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Quadruple on our minds and Saturday’s round up

After a long hangover I’m finally awake. This Saturday is going to be very boring in terms of footballing action. Crawley Town hosts Man Utd today. Even the game between Crap FC vs Shite United also takes place today.

AW the Alchemist has sent youngling James shea on loan to Southampton. Good luck to him as he gets some playing time under his belt. Manuel Almunia is fully fit so he will assume the role as Arsenal’s “cup keeper”. I believe that Wojciech “Szszsz” Szczesny will be between the sticks when we take on Birmingham on the 27th.

Cardiff want to extend Ramsey’s loan till the end of the season. It will do Ramsey a whole lot good if he sees out this season with his boyhood club. Its more or less his “home away from home”.

In previous seasons, injuries to key players had been a determining factor in our title challenge and trophy winning ambitions.

This season, injuries have also taken their toll but the squad’s depth has ensured that their absence hasn’t been heart felt. There have been times where players who were diagnosed with “3 days” injuries have spent the best part out and there have also been times where players who were supposed to be out for a month came back in 6 days.

When Eboue fell awkwardly in Estadio AXA against 99Matheus’ Braga, we all thought that he’ll be out for a considerable amount of time. He returned in 6 days. When Johan Djourou developed a back problem few days back, it seemed as if he was going to miss the game against Leyton Orient. Its seems as if he has recovered surprisingly and he’ll be in contention for tomorrow’s game.

I don’t think it’s necessary to risk our Swiss brick wall. The Squisha should be given another chance to show his “experience”.

Fabregas told the media Vultures that young Wilshere has the technique of a BarcAlien but the heart of an English man.

He says,“He has Spanish technique certainly,” said Wenger. “But he has an English heart because he is an English boy. He just loves to win like all the other players in my team and he showed that on Wednesday night.

“What I like is that he takes everything with a cool head. When you are at his age, you want to play and to play again and show how good you are. He is not phased by the occasion and he is not inhibited. That is what is fantastic with him.”

You’ll have to agree with my assessment that the Spanish national team is infested with BarcAliens. Their World Cup winning playing squad contained 1 goalie Cassy, 1 left back Capped Villager, 1 right back Rafael Nadal and BarcAliens.

According to deductive logic in philosophy,

“Greedybayor loves money…..Greedybayor is a Togolese…..so all Togolese love money”

Same goes with Wilshere,

“Super Fab says that Wilshere has Spanish technique…..Spanish players are BarcAliens……so Wilshere is a BarcAlien”

I guess Ebuka Nworah’s comment on Wednesday’s post was right.

Besides AW the Alchemist feels the same way.

AW the Alchemist has stated that he wants to “gun” for all the competitions.

We are the only side still capable of winning the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Carling Spoon and AW the Alchemist sees no reason why they shouldn’t target an unprecedented quartet.

He says,“We want to go for every single competition, I have said that many times,” reiterated Wenger.

“How far will we go? I personally believe we can go in every competition to the end. But we can as well stop very quickly.

“It’s just down to how much we believe and how much commitment we show. What I am convinced of [is] we have the hunger, we have some talent and we are committed to going as far as we can.

“I can’t tell you that we do not want to do it. We are in all the competitions so we will do our best. My job is to get the team as far as it can.

“You do not choose at the moment to drop any competition, it would be silly. How far we will be capable to go, I don’t know. My job is to take the team as far as we can.”

Now that’s the boss talking.

We are favourites to win our first trophy in 5 years when we play Mc Albino’s Brimingham City on the 27th.

Victory in that competition will instill the much needed confidence the Gunners to take on all comers in our bid to win the quad.

Besides, if you haven’t tasted your first cigarette, you can’t become addicted to smoking.

A victory against Leyton Orient tomorrow will put us in the quarter final of the FA Cup. We have a 2nd leg Champions League tie in planet Krypton against the BarcAliens. We are also 4 points behind them knowing fully well that they face Chelsea twice and Count Dalglish’s Vampires once.

More on the Leyton Orient game tomorrow.