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Pea-Cocks 1 Gunners 3: †нє Pea-Cocks finally get cocked up in their lousy home turf

After 3 good weeks in Lagos. I arrived at Abuja yesterday and had a warm reception in terms of †нє weather. †нє harmattan is not as bad as i expected. However, †нє air conditioning unit in my room was probably imported from Siberia because i woke up this morning to see that i was wearing virtual white stockings that were generated by †нє accumulated cold.

At least you can still see a blog…..that tells you that “I’m alive”.

Arsenal played †нє White Pea-Cocks yesterday knowing that a victory will send them to †нє 5th round. No disrespect to Huddlesfield Town but Neil Banfield’s reserves will be too much for †нєm. Not to talk of †нє “first team”.

†нє lineup i guessed in yesterday’s post was almost †нє same with †нє team that wore †нє Yellow and Maroon yesterday. †нє only exceptions where Samir “El Rufai” Nasri for Tomas “Banana Lomo” Rosicky in †нє attacking midfield role and Marouane “ChiAmaka” Chamakh for Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott. Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner was deployed on †нє right wing.

Banana Lomo was not even present on †нє bench. I wonder why.

†нє 38,885 fans made †нє atmosphere very lively. †нє fans of †нє Pea-Cocks where †нє loudest. They cheered their side throughout †нє game even if they had it in †нє back of their minds that their efforts of their players might be futile. You can’t blame them though. †нє Pea-Cocks put up a descent performance against us 2 weeks ago.

It took †нє Arsenal just 4 minutes to get off to a flyer with a goal created from their first attack.

Kieran “Ogo Gibbsy” Gibbs overlapped well and fed †нє ball to ChiAmaka who in turn gave Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin then ran forward expecting a “one-two”. That decoy created a little opening in †нє heart of †нє Pea-Cock defense. Hotty sent a through ball to †нє Super Snooded captain of †нє night, El Rufai. With †нє ball slightly behind him, El Rufai used his left leg to bring †нє ball forward. He then shoved off a challenge then placed †нє ball past Kesper †нє friendly goalkeeping ghost.

That early goal put †нє opposition on †нє back foot.

We retained possession well then forced them to concede a corner. ChiAmaka headed wide.

Our next clear cut chance came from a free kick from †нє right hand side. El Rufai sent a delightful cross into †нє box. ChiAmaka was free but †нє header wasn’t what you would expect for a player renowned for his heading ability. It bounced off †нє ground but Kesper †нє friendly goalkeeping ghost got his hands to it.

Hotty was desperate to please †нє fans by at least getting his name on †нє score sheet so that he could do his “fingers in mouth” celebration. His profligacy however cannot be rivaled with any of his teammates. Hotty currently holds †нє unwanted record of being †нє Gunner with †нє worst shot accuracy percentage ratio. He has surprisingly scored 7 goals this season but he has missed a bucket load of chances. †нє worst part is that Hotty is one of our players whose off †нє ball ability has makes him arrive in positions that would have been bread and butter for Eduardo “Dudu Composure” Da Silva. I really hope he improves on it.

Hotty got his first chance after some good work from El Rufai but he sent it wide.

He also had another amazing chance when ChiAmaka sent a great ball across †нє middle. All he needed to do was to make contact with †нє ball but it evaded him. Another good chance gone begging.

Hotty then sent a surprise shot goalwards but †нє friendly goalkeeping ghost was equal to †нє task.

Another person that needed to get his scoring boots on is Wald Bezt. We know how much he talked before †нє Carling Spoon encounter with Jewelry’s Tractor Army. I know he maybe be dissatisfied with †нє right wing role but he has to remember that that’s †нє same role Wal Kuint has bagged 10 goals from.

Bacary “Timaya” Sagna had a very outstanding game yesterday. His technique and awareness was very good. He also kept that dark winger at bay.

Laurent “Kos100%tackle” Koscielny was having a stormer at †нє back with his “brown-haired Mohawked” partner in crime, Johan “Injourou” Djourou. He and his partner ensured that †нє lone striker had a bad day at †нє office. Kos100%tackle was so good at marking, that †нє striker would be searching for his presence in his dreams.

He sent a Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas-esque long through ball to Timaya. After bringing †нє ball down superbly, Timaya drilled a cross into †нє 6-yard box. Filippo “Pippo” Inzaghi, Hernan “Poacher” Crespo and Ruud “Rude Boy” van Nistelrooy would have put us 2 up because they would have anticipated that Timaya would drill one in. Wald Bezt’s brain was probably booting when †нє cross came in. He attempted to slide in but he missed by a lick of paint. Another glorious chance gone with †нє wind.

We built up another nice attack with Hotty †нє culprit this time. There were two players free on †нє far side but Hotty decided to “take on all comers” and fired a shot at some bloke.

†нє penalty scoring Pea-Cock hero, Mr. Snood and Carpet grass managed to get past Ogo Gibbsy and quickly fired a back pass-like shot at Wojciech”Szszsz” Szczesny. My grandma would have saved that shot with one hand while holding a chewing stick with †нє other.

A second goal was lurking around †нє corner and it came from an unlikely source. Wald Bezt ran with real intent and attempted a “one-two” with El Rufai which was blocked. †нє ball somehow found its way to Timaya who then launched a rocket of a shot goalwards. †нє friendly ghost put a hand to it but †нє ball went it because his “ghost mode” was activated at that point in time. †нє last time i checked, solid materials pass through ghosts….†нє ball was “solid” enough.

At 2-Nil up , we were bossing †нє game but against †нє run of play, †нє Pea-Cocks had a decent spell that ended with †нє ball at †нє back of Szszsz’s net. Sorry Szszsz, no clean sheet for you.

†нє commentator said that,”With Almunia, Fabianski and Szczesny in there, it still would have gotten into †нє net”

All i can say is that, †нє goal we conceded yesterday is one of †нє best goals I’ve seen this year. It’s †нє kind of goal you tell your kids about when you hang your boots.

That goal gave †нє fans something to shout about then all of a sudden, we were out of our comfort zone. We became a bit sloppy but †нє Pea-Cock’s didn’t capitalize on our lapse of concentration.

So at halftime it was Pea-Cocks 1 Gunners 2

We started brightly in †нє beginning of †нє second half with †нє friendly ghost making a good save from Alex “Sabinus” Song.

El Rufai had a good free kick saved as it went over †нє wall.

A very good counter attack built up and †нє final pass went Hotty’s way. Instead of going to attack †нє ball, he was waiting for it to come to his path. Mr. Snood and Carpet grass sent to out of play to concede a corner.

We had another chance with Sabinus feeding Hotty. Instead of placing †нє ball to †нє far corner, Hotty aimed for a hawk in †нє sky. This tweet explains it better.
“RT @ArsenalUpdates: Song with a great cross, but Arshavin aims for the Athenian gods”.

I hope Zeus didn’t get injured.

†нє Pea-Cocks brought in a substitute for their perplexed lone striker. †нє newbie almost brought them back on level terms with his first attempt on goal. Let’s thank Loki †нє god of mischief for making †нє bloke confused when it really mattered. He used his knee instead of his foot.

It seemed as if †нє game lacked “leadership” as NwaSamba Denilson quoted earlier so AW †нє Alchemist responded by bringing his captain and vice-captain to restore order to †нє confused flock of Yellow and Maroon sheep that were slowly going astray.

El Capitan came in for Hotty who had a better game by his “new standards” and Robin “glassboned” van Persie for ChiAmaka.

ChiAmaka didn’t look too happy though. He felt that †нє Cup games belong to him now that glassboned vP has gone ahead of him in †нє starting lineup.

El Capitan had a free kick that curled away from goal.

†нє breathing space and match clincher arrived in †нє 76th minute. Wald Bezt supplied an inch-perfect cross to glassboned vP who nodded home †нє match winner. That was a sucker punch for †нє Pea-Cocks and it put †нє game beyond doubt for †нєm.

Gael “Flash” Clichy came in for El Rufai who handed †нє arm band to †нє “leader” of †нє team, El Capitan

Glassboned vP also curled one over †нє bar.

So Mr. Mike Dean blew his whistle and †нє Gunners have set themselves for a fourth round tie against Huddersfield Town on †нє 29th of this football gruelling month called January.

For my match ratings

Szszsz (6.4) faced 2 shots, 1 hit †нє back of †нє net and 1 got saved. Timaya (7.5) scored his 3rd goal in his professional career. That’s one more than Mikel “LSC” Obi. Ogo Gibbsy (6.9) had a hand in †нє match opener. Kos100%tackle (7.2) was a colossus in defense. Injourou (7.1) probably scared †нє lone striker with his new Mohawk. NwaSamba (6.6) showed good movement. Sabinus (6.4) misplaced some passes but did okay generally. El Rufai (7.6) scored goal no. 14 in his best season so far. Wald Bezt (6.8) provided a peach of a cross for †нє 3rd goal. Hotty (6.1) was as profligate as ever. Let’s hope Zeus shows him mercy because that shot probably hit his eye. ChiAmaka (6.2) had only one header to show after playing over an hour. El Capitan (6.6) showed sharp touches. Glassboned vP (7.0) scored †нє match winner. Flash didn’t play long enough to get a Gooner Daily rating.

†нє highest scoreline †нє Emirates has ever witnessed still remains that 7-0 thumping of Slavia Prague on †нє 23rd of October, 2007. †нє record books say that our greatest victory of all time still stands at 12-0. We got this scoreline when we played Loughborough on †нє 12th of March 1900.

We †нє fans could “manage” †нє Slavia scoreline but would prefer a scoreline in between †нє Slavia game and †нє Loughborough game.

NwaSamba has cleared †нє air after there were talks that he had a rift with El Capitan

He says, “Fabregas is a great friend of mine. When I said there was no leadership at the team I only meant to highlight the fact that at Arsenal we have a young group and, sometimes, we miss someone more experienced, like Gilberto Silva was, for example, for many years. I’m a shy person, I don’t like controversies and problems. I was misunderstood. I’ve talked to Fabregas and everything was cleared up.”

That’s good enough. We wouldn’t want any disruptions right now in our squad. Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia has lost his place to Lukasz “Flyin Fabbi” Fabianski. I’ve not heard him say anything so NwaSamba should keep his brazilian lips shut next time. He tends to forget that this what †нє Media Vultures “prey” on.

Steven “AfriGoodilocks” Pienaar joined Twitch FC from †нє Scot’s Blues days ago. This caused a committed gooner to “unfollow” him on Twitter. Here’s †нє tweet.

” RT @VikramGooner: Sorry Steven Pienaar I really followed U but now will have to Un-Follow you..U left me no Choice”.

Now that’s a true gooner. Unfollowing a player he likes because he joined †нє old enemy, Twitch FC.

WigWig comes up next.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog as i enjoyed writing it.

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