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Arsenal visits Old Strafford: Make or Break time


It’s that time of the year again…

The time where two of the Premier League’s Juggernauts lock horns with the aim of getting a victory.

Arsenal and Man Utd play each other for a million and one reasons. Pride, bragging rights, glory, points, honor……today, they are playing for the right to be in the FA Cup semifinal.

At this point in time, both teams hold the keys to their fate in terms of silverware to be won this season.

Man Utd still stand an outside chance in Europe after salvaging a draw in Stade Velodrome a fortnight ago. Our European challenge was shoved off by Messi and a dear ol’ Bussy the White.

The Red Hell Owners have been a dominant force not just in England but in World football. AW the Alchemist and Jose Moaninho are the only managers that can say that they have drawn blood from United’s Sir Alex Chapman Chewie in recent times.

Count Rafa would have drawn blood in the 2008/09 campaign but he didn’t have enough fuel in him to drive his team past the Premier League finishing post.

The last time Arsenal was faced in a dampened situation like this we didn’t fare too well. In the 2006/07 season, we lost our Champions League berth to PSV Eindhoven. The next game was a FA Cup clash in Ewood Park against Blackburn which we lost by a lone goal. From that point onwards, there was nothing to play for because we were already out of the title race.

Today, there are a million and one things to play for.

Manchester United lost their air of invincibility with back to back losses against the Cashlings and Count Dalglish’s Red Vampires and it must have done something to their confidence. Arsenal on the other hand have been ousted in two competitions and has seen their morale severed.

Recently, players like Wilshere and Sagna have done their bit in raising the Arsenal spirit through their words to the media Vultures.

AW the Alchemist made a comment that rang a few bells in my head.

“At the moment, the two teams are disappointed with results recently, so it’s the team that deals with it best that will come out on top”

At the beginning of the year Arsenal was still eligible to participate in all forefronts. Three months on, we have found ourselves in a position where we need our “winning” mentality will see us through.

There’s an adage I got from a Hollywood movie called Revolver. It was starred by adrenaline pumping baldy Jason Statham and musician Andre 3000 of Outkast.

Over a game of chess he said,”You can only get smart by playing a smarter opponent”.

If I’m to rephrase that I’ll say that Arsenal’s mentality can only get better if they win Man Utd today.

A draw won’t be the end of the World as we know it. It will only mean that we’ll get the chance to play Man Utd in our turf. It’s even a hunting ground for them but I guess things have changed.

For their playing squad they’ll be without Korean action superstar Wong Fei Hong. I’m really ecstatic that Wong Fei Hong isn’t playing today. That blind looking chap has been a thorn in the Arsenal flesh. He doesn’t score a lot of goals but when he sees the Arsenal he changes his shoes to the ones he uses for scoring.

They will also be without that Portuguese somersaulting bloke that looks like a mixture of Micheal Jackson before his surgery and Nigeria’s former number 1 citizen, Umaru Yar’ Adua. It seems as if he hasn’t fully recovered from that horror tackle he suffered against Count Dalglish’s Red Vampires center back Carragher.

Valencia is still recuperating from that ankle injury he suffered against Rangers. That bloke built up an amazing telepathy with the rich RooThug last season. That’s their fucking problem. As always, I don’t give a pig’s snout.

It’s really pleasing to know that United’s wingers out of action for today at least.

That’s one traditional 4-4-2 playing side that operates through the flanks. This means that the only playable wingers are Sir Hugh Giggs Hefner, Obert the Imbecile and that bloke who cost ten times more than Silvestre…..Bebe

We still have our own injury problems to think about.

Wojciech Szczesny has met Gibbsy’s physio girlfriend so they’ll live happily ever after for 6 weeks at least. Manuel Almunia will be our custodian from hence forth. Even if he acts a porno flick today, he’ll still be our goalie. I’m in no mood to watch a porno so Almunia better invoke the spirit of the 2007/08 campaign.

Clichy and Sagna will continue their work on the flanks. I would put my bucks on Gibbsy and Eboue. Djourcielny will continue in the heart of our defense. I just hope that Kos wouldn’t concede any penalty today.

Fabregas’ absence may mean that Wilshere will be moved up to take on the Mr. Creativity role. This would mean that the Devil and the deep blue sea would combine together in the holding role.

But come to think of it, the Devil and the deep blue sea start with “D”……..so does Diaby and Denilson……@enigma106 and his crazy imaginations.

The attacking triumvirate will be AA23, rVp and Nasri. TR7 hasn’t really come up to scratch in this campaign. He’s still a good sub though.

My expected lineup should be


The last time Man Utd hosted us in the FA Cup, AW the Alchemist fielded a weakened side because he had the Champions League in his mind. What hurt me the most was that we didn’t even win Milan at the Emirates so the 4-0 thumping wasn’t worth it at all.

It just goes to say that not all gambles pay off.

So as Sebastien “Squisha” Squillaci said this morning, today’s game will “define” our season.

I’m simply saying that…..

It’s make or break time

Here’s to a happier blog post tomorrow.