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They’ve won the title and Chamakh talks up rVp

There are two main reasons why I didn’t write a post yesterday. The first being Friday the 13th, Jason X came into my room with his famous headgear and trademark hockey stick saying that he’ll smash my laptop if I wrote any post. The other reason was that it was my elder sister’s birthday so I spent a lot of time getting as high as the way Chris Samba jumps.

When Robinson hacked the signing of the season, Chicharito in the box, the Phil Dowd I know would’ve wasted no time in pointing to the spot but he wanted to appease the gods by going to his assistant referee on the far side. When Rosicky and some bloke wearing a Black and White jersey jumped together at St. James Park, Mr. Dowd wasted no time in awarding one of the softest penalty kicks you would ever see. Joey Barton did the damage but it was still 4-3 at that point. We all know how the game climaxed. Rooney was granted the honour of handing Man Utd their historic 19th league title from just 12 yards and he dispatched his spot kick well.

This Premier League season won’t be forgotten in a long while. Upsets and heartbreak were the orders of the day. Scripts were torn and rewritten times without number. This Man Utd side is probably the poorest you’ll see in years but they secured the title because they possessed some certain qualities that the other 19 teams lacked. The character they showed when they went 2 goals down to Aston Villa, Blackpool and West Ham showed what champions were made of. There were also games where they capitulated in grand style. They were leading Everton with a comfortable 2 goal margin at Goodison Park but they self-destructed to concede 2 late goals. I don’t still know if it was more embarrassing than us conceding a 101st minute goal after scoring in the 98th minute. Be the judge of that. Man Utd also had a similar case in Craven Cottage where they were made to rue Nani’s late penalty miss by a goal scored at the other end.

They held an unbeaten run that lasted for all eternity but it was finally ended in the hands of the most unlikely of sources, Wolverhampton Wanderers. They also suffered stinging defeats in the home grounds of all their traditional top four rivals but they still held on to take the only bragging right Liverpool owned.

Congrats to them for setting the pace for others to follow. Next season is going to be very massive for every club that aims to secure the 2011/12 title. Man Utd will certainly be contenders because they have always been contenders for the last decade or so. 4 League titles in 5 years show the massive dominance Fergie’s lot has on the rest of the pack. Age is creeping in on Chelsea so there’s a major possibility that my birthday mate Carlo will buy a player or two. Recent FA Cup winners Manchester City are going to grace the Champions League next season so no eyebrows will be raised if Mancini signs a bloke from outer space for £∞m. Tottenham will probably think that they are good enough to challenge for a Champions League berth at least so they are going to be a handful at White Hart Lane. Ol’ Twitchy Harry has come out to say that keeping his squad intact will be his major priority this summer so we’ll have to wait and see how he’ll tell chaps like Luka, vdV and the Welsh Chimp that their futures still lies in the white half of North London.

Moving over to the Red half of North London, AW has told the media Vultures that keeping his star players is Arsenal’s transfer priority. There are players in the club that will remain ever loyal despite our lack of silverware because of the way the club has catered to them. Rosicky, rVp and Ramsey were paid their wages in full per week when they spent days, days and more days in the treatment room. Players like Sagna, Clichy, Koscielny and the other old Frenchie will probably remain loyal to their compatriot AW. The only players that probably set their sights outside Arsenal are Bendtner, Nasri, El Capitan and Arshavin. The first three players mentioned owe their footballing careers to AW so I’ll be pretty upset if they decide to leave North London for greener pastures. I hope that Hleb will tell them that the grass is not always greener on the other side. The last player was already an established star in Zenit but has struggled a lot this season. He’s a mere shadow of the player that took Euro 2008 by storm and the player that banged in 4 in Anfield two years ago. We have a long summer to look forward to so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Arsenal’s Moroccan Chicken comb-haired gel using striker Maroaune Chamakh ran out of superlatives for our Flying Dutchman, Robin van Persie. Chamakh had a stunning late 2010 but an appalling 2011 so far.  He says,

“People say that I lost my place to rVp but it’s more like he won his place back. He’s an excellent player, a phenomenon. I still have a way to go yet and I’m here to learn. If I can bring that little bit extra to the team, all the better”

You can actually see the humility and wisdom in his words. He knows that in a million centuries, if he and rVp are placed the two far sides of a road and AW is blindfolded and placed in the middle, he’ll still go to rVp’s direction. This is something Nicklas Bendtner has failed to understand yet. He claims that he’s gonna be the World’s best striker in a few years’ time but he has to understand that AW’s foolishness will always be better than his acclaimed wiseness. If B52 took the operation and missed out on the World Cup, it might have been a different outcome.

Chamakh didn’t actually get off to a flyer in his Arsenal debut but he had a hand in Arsenal’s late equalizer against Liverpool. His pressure on Reina did the much needed damage to force the goalie into making a horrendous mistake. He then missed an open goal against Blackpool but put in one his trademark headers that was enough to open his Arsenal goal scoring account. He scored 3 goals in September against Bolton, Braga and the most important against Partizan. He showed great resilience to score the goal after his initial header hit the cross bar. He scored the winner against Birmingham in October and joined in the scoring party when Arsenal mauled Eduardo’s Shakhtar.  In November he scored Arsenal’s earliest and probably one Arsenal’s latest goals against Wolves. He also scored in that horrible North London Derby against our bitter rivals Tottenscum where they came from behind to fuck the club up the arse. One of the most important goals Chamakh scored all season was that toe poke against Aston Villa when it seemed as if they were coming back into the game and that was it for the year 2010.

Chamakh had notched up an impressive 10 goals in his first 21 appearances for the club then rVp came back from injury with fire in his Dutch belly and goal blood in his mouth. While rVp was damaging nets in January and February, Chamakh spent considerable time on the bench recuperating from a grueling first half season he had because with B52 and rVp out injured in the early part of the season, Chamakh played a whole lot of games. In recent times, Chamakh has been playing like a player bereft of confidence and in dire need of goals. When Fabregas sent Chamakh through on goal against Bolton, he chose to nod the ball to Nasri who wasn’t expecting it thereby spurning the chance. The finish he tried to put up against Stoke after doing well to open himself was the L in lethargic.

I feel that Chamakh and Bendtner would have thrived better if AW employed the 4-4-2 formation that he used in the 2007/08 season. In that formation, rVp dropped a lot into the hole to link up play brilliantly between the midfield and attack but playing such a formation right now will be to the detriment of Wilshere, Ramsey or any other central midfielder that hopes to play because Fabregas and Song are regular starters. With the confidence Bendtner picked up from last season and with the wit and guile Chamakh used to start his Arsenal career, the 4-4-2 would have been a better option than the 4-2-3-1 but I’m just @enigma106, an Arsenal blogger not AW the master tactician of the team but as always,

I’ll always keep the faith because

In Arsene I trust.

For those gooners that want AW’s head on a frigging plate, click on this link. There’s a note there for you