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Roma’s cliche and the never ending Cescy story

I’ll start today’s post with the advertising note from that crazy gooner that put Denilson up for grabs on eBay.

He tagged the player, “Denilson: The Crab footballing machine” and he put him on the sporting section.

He has 160+ games on the clock, but don’t worry, at no time was this player ever over exerted

In fact, he’s so easy going, even pudgy middle aged referees breeze past him in important matches

He’s technically sound, literally never seems to get injured, passes sideways with precision and vigor and would be perfect for a team that requires a slow defensive midfielder that’s less mobile than a bleached oil tanker

Sevilla was the only side that was brave to offer the escort-in-chief an escape route but it seems as if the deal vanished into thin air. Arsenal tried to use him as bait for Shakhtar’s Will.i.an and Douglas Costa but the Ukrainian outfit told Arsenal to bring only cash if they’re serious.

The new season starts in two months’ time and I still believe that the Premier League’s 25-man squad listing will still stand so the sooner Arsenal gets rid of the bloke to replace him with a better defensive midfielder, the better for everyone. The club has been linked with Arturo Vidal recently so signing him as Denilson’s replacement will be a good call for Wenger because he’ll put Alex Song on his toes.

Gael Clichy has been linked away from Arsenal this summer and he has refused to sign a new deal with the club. Wenger has been trying his best to coax him into signing a contract at the table but Clichy has decided that he wants to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Liverpool made a meager bid of £5m that was duly rejected by the club.

Wenger has told the media Vultures that he’s resigned to losing Clichy but he’ll only favor a move outside England for the pacey fullback. A host of clubs have been linked with Clichy but AS Roma has been the most likiest candidates to seal his signature. There was a point in time when the media Vultures reported that Roma where ready to offer Jeremy Menez in a part-exchange deal for Clichy but his agent has laughed it off.

The media Vultures have reported again that Roma wants to make another attempt for Gael Clichy so I hope that they’ll give Arsenal an offer that they cannot refuse. Clichy on the other hand is keen on a move to Anfield so the saga involving Clichy, Arsenal, Roma and Liverpool will go on for a very long time thereby turning Clichy’s transfer situation into a cliche.

If he fails to sign the deal and Arsenal decides not to sell him, we’ll have to choice but to let him take the same path with Flamini. Leighton Baines and Jose Enrique are strongly linked as his replacements so we’ll have to wait and see how the events will unfold.

If I have the nerve to write that the tales involving Clichy’s transfer speculation would become a cliche, what word would best describe the Fabregas-Barcelona saga? Fabregas has been linked with Barcelona probably from the day he was born in the city. Barcelona had a £27m bid that was rejected so the media Vultures have reported that they are set to make a new £35m bid for Arsenal’s captain.

Arsenal’s valuation of Fabregas stands at £45m so the bid is short by £10m. Fabregas on the other hand told the media Vultures that there’ll be no problems if Arsenal sells him to Barcelona. He has said that his future would be decided by the two parties involved and he won’t do anything to balance the scales to any side. He says,

“I’m calm and optimistic. I got nothing to say and there’s nothing I can speak of. If something happens… it’s because it has to happen”

At least, he used “IF” not “WHEN”. Judging from my lexicon, IF has a conditional attachment to it. It’s either he goes to Barcelona or he does not go to Barcelona. There’s also an article from the Telegraph telling the World why Manchester United should go for Fabregas.

It’s worth a read though.

In other news, Arsenal set to lose the battle to sign the BioHazard of Eden from LOSC Lille Metropole as the player is linked with a move to the latest money bags in town, Paris St. Germain in a deal that involves loads of cash and a player too.

Jack Wilshere also got himself involved in a brawling incident that saw a girl injure her elbow. Jack Wilshere didn’t get involved in that act itself but it seems as if he instigated it. He has had off the pitch drinking issues before but his performances on the pitch were top-notch last season.

Congratulations to Sir Reverend Father His Royal Intelligence Dennis Bergkamp in his new role as Ajax’s assistant manager.

The tweet of the day goes to Arsenal’s transfer target, Ricky Alvarez

@11rickyalvarez: Just to let you know, EPL is the most watched league and Arsenal play sexy football 😉 that’s all! Easy decision..

July 1 is just two days away.

We await our trio that was promised.


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