Arsenal visit Craven Cottage: Thank God it’s over

Craven Cottage

Can you read this?

So the World as we know it hasn’t ended after all. It’s just funny to know how people were freaking out on Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and every other social network application known to man. I’ll start today’s post with my tweet of the day for my post on the 23rd of April by @omomo14

@omomo14: I will dance naked on my street if Arsenal wins the Premier League. I’m dead serious”

He never had to chance to achieve that feat because Arsenal went on to lose to Bolton before beating Man Utd then securing back to back losses to Stoke Rugby FC and Aston Villa. Arsenal still has an outside chance of ending the season in 3rd place but this can only be achieved if Bolton becomes Man City’s party crashers because the Man City fans have been on party mood since winning the FA Cup on the 15th.

Before the Blackburn game, Arsenal needed 9 wins but they decided to lose matches to teams they had not lost to since the Pope was an altar boy. Before I write about the Fulham preview, I’ll feed you all with the happenings going on in the Arsenal World. I’ll start with the happiest news of them all, we have won a TROPHY!!!!

It was the Arsenal…….Ladies though. They beat Bristol Academy in the Ricoh Arena to seal the Women’s FA Cup final. Shortly after they lifted the trophy, I saw this tweet,

“@DJTarget: Arsenal Ladies just won the FA Cup!! I might just support them from now on, they win everything every year”

AW has said that he’ll do everything in his power to seal deals for Nasri and Clichy because the Frenchies contracts will expire next season. AW says that the Flanimal situation has taught him a lesson. Once bitten twice shy I guess. I really hope that Arsenal will resolve the Nasri and Clichy situation this summer because I’ll be extremely disappointed if these players leave Arsenal for greener pastures at the end of next season. Inter Milan and Bayern are keeping tabs seriously on the French maestro but AW has to cling to Nasri because it seems as if we might give up on our most prized asset Cesc Fabregas. The media Vultures say that we have agreed to let him to go those BarcAliens for £50m. The media Vultures also say that Man City is willing to pay up to £58m for his services.

It’s all down to Arsenal’s captain though. If he wants to leave us to join his hometown club, so be it. Anytime I log into my blog’s Twitter account, I see hundreds of thousands of followers begging El Capitan to stay. I’ve done my own fair share of begging but I won’t look for a rope and hang myself on a sycamore tree if Fabregas wears that Alien Blue and Red striped jersey next season. Arsenal was Arsenal before he joined us 7 years ago and Arsenal will still be Arsenal if he departs to Barcelona. No one ever believed that Arsenal would let Thierry Henry go for a meager amount of £16m when we turned down a £50m move the previous summer. The only difference is that Fabregas is just 24 and his best years are still ahead of him and seeing him spend them in a club like Barcelona will be more or less a betrayal because if he was still in Barcelona I’m not sure that he would have unleashed his potential like the way he has at Arsenal.

It’s also pleasing to know that AW’s pressure on Stuart Pearce and the FA has worked out because it seems as if Jack Wilshere has been excluded from the England Under-21 squad that will play in the European Under-21 Championships that’s taking place in Denmark. Now that Wilshere is out of the squad I wish England all the best in the tourney. I actually wanted them to be eliminated like the Super Eagles in the 2010 World Cup but now that Wilshere will be with us this summer Pearce can do with he wants to with the squad.

To team news today, I’ll expect the back four that played against Aston Villa to start today with the exclusion of the Squisha and Gibbs. We already know that Fabregas is out of today’s game so I expect the same midfield triumvirate that played against Villa to start as well. rVp, Walcott and Arshavin should make up the final 11.





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The tweet of the day goes to @AccioMaria,

“@AccioMaria: The prospect of a Saturday without football is awful. The prospect of three whole months with no football is even worse. Roll on, August”

This summer our players can rest and reflect on another disappointing campaign. Those that want to stay and extend their contracts should do so while those that want to leave should be my guest.

In Arsene We Trust.


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  1. In celebration of their automatic Champions League place Man City are brewing a lager. They have apparently asked Arsenal to bottle it for them. They know by experience that we are first class bottlers.

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