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Szszsz starts his “run” and Tuesday’s round up

Tuesday, my last day in Lagos. Guess I’m gonna miss †нє cool weather, †нє waterside views and †нє hustling environment. I won’t miss †нє traffic though.

†нє media Vultures are it again. This time they have linked us with Richard” Massive Ritchie” Dunne . Since Houllier’s arrival, †нє Massive Ritchie has gone down †нє pecking order and their are claims that he’s “unhappy” at †нє Villans FC. I don’t think AW †нє Alchemist will go that low. He said he would “inform” us when he signs that unknown defender. †нє bottomline is that a new number will be allocated to a squad member before this month runs out. He still has 2 good weeks to “deliver”.

Tattooed Bridgy has vowed to †нє fans of †нє Carpenters that he’ll be “better”. He had a stinker on his debut and it was noticed that he took almost all their set pieces. That’s his bloody problem though. He shouldn’t forget to run back home to his mama when †нє Carpenters get relegated.

Arsenal has agreed to send our young street fighter character, Ryo “Gunner Ryu” Miyachi , to Feyernoord. At least they’ll publish that on their website. I heard that they closed it when PSV mutilated them with 10 unreplied goals. I’ve seen Gunner Ryu on YouTube. His “hadoken” dribbles are very good. Didn’t see any “Shoryuken” though.

†нє Fruities had a loan move for Aaron “Rambo” Ramsey rebuffed. This shows that AW †нє Alchemist has plans for Rambo in †нє second half of this season. I can’t wait to see †нє reception he’ll receive when he gets on †нє pitch for †нє very first time after 9 months out of †нє game.

Emmanuel “Greedybayor” Adebayor has been linked to †нє club where it all began for him….AS Monaco FC. I really don’t understand why he wants to leave †нє CMOM billionaires. I thought he was in it for †нє big bucks. I won’t give a pig snout where †нє greedy cuntard ends his career. He had 30 goals and 88 clear cut misses in †нє 2007/08 season yet he started comparing himself to our living legend Thierry “Igwe” Henry. When his wages were doubled in †нє 2008/09 season, he repaid us with lackadaisical performances and “open flirting” with other clubs. At least we got £25m from CMOM billionaires.

After Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia’s horror outing against WBA, Lukasz “Flyin Fabbi” got his “second chance” for †нє umpteenth time and had a great game against Partizan. Flyin Fabbi went on a consistent run of form with very good games against CMOM billionaires, Scot’s Blues and Wild Bingoz. When AW †нє Alchemist told †нє World that Stainless Steel was available for £1.5m, it became obvious that †нє number 1 shirt was Flyin Fabbi’s to keep. After missing out on †нє Carling Spoon encounter against Twitch FC, Wojciech “Szszsz” Szczesny made his frustrations known to everyone and in doing so usurped Vito “Don Vittorio” Mannone as †нє number 3. He then got his chance against †нє Cartoons and he kept a clean sheet. †нє save from Ryan Taylor’s freekick was excellent and that monstrous punch at †нє end of †нє game showed his dominance in †нє box.

AW †нє Alchemist handed him his league debut against †нє Red Hell Owners in Old Strafford and he did very well. Although he was out of place for Chow Yun-Park’s header, he made a good save when T-Pain was one-on-one. He even saved †нє RooThug’s cheeky chip and said that he had a hand in †нє RooThug’s penalty bird-killing miss. I don’t think Szszsz had a hand in †нє RooThug’s penalty miss. †нє Roo-Thug was simply taking his revenge on †нє bird that excreted on his jersey early on.

He had a boring day against WigWig in †нє Carling Spoon quarterfinals, tried his best to save †нє spot kick when we played †нє Pea-Cocks, was unlucky to concede against Jewelry’s Tractor Army and kept a clean sheet against †нє Carpenters.

Six games played, 3 clean sheets kept. Impressive.

It seems that Flyin Fabbi has not recovered from his shoulder problem and will miss †нє encounters against †нє Pea-Cocks in †нє FA Cup replay, WigWig in †нє League and Jewelry’s Tractor Army in †нє Carling Spoon semis. We all know how †нє injury situation is in this club. When †нє game against Jewelry’s Tractor Army is over, there might be reports that Flyin Fabbi may face two more weeks out.
That’s not a problem right now. AW †нє Alchemist has kept his goalkeeping eggs in that Polish basket and we all feel its safe there.

What baffles me however is Szszsz’s die-hard attitude. For a player who is just 20, i must say that I’m really impressed †нє way he has handled himself.

He says,”I’ll treat every single game as my chance, I just want to do my best and leave the decisions to the manager”.

That’s just splendid. When Flyin Fabbi gets fully fit again, it’s up to AW †нє Alchemist to decide who keeps †нє number 1 spot.

†нє preview of †нє FA Cup replay against †нє Pea-Cocks will be in tomorrow’s post.

Till then take it easy.

I hope my flight to Abuja will be safe and smooth.