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Time to rally the troops in El Capitan and Walcott’s absence

The rain has refused to stop pouring in Owerri. This is the first Friday in five years when we won’t be looking forward to a Premier league game in the weekend. Twitch FC beat us 3-2 in our home turf last year. We would have gotten our sweet revenge in White Hart Lane tomorrow. We can save our revenge for another time, we’ve got “bigger fish” to fry.

Arsenal face Birmingham in the Carling Spoon final next tomorrow. We played a football vs Rugby match two days ago.

Even if we came out on top, we lost club captain, Fabregas and Theo Walcott.

AW the Alchemist had a few words to say concerning the injuries.

He says,“It is a very small injury but certainly Cesc will be out for Sunday. “He is disappointed. We all feel sorry and sad for him. The only way we help him now is to win the Carling Cup as he contributed a lot in this competition.”

For Theo he says,”As we already know, Theo Walcott will also miss the Carling Cup Final after being stretchered off in the same game. Again, the problem may be relatively short term. I saw him this morning, he has a classic ankle sprain. We don’t think there is any more damage to it. But it is still a sprain. We are sad for him too. He is out for Sunday and maybe one or two more weeks.”

AW the Alchemist was also asked about Cesc’s involvement in the March 8th’s game in the Nou Camp.

He says,“It is very difficult to give a deadline,” said Wenger. “It is impossible.”

I don’t like the way it sounds….”It is impossible”. After playing Birmingham, we host Leyton Orient in the 5th round replay before playing Sunderland in the league. We can do without El Capitan for these 3 games but we must do everything in our power to ensure that El Capitan plays at the home ground of those Aliens in Krypton.

His presence alone will boost the morale of his charges. When we played AS Roma at the Olimpico in the 2008/09 season, Alhaji Totti had a big blue strap on his knee. He didn’t do much in the pitch but he played 120 minutes for the Giallorossi. He even scored a brilliant penalty that sent Almunia the wrong way. I clearly hope that Colin Lewin and his experts outdo themselves this time because if we truly want the “quad”, we have to eradicate those Aliens in their home turf. A draw will be more than enough.

Since Super Fab and Speedy Walcott are out, we need to win the trophy for them because they played their part in getting the team to Wembley. Walcott scored two well taken placed shots when we whooped Newcastle 4-0 in St. James Park while El Capitan scored his first ever Carling Spoon goal in the semis against Ipswich.

The good news is that rVp, Koscielny and Diaby are back in the squad. Their re-introduction to the squad is like a breath of fresh air.

Djourou said that the squad have waited a “long” time for this. Trust me, 5 years is really long. That’s the entire amount of time I spent in my university without seeing any silverware.
B52 says that he works well with AA23. Since Walcott is out injured the right wing is up for grabs again. Nasri normally plays in that wing but he’ll play behind the front three.

With AA23 taking a stronghold of the left hand side, I feel its time Bendtner gets his run out on the right hand side.

“@Orbinho: Nicklas Bendtner has scored six goals in his last seven Carling Cup appearances”.

I’m confident that he’ll start on Sunday.

Wojciech Szczesny will also appear in Wembley for the first time so I’m confident that he’ll give us a class act on Sunday.

More on the Carling Spoon game in tomorrow’s post.

Arsenal FC has lost its captain and a most handsome winger.

Time to rally the troops.