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El Capitan rallies his troops for the BarcAlien invasion and Nasri’s availability in check

February 14th. The day “lovers” do their thing. Here couples exchange gifts, go to outer space and go as far as……

In the World of football, February 14th is just another day. Last year, it was a Sunday. Few matches took place. The year before it was a Saturday. More matches took place.

At the end of every season in club football, the best teams in their respective leagues come to the spotlight by playing in club football’s elite competition. The UEFA Champions League.

The cunthounds on tuxedos put giant balls in trays and “drew” 32 teams that would be represented in 8 groups.

The 3rd best team in each group are given a second chance in the Europa League. There, they’ll have the chance to bully other clubs. Most Europa League winners are clubs that weren’t good enough to qualify for the knockout phase of the Champions League.

Sometime in early December, those suited up cuntards at UEFA showed the World the teams that will have post-Valentine dates with each other.

Arsenal were to host FC Barcelona or the “BarcAliens” as Gooner Daily calls them.

Our hottest attacking midfielder this season is Samir Nasri. 14 goals in his many appearances has showed that he’s indispensable to the club. When Almunia sent a long ball in Huddersfield Town’s half, El Rufai chased the ball but tweaked his hammy in the process. He was supposed to out for 21 days but it seems as if he might be “rushed” back ahead of the initial schedule.

AW the Alchemist had a few words for the media Vultures.

“Nasri has tests, one tomorrow and one on Tuesday. I will not take a crazy gamble but physically he has worked very hard; physically he is ready. It is just if there is a risk of a setback or not”.

AW the Alchemist is taking a wise and cautious approach in handling Nasri’s situation. The diminutive “replacement” at the left hand side of attack has found his mojo back and has improved drastically.

AA23 just needs a few more goals then we’ll see that “little magician” that we’ve all heard about. The magician that became the footballing Czar of Motherland Russia from 2006 – 2008. The pygmy that gave the killer assists that made Leningrad FC win the UEFA Cup or present day “Europa League”.

Like every present day Hollywood sci-fi movie, there’ll be a set of super heroes that come around and “save the day”.

Relating this to present day football, the inhuman FC Barcelona will come with all their Kryptonians to play us in our home ground. Eto’o, Henrik Larsson and Belletti stole the show in 2006. Zlatan Turkeymovic scored the brace in our home turf. Gooner Daily calls him “Turkeymovic” because he has a “beak” not a nose. We all know what that little left footed World Wizard did to us in the Nou Camp.

Our team of Earth saving heroes, led by Super Fabregas have to give us a “game of the season” contender on Wednesday.

Cesc says,”We don’t have to worry to much about them. We just have to play without fear and play our game. We showed them too much respect last season”

Even with a broken leg and a suspension, he would have been itching to play at the Nou Camp that night. He’ll get his chance in a fortnight.

Wilshere says that we should get a bit “nastier” against them while Walcott says that Arsenal has learnt a lot from last season.

Our fierce rivals, Twitch FC take on AC Milan in the San Siro tomorrow. Let’s see how they’ll fare. The Red and White striped Ities are on top of the Italian food chain.

Football has lost the greatest striker of all time, Ronaldo da Lima.

He decided to call it quits after having an illustrious career that saw him play in football heavyweights like Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan and Internazionale.

Ronaldo retired today, leaving behind fantastic memories of his times for club & country. His tally is an amazing 247 league goals from 343 games.

I don’t know what they say about Pele but the 3 time World Player of the Year is the best striker in the history of World football.

But as I’ll always say,”Opinions are like arseholes, everybody’s got one”.

That’s my opinion.

Dunno about you.

Happy Valentine’s day gooners.

Take it easy……you know what I mean.