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Gooner Daily launches its facebook page

On the 26th of November 2010 four graduates from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria decided to see each other for the first time since they left school. The meeting was scheduled for 11 am in Maitama, Abuja. The participants of the re-union were Bo$$ VOE, Jubrizzy, Pimpin Tomasz and the Enigma that was born on the 10th of June thereby forming the Twitter handle @enigma106. After a few drinks and long dialogues about old school stuff, girls and money making plans for the foreseeable future, the latest trending topic was about the team we support, Arsenal FC. Jubrizzy is a red devil though.

The 1st Arsenal blog I had ever seen written by a fellow Nigerian was Bo$$ VOE O2ice so the Bo$$ himself and Tomasz advised me to start my own Arsenal blog because Tomasz knew that when we were still in school, I visited arseblog more than I visited google and I’ve always had in-depth knowledge of Arsenal FC because I always won arguments when it came to Arsenal, its history and of course its players past and present. Bo$$ VOE recommended WordPress for BlackBerry for me and after spending over 15 minutes looking for a name I settled for Gooner Daily because I’m a gooner and I was pretty sure that I could blog on a daily basis because as a graduate I have all the fucking time for it.

I’ve also had this crazy but funny habit/talent of giving nicknames to all my close friends so the gunners were not going to be any different but after some advice from GGMT Morris and Tomasz himself, I cut down a bit on the nicks because I had the target of getting Nigerian as well as international readers.

154 days, 122 posts, 158 comments and 3086 readers later, I’ve decided to expand my Gooner horizon by opening a page on Facebook so that my esteemed readers can also be notified when I publish my posts as well as adding Arsenal photos, videos, links and notes so if you’re reading this blog right now and you own a Facebook account, I’ll be extremely grateful and honoured if you go to the search tab and type “Gooner Daily” then like the page. I’m working on adding the like badge to the widgets sidebar on the right hand side so that it’ll be a lot easier for you to check it out.

You can also follow the blog on Twitter @goonerdaily. Anytime I get followed on Twitter, my BlackBerry plays one of my favourite rock songs, Hysteria by Muse. That’s the ringtone I used for my new email notifications. This means that I’ll follow you back moments later. Besides, we are one big Goonerific family. I also mention some of my followers anytime I publish a post so if you want to be part of the list, just mention me or send me a direct message on Twitter.

I’m also very interactive with my followers so if you have a piece of info you want to share with the Arsenal World, tweet it but mention me so that I can see it. Let me give you a classic example.

@DaygeeDr: I think that the team that’s presently in fourth place is known as Man Shitty” www.manshitty.com Cc @goonerdaily

By that Cc I’ll be able to see the info and use a way to add it to the blog but if I already know that Man Shitty exists that’ll be a different case. @DaygeeDr was the one that showed me a link how Chelsea’s Rugby helmet wearing Keepsinger James Blunt said that we had bottled up our chance while @ChuksBass has been more than helpful times without number.

The not so royal wedding I’m about to attending is ongoing but I and my sister intend to go for the reception around 6 that’s why I had the time to write today’s post. Don’t forget that you can also subscribe to this blog with your email so that you’ll be notified anytime I publish a post. It’s on the widget sidebar on the right hand side.

Thanks for reading today’s post and don’t forget to tell other gooners about…

Gooner Daily…Your daily Arsenal digest.

In my blog there’s a widget for the Gunner of the Month. Wilshere was the Gunner of the Month for March so I intend to put up a new Gunner there. I’ll also put up the poll on the page then ask my followers on Twitter.

The Gooner Daily nominees are: El Capitan, rVp and current holder Wilshere

Man Utd’s preview comes up in tomorrow’s post.

For the girls who seek royal weddings after witnessing yesterday’s own, they could meet a guy whose English name would be William who is also the prince of his village.  The wedding would be royal but she shouldn’t expect everyone to wear hats or wave flags for her. She could also console herself by playing K’naan’s waving flag.

At least she would hear the sound of someone telling people to wave their flags.