsenal FC acquired ChiAmaka’s services for basically nothing. ChiAmaka came into the squad when glassboned vP was recognized as the star striker, Wald Bezt had a great run in the previous season and Aztec Warrior a possible threat. With injuries to glassboned vP and Wald Bezt, ChiAmaka took his chance and started putting in very impressive performances. His linkup play, first touch, football intelligence, aerial ability and goals have been very vital to Arsenal in 2010. Let’s not forget that he’s a powerful tool in the box in terms of creating penalties. Goonerdaily 2010 rating: 7.9

This is the longest but best blog post I feel I’ve written in my short blogging career.

It all came from @enigma106, one of the truest gooners you’ll ever know.

I use nicknames a lot for players and clubs alike, that’s the unique feature about my blog.

For the sake of my readers that are not still acquainted with the nicks, I’ll post the nicknames of all the players, managers and clubs alike in my next blog post.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as well as I enjoyed writing it.

Let’s that hope 2011 would be our year.

Happy New Year

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