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†нє Gunners visit Elland Road: Time to knock out these Pea-Cocks once and for all

Abuja. †нє centre of “unity” as it’s called in this part of †нє World. †нє magnificent buildings, †нє free roads and of course…..†нє unforgiving harmattan.

On †нє 8th of January, 2011 a set of Pea-Cocks on blue came to †нє Emirates with nothing to play for but pride. As expected, we tore their defense open to create goal scoring opportunities for ourselves. As expected against teams of “lower reputation”, we were at our very best in terms of profligacy.

NwaSamba Denilson clattered their winger in our box and †нє Snood and Carpet grass dude rattled our net with †нє resulting spot kick. Some people say that Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott took a dive in †нє box but i’ll let them know when i give a f*ck. Our captain, talisman and AllSpark Cesc “El Capitan” saved us from embarrassment and coolly slotted †нє penalty or penarlty as Victor Ikpeba will call it.

I can imagine how †нє headlines would have been if †нє Pea-Cocks grabbed a famous victory in our turf. Thank goodness our blushes were spared.

We head to Elland Road knowing that a victory against †нє Pea-Cocks will send us through to †нє next round of †нє FA Cup. It’s knockout football after all. It’s good to know that AW †нє Alchemist has found his winning formula called †нє Theo Van Nasregas combo. I don’t expect †нє attacking quartet to start though. AW †нє Alchemist told †нє media Vultures that he’s on a “trophy-hungry” mode because he’s in †нє “quad”. He also told †нє Vultures that he’s going to rotate his squad because success depends on †нє way †нє whole squad can focus for all competitions. He said that his team has †нє “quality” to qualify no matter what he team he puts out against †нє Pea-Cocks tonight. He’s damn right. †нє Pea-Cocks are playing this FA Cup replay because their goalie, Kesper †нє friendly goalkeeping ghost was in top form when they visited †нє Emirates. He sadly commented on †нє timing of †нє game because his squad is not going to get rest ahead of today’s game. My main worry is †нє center back combo of Laurent “Kos100%tackle” Koscielny and Johan “Injourou” Djourou. They have played far too many games this season and are in dire need of rest. Kos100%tackle has only rested for 2 weeks all season long. That was when he had a back strain. You wouldn’t really call that “rest”. Well that’s what he signed his contract for. I’ve not heard him complaining to †нє media Vultures though. Maybe his inability to speak †нє Premier League’s official language yet might be a factor.

Coming to team news, Wojciech “Szszsz” Szczesny will continue doing his good job between †нє sticks. †нє replacement at †нє bench is young James Shea. Thank goodness that there is no “O” before his surname. James O’ Shea would have sounded Irish. What †нє hell…….he’s Irish. Emmanuel “Farma” Eboue has had his longest run in terms of matches so i expect Bacary “Timaya” Sagna to come in to claim his rightful place. That winger made our Farma have a bad day at †нє office. I believe AW †нє Alchemist will put that into consideration. Kieran “Ogo Gibbsy” Gibbs will come in for Gael “Flash” Clichy. He’s an able deputy so i believe he’ll do a good job at †нє back. I like †нє way he balances his attacking and defensive duties. We have no choice in terms of †нє personnel that will provide †нє center back covering. NwaSamba will get another chance to do what he does best….be a “passenger” on †нє team. He’ll be assisted by Alex “Sabinus” Song because he has †нє stamina of an ox. You can’t compare Sabinus’ stamina to Dirk “Dick Kunt” Kuyt of Count Dalglish’s Vampires or Sir A. Chewie’s Choi Yun-Park who is still in †нє Asian Cup. These two players should be tested for hard drugs.

†нє attacking midfield position should go to Tomas “Banana Lomo” Rosicky. El Capitan should settle for a place on †нє bench.

†нє big question will be who AW †нє Alchemist will deploy as his attacking trio. I feel Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin will be stationed at †нє left wing. Let’s hope he wins our heart today with a better performance. Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner might be given another chance today in †нє center forward position. Let’s hope he puts his money where his mouth is. I also hope that AW †нє Alchemist will tell him to stick to his centre forward position instead of drifting wide or coming deep. We all know Wald Bezt loves †нє ball but this is Arsenal…..You’ll get †нє bloody ball. Wal Kuint will probably be at †нє right wing.

Ogo Gibbsy-Kos100%tackle-Injourou-Timaya
NwaSamba-Banana Lomo-Sabinus
Hotty-Wald Bezt-Wal Kuint

It’s certain that we will meet Huddersfield Town in †нє 4th round. That’s an easy road to †нє 5th round if you ask me.

These present crop of players don’t know how it feels to stand on †нє podium and lift a trophy.

I’m not talking about †нє Emirates Cup because that doesn’t go to our cabinet.

†нє Black Widow spider present in our trophy cabinet paid a 5 year rent. It’s time to evict her and take out †нє thick cobwebs.

It’s high time we start playing like a team that wants to win †нє quad.

As i read in @emiratesvp ‘s blog yesterday night…..”I believe until they get †нє taste of winning a trophy, they will not grow †нє hunger for it. You do not become addicted to smoking until you’ve had your first taste of a cigarette”.

That sums it all up.

You can check out that blog at http://www.emiratesviewpoint.wordpress.com

I will also put †нє blog in my “blogroll”, so that you can access †нє blog anytime you come to this site.

Enjoy †нє game wherever you’re watching it.

We are still in †нє quad.