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Apologies in †нє air, Stainless Steel stays, AW †нє Alchemist coy and †нє Verminator now a long term absentee

Yesterday night saw †нє dawn of a new era in terms of Nigerian politics.

I forgot…….this is an Arsenal blog. “Good luck” to Goodluck E Jonathan anyway.

After giving us a shaky performance last week Saturday against a weak Championship side in †нє FA Cup, †нє Gunners compounded our misery by losing to another struggling Championship side in †нє Carling Spoon on Wednesday night.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog that †нє loss to Jewelry’s Tractor Army was unexplainable to †нє neutrals. †нє team that wore †нє Yellow and Maroon had a combined total of 249 international appearances. There was an African Cup of Nations silver medal holder, there was even a World Cup winner….What a shame.

Club captain, Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas apologized to all Arsenal fans that spent a certain amount of money to go all †нє way to Portman Road to watch that terrible game. I know what i suffered to make sure i watch †нє game. Apology accepted. Just give me a title winning performance in a fortnight.

Johan “Injourou” Djourou also apologized and urged us not to “blow” our chance on Tuesday †нє 26th. I don’t want to point a finger at him because he was our best player by a mile but he should have done better against †нє Prisker bloke. I know i might sound hard with him coming back from injury and all but this is football. You can have all †нє possession on Earth but if your opponent scores 1 goal and you don’t its game over. If it was in †нє Premier League, it would have been 3 valuable points lost. If it was †нє FA Cup we would have been gnashing our teeth in disappointment. So many Red Hell Owner fans were happy on Twitter making derogatory comments on our performance. Sorry to disappoint you, f*ckers……there’s a second leg to be played at †нє Emirates and we’ll use our “first” team….so shove it up your pileholes.

Thomas “Verminator” Vermaelen has struggled with his Achilles tendon for months so he decided to go under †нє knife in his bid to fix it up once and for all. †нє operation was successful so our Verminator will be out for 3 more months. Good luck to him as he starts his recuperation. At least he’ll be back to †нє FA Cup and Champions League final.

After losing his place to Lukasz “Flyin Fabbi” Fabianski whilst getting injured, Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia was linked away from us to his native homeland in Spain. Galatasaray in Turkey were also interested in getting his signature. Recent reports say that Stainless Steel wants to remain in †нє squad instead of plying his trade elsewhere. Maybe he’ll prefer a summer move. That’s more “respectable” to a player of his “calibre”. It’s really obvious that his place has been lost because i don’t see him displacing Flyin Fabbi again. Flyin Fabbi on †нє other hand, is in no mood to relinquish his place after working extremely hard to get it. That freekick he saved against McAlbino’s Blues showed that his reflexes are top notch. He now commands his area well and orchestrates his defence with valour. It’s also good to know that he’s still young. Let’s not forget that Wojciech “Szszsz” Szczesny is also knocking at †нє goalkeeping door. Vito “Don Vittorio” Mannone is somewhere in †нє mix.

AW †нє Alchemist has lost †нє Verminator and Sebastien “Squisha” Squillaci to injuries and cannot afford to play Injourou and Laurent “Kos100%tackle” Koscielny week in week out. He can’t also afford to take †нє “miser’s approach” by deploying Alex “Sabinus” Song as a center back because has no able replacement in that position. NwaSamba Denilson isn’t ready yet for that challenge. But we all know how AW †нє Alchemist works. He is a very sly fox when it comes to signings. After losing 3 center backs due to expired contracts, AW †нє Alchemist was busy working for €uroSport while we †нє fans were going berserk in anticipation of center backs from †нє milky way. As soon as he returned, he introduced us to a relatively unknown French center back that had played only one season in Ligue 1. We were all like Kos-who?
He said that he won’t give any “special name”. He summed it up saying that when he buys, we will be “informed”. That’s our AW. Unfazed and principled.

I won’t still mind †нє unknown Kryptonian, AW.

I’ll give a full preview of our game against †нє Gentle Frog’s Carpenters.

I hope we add to his woes tomorrow.

His team knocked my Arsenal team out in †нє Carling Spoon final in my Football Manager 2011.

I hope it doesn’t happen in reality.