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Goalies on †нє move and Wald Bezt speaks

A warm Tuesday begins with Arsenal fans all over †нє World singing †нє “we might still win †нє quad” song. From one cup competition to another, †нє Carling Spoon semi-final 1st leg is just around †нє corner. †нє last time we played a side weaker than us “on paper” we were extremely disappointed. I remember Jose “El Homsickla” Reyes scoring an own goal against MalBoro Cigarette FC. Our last Carling Spoon semi-final was a very horrible event. Twitch FC gave us †нє spanking of a lifetime in †нat game. Even Emmanuel “GreedyBayor” Adebayor and Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner exchanged a war of words. †нє game will also be remembered for Wald Bezt’s classic own goal. Happy times are here again and we are in †нє Carling Spoon semis against Jewelry’s Tractor Army. Poor Keano was shown †нє exit door just days before playing us. I can remember him making fun about †нє English El Classico saying that it lacked intent. It’s a shame that he won’t show us †нє “intent” he was talking about. Bye Bye Keano, you can take your CV around and tell order Championship clubs that you have managed †нє Red Striped Black Pussies and †нє Tractor Army twice. If that doesn’t work, you can apply to SkySports to be a pundit. Keano’s replacement, †нє pot-bellied Jewelry has some history against us. More of †нє pot-bellied Jewelry in tomorrow’s post.

With †нє January transfer window still wide open, transfer activity has been silent in Arsenal FC. †нє most active thing going on in †нє club is †нє media talking about who’s coming in and who’s going out. Vito “Don Vittorio” Mannone has been enjoying life in †нє Big Striped Cats FC so AW †нє Alchemist has decided that Don Vittorio will stay there till †нє end of †нє season. After all †нє cheap talk from Pellegrini at Malaga and Quique Flower at Atletico, †нє newest destination for Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia maybe Galatasaray in Turkey. This now proves that AW †нє Alchemist is laying all his goalkeeping eggs in a red and white basket from Poland. I believe †нє eggs are “safe” there.

Wald Bezt is one of †нє most cocky strikers I’ve ever known. I really admire his self confidence and i also love †нє way he talks to †нє press. AW †нє Alchemist found him when he was playing in †нє relatively unknown Danish league then sent him to Nosey Bruce’s Blues. McAlbino wasn’t in charge when Wald Bezt was plying his trade there. After a successful spell, AW †нє Alchemist brought Wald Bezt back to †нє side and started introducing him slowly as he adapted and blended well to our style of play. Wald Bezt did okay as he started stepping up to †нє challenge. One of †нє high points of his Arsenal career was that mighty header he scored against Twitch FC making him he record holder for †нє fastest goal scored by a substitute in †нє Premier League at just 1.8 seconds. Robin “glassboned” van Persie’s 5-month injury layoff last season came as a wake-up call for Wald Bezt in his bid to be “one of †нє World’s best strikers” as he self proclaimed. He did really well for us by scoring some vital goals in our title bid. Wald Bezt however was struggling with a groin injury but decided to go to †нє World Cup with it. A successful operation followed after †нє tourney, this caused him to face a long spell on †нє sidelines. With †нє return to full fitness of out “star” striker, glassboned vP and †нє emergence of Marouane “ChiAmaka” Chamakh, Wald Bezt’s chances have been limited. He told †нє press today that he knows he’s good enough to challenge for a first team place, he also said that he had no plans of leaving †нє club of his dreams but he was a little bit frustrated waiting for his number 52 to show up on †нє 4th official’s board. He summarized it all by saying that patience is †нє key in a club like Arsenal. He also promised to grab †нє bull by its horns and balls when given †нє chance. I wouldn’t mind a hattrick against †нє Jewelry’s Tractor Army.

Wald Bezt also made some good comments about winning †нє Carling Spoon.

†нє extent of Sebastien “Squisha” Squillaci’s hammy hasn’t been diagnosed yet. AW †нє Alchemist has removed †нє dust from our cheque book, let’s hope he removes †нє cobwebs from our trophy cabinet this year.

Lionel “Little Wizard” Messi won football’s greatest individual award yesterday despite a poor World Cup from †нє Argies. I’m extremely disappointed treble winner/club World champion Wesley Sneijs wasn’t even considered for †нє Silver ball at least. Even †нє double winner/World Cup finalist One-Legged Arjen Robber missed out. If he scored Cassy from Sneijs through ball in †нє final, we would have seen a different outcome.

That’s a wrap for today.

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Here’s to a Wald Bezt’s hattrick tomorrow