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Barca bid rejected, Off the Ball and Arsenal signs Little Ricky?

Francesc Fabregas Soler is one of the best central midfielders in existence. Since his move away from Planet Catalunya in 2004, he has been one of the most creative forces in English, European and World football.

Fabregas is the exact definition of the word complete in terms of football. His most respected footballing attribute is his eagle-eyed passing range that ranges from sumptuous ground passes to defense-splitting aerial long passes. He has unlocked defenses with over 80 assists to his teammates in his seven-year stint with Arsenal. He also has an eye for goal and this was evidenced in the 2009/10 season when Fabregas ended the campaign with 19 goals to his name.

Fabregas’ technique with the ball at his feet is of the highest quality and he’s also a very good crosser of the ball. He’s a very selfless player that has the composure of Hugh Hefner.

He’s also in the mold of players that defend well from the opposition’s half with vital interceptions. There have been many games where Fabregas has nicked the ball away from an opposition player dallying on it to create a chance for a teammate. El Capitan is also a determined winner that never gives up till the final whistle.

One of his most important attribute is the influence he has on the pitch. When Fabregas plays for Arsenal, everything resolves around him because he’s the heartbeat of the team. There have been countless games Fabregas has single-handedly given three points or one point as the case may be to Arsenal Football Club.

With all these qualities bestowed on Fabregas, he has only two notable flaws. He’s a slow poke and he’s not a force to be reckoned with in the air.

In my favorite game and probably the best football game of all time (Football Manager), Fabregas has a starting value of £35m. This means that if you want to purchase El Capitan on FM, you’ll have to sell your left arm and your right leg. The only club in Football Manager that can buy Fabregas comfortably in FM is Man City. They tried it in reality but Arsenal told them to shove their £58m up their arse because there’s no way in Hell that the Gunners will sell their most prized asset to a team that’ll play them in the Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Spoon and probably the latter stages of the Champions League.

Barcelona is the home of Fabregas but the club has dragged Arsenal and its captain to the mud in their pursuit of the player. They started by putting their alien Red and Blue striped clothing shortly after winning the World Cup. This was followed by crappy mumbling from their players with Xavi being the talker-in-chief.

Fabregas is a player that’s contracted with Arsenal till 2017 so there’s only one legitimate way to acquire his services: a formal bid. Instead of bringing an offer that Arsenal cannot refuse that Spanish giants brought a meager fee of £27m for one of the best midfielders in the World. We live in a World where £27m cannot even get you Andy Carroll so this has to be the last straw in the Arsenal-Barcelona Fabregate saga.

Arsenal has told them to shove their money somewhere with their arse being the best alternative but there was a suggestion Bukinho made today. He says,

“If I was Ivan Gazidis, I’ll arrange a private meeting with Sandro Rosell or any other Barcelona representative that wants Fabregas. When Rosell brings the money, I’ll tell him to bring it closer to me. When he stoops to show me the money, I’ll give him a sound knock on his head and tell him that he’s crazy for bringing peanuts for a player like Fabregas”

Frankly speaking, that wouldn’t have been a bad idea. 🙂

When I heard that Arsenal was linked with an Argentine winger that plies his trade in Velez Sarsfield, I was like “Little Ricky who?”. My pal, a talented writer and a fellow Arsenal blogger, Vijay Murali wrote about the pros and cons of signing Little Ricky in his great blog, the Invincible Gunners.

According to Mr. Murali, Little Ricky is a very versatile winger that’s technically gifted with an excellent crossing range. He’s also a two-footed player that has a knack for firing surface-to-goal long range missiles at goal. Little Ricky is also a flamboyant player that is very adaptable.

He also wrote about the flaws of the bloke but the most noteworthy deficiency in Ricky Alvarez is the fact that he’s very injury prone. He might be the type of player that shares the same injury DNA with Micheal Owen and Owen Hargreaves. Who knows if his full name is Ricardo Owen Alvarez because the name Owen goes hand-in-hand with injuries.

The media Vultures reported that Roma had out foxed Arsenal to nick the youngster for £12m but Palermo’s president, Maurizio Zamparini has said that Little Ricky has signed for Arsenal

This was the pick,

We were interested in Alvarez, we were very close to him in January. We lost him due to our mistake and I know that he has already signed for Arsenal

Arsenal.com hasn’t confirmed the signing of Little Ricky so I won’t stress much the issue. Ricky Alvarez introduction to our squad will only cause more selection headache for Wenger in the attacking section but I’ll keep you posted as events unfold.

Bukinho was also generous to show me a blog by Dominic Raynor called Off the Ball. It’s a blog that feeds its readers with events going on in the football World off the field of play.

The latest article called Barca feel the pinch, Octopus Idol is a must-read for every gooner that needs to know how messed up and broke Barcelona is.

While I was feasting myself with his brilliant articles, I came across one that had to do with Chelsea’s Ukrainian flop’s present club, Dynamo Kiev. Nigeria’s Ayila Yussuf said that Dynamo Kiev play every game to win because losses are deducted from their salaries. Now that’s hilarious.

In ‘Off the Ball’ you’ll see the most hilarious stories like how David Moyes uses Football Manager to scout for players. I thought that Harry Redknapp was bad enough for doing his scouting on radio but Yeovil Town’s boss Terry Skiverton uses Twitter to scout his own players.

You’ll find many more articles like that on Off the Ball but I’ll end this post with his piece on Fabregas’ suitors, Barcelona.

Barcelona’s president Sandro Rosell is so concerned about the reported €450m worth of debts the Primera Division champions have run up that he has banned colour photocopies at the Camp Nou in order to save money on toner.

With coffers so bare it’s no wonder that Rosell said repeatedly this week that he won’t spend any more than €40m on perpertual transfer target, Cesc Fabregas (that’s a lot of photocopies) and it also explains why Alexis Sanchez €30m move from Udinese is taking so long

Rosell blames Laporta and when he was asked how he could get the club back to black, he said

“By being austere, hard and losing friends, we are suffering it. We removed the catering events, our bodyguards and we have even stopped making photocopies in color at the club. Now we do black and white and save on toner.

We have negotiated a syndicate credit with the bank, sorted out the situation and what the economic area has achieved means that we have €45m to spend on transfers this summer plus sales”

In Hollywood, they call it McHammer broke


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