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Bac acknowledges the draws, Szczesny still believes and James Blunt sings about our title chances

After a long time out enjoying myself at Silverbird Cinemas, I’m back at home writing about my Arsenal with Guinness as my motivator. Even though this is Arsenal blog, I implore my esteemed readers to get their asses to the nearest cinema or video club to watch Alien Invasion: Battle Los Angeles. We knew before the Blackburn game that 9 wins on the trot were enough to end the drought. We also knew that the 3 main games that were really important where the ties against Liverpool, Tottenham and Man Utd.

Farmer Eboue planted our 3 points on Sunday and germinated only 1 for the Arsenal while Szczesny was a touch away from winning the ball from Lennon but that One-Dimensional winger was a lot quicker. If Blackpool levelled the tie at 2-2 two weeks ago, Arsenal would have followed the footsteps of Mark Hughes to have 6 league draws in a row. The only side I can remember that got 6 points from a possible 18 was that Old Lady known as Juventus in the Europa League.

After that hard fought win against Stoke we have been on a very poor run of form dating from Late February. Some say that it was the goalie’s heroics; others say that it was the referee’s incompetence but the bottom line is Arsenal has been usurped from the 2nd spot in the league by Chelshit thanks to goal difference. When United drop points we also find a very good way to self-destruct and drop points too. When they lost their unbeaten virginity to those angry Wolves, we led by 4 goals then capitulated after the Diabyfied One earned himself an early bath. It would have been extremely embarrassing if Chicken Wing celebrant Nolan scored with his late effort.

Anytime we win AW the Alchemist and El Capitan tell the media Vultures that we want to continue, anytime we lose Wilshere and Szczesny cry out loud to the media Vultures telling them that we’ll come back with a big bang. Now that we are going on an odd drawing streak, Sagna has decided to talk to the media Vultures about it.

A vast majority of the Arsenal faithful (me included) are gearing up for another trophyless summer with the hope that the clear out will take place while fresh blood will be injected to the squad. Besides there’s side talk that the Kroenked One is going to give AW the Alchemist a nice transfer kitty to recruit new gunners. The Vultures say that the players who might have their Arsenal heads cut off by General AW the Alchemist include Denilson, Diaby, TR7 and B52. The aforementioned players have been quite disappointing but this may not be the time to start asking for their heads.

We have Bolton away, ManUre United home, Stoke away, Villa home and Fulham away. If we win these games we still stand a fucking chance of winning the Premier League. Man Utd will play us and play the Cashlings. I’ve written before that Man Utd deserves the Premier League but if they come out unscathed against us and Chelsea that unprecedented 19th Premier League title will be theirs. Man Utd’s 19th league triumph might also mean that Sir Alex Chewie would retire in perfect peace but I’ll still prefer the Scot to stay so that he could watch us nick the league from his hands. That’ll make our end to the trophy drought a lot sweeter.

After winning the league and cup double in 2002, we were odds on to retain the title the next season but a series of bad results at the business end of the season saw us surrender the title to Man Utd.

Wojciech Szczesny has reiterated his belief to the media Vultures that we could still win the Premier League.  With all the pre-match rallying talk he gave to his older chums, he still put up a very good performance despite the fact that he removed the ball from his net 3 times in his last Arsenal outing. He could have done a bit better with the first but he was blameless for the second. He played a massive role in the 3rd goal with the penalty conceded but he wouldn’t have found himself in such a situation if the Arsenal defence was caught ball watching like the way they were in May 2006 when Ronaldinho sent Eto’o through. Szczesny paid the price with the penalty he conceded unlike Mad Jens entered the history books for the wrong reasons in May 2006.

Still sticking with goalies, Petr “James Blunt” Cech took out some time to remove his Rugby head gear and stick his snout in Arsenal’s business. The fact that he looks like James Blunt wasn’t good enough for him; he decided to put his Czech head on the line for Stephen Hunt to knock off making him the only player that wears a helmet in Pro Evolution Soccer. After saying weeks ago that Arsenal deemed him not good enough he decided to release a new press track called Arsenal bottled the title bid now Chelsea are the main challengers.

The hit single “Not good enough” was a chart topper but this new “Arsenal bottled” track sucks. He’s the goalkeeping all in all in Chelshit, we have Szczesny and Fabianski. We could even add Almunia and Mad Jens somewhere in the mix. We know that Chelsea really sucked at some point with the title bid labelled as a two horse race but the complacency of the top 2 sides has brought them back in the mix. I have only one wish for Petr “James Blunt” Cech,

May the ball hit the post and the back of your Rugby helmet head gear when Mark Noble fires in one of ‘em freekicks”

At least that happened against Everton in that 3-3 draw last season. I would have preferred him to ball watch like the way he did in the 119th minute against Everton in the FA Cup but I’d rather go with my wish. Thanks to @DaygeeDr for getting me that piece of info. You can follow him on Twitter by clicking on his name.

The tweet of the day goes to @omomo14

@omomo14: I will dance naked on my street if Arsenal wins the Premier League. I’m dead serious”

I know its early days but the women living on his street should mark the 22nd of May on their calendars so that when the final whistle gets blown at Craven Cottage, they’ll know if they’ll stick their heads out their windows to see how Africa’s own Adam was before Eve gave him that fruit.

At least he has zeroed his mind on what he’ll do if Arsenal ends the trophy drought by winning their first league win in 7 years. The question is this,

What will you do if Arsenal wins the Premier League after everything they’ve put us the fans through?”

Feel free to write yours down as a comment in my blog.

The league is now out of our hands, it’s time for favours.

I’m now a great fan of Everton and West Ham today.

Happy Easter once again.