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Arsenal to kickstart its season with some roasted duck…..Swans

Last week Sunday, Arsene Wenger selected 11 eleven players who represented Arsenal Football Club but found themselves on the wrong end of a massive onslaught in the hands of the hosts.

The words to describe what Manchester United did to Arsenal are endless but I’ve decided to follow the trend of creative blokes that used the score line to quote a thing or two.

Arsenal was simply humili8ted but like every bad dream at night, a new sense of joy, calm and serenity comes in the morning.

The media Vultures pointed their fingers so hard at Wenger, that it probably pierced through his soul. This has prompted Wenger to say that he has suffered so much this summer and it will hurt less when he goes to hell:

“Yes, they could be a little bit worried about our ambition because they see big players moving out and not big players coming in.

“If you look around you when you are a big player you want big players, the confidence you gain is as well by who is around you, you know, it’s important for a football player.”

“There was no resentment [to the departures]. There was maybe more, from the players who were here, uncertainty about our potential and about our determination to strengthen the squad. But we have not mastered the timing.”

“I could write a book about the summer. I think it would be quite an interesting one. Not because of me but because of all that happened, it was quite unbelievable. In my job you expect to suffer. So, that’s why when I go to hell one day it will be less painful for me than for you, because I’m used to suffering.”

“When you sit at Man United and you experienced what we did and we only have players without experience to come on I felt that somewhere in a situation like that you don’t even help the young players.”

“But overall, until now, we have shown quite good character and it’s a good opportunity to show that again tomorrow. It is now down to me and the players to show I have made the right decisions.”

Frustration and despair has become so similar with Arsenal in recent times that the fans are now accustomed to it.

Last season, Lady Arse described Arsenal as a three-legged puppy that had to be shown love no matter the circumstance.

A dark cloud big enough to house 100 dementors of Azkaban covered the club at the weekend but that’s more or less a tale for the kids or for those that give two fledgling f*cks.

Wenger has labeled Arsenal’s new signings as a boost and he also spoke of his long term admiration for Arteta.

Arteta and Mertesacker have been touted as the biggest signings made by Wenger and they have also been tipped to cement their place in the team. Mertesacker says that wealth of experience has helped him to settle quickly and it’s pleasing to know that Wenger opted for a World Cup bronze medalist like Mertesacker instead of some youngling that would have won the league in 2020.

Wenger has also praised his newly-found strength in midfield and has told the media Vultures that there are enough leaders to handle the pressure of expectancy.

Moving over to today’s match preview against Swansea, Wenger has talked up his counterpart Brendan Rodgers:

“I have a lot of respect for managers [like him] because I know how difficult a job it is and the fact he plays in a positive way and makes it pay off.”
“We all try to play in a positive way and if it doesn’t come off we are quickly criticised.”

Even though Swansea received the roughest of Premier League receptions in the hands of Manchester City, Rodgers has a pretty decent side that’s good with the ball on their feet. They also have the speed demon and former Chelsea reject Scott Sinclair in their ranks.

For team news, three signings from the five bought will be available for selection. Park Chu-Young has visa problems while Andre Santos is still rusty.

Diaby, Wilshere and Vermaelen are the dominant names in the injury list while Song and Gervinho will sit out the last match after being suspended on the opening far.

Despite conceding eight, Wojciech Szczesny will still be the custodian between the sticks. Sagna and Gibbs will be on the flanks while Mertesacker may be handed a debut to play alongside Koscielny.

Frimpong is back for his one-match ban so I expect him to be deployed in the holding role with Aaron Ramsey while Mikel Arteta would start his Arsenal season in the No. 10 position.

Robin van Persie will lead the line but he’ll be assisted by Walcott and Arshavin in both flanks.


Sagna – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs

Ramsey – Arteta – Frimpong

Walcott – RVP – AA23

The quote of the day goes to ShahXaib Akbar,

A Tottenham Hotspur fan, an Arsenal fan and a Manchester United fan were climbing a mountain and arguing about who love’s their team the most.

The Tottenham Hotspur fan insist’s that he is the most loyal and he shouts:

“This is for Tottenham Hotspur”

and jumps off the mountain.

Not to be out done, the Arsenal fan next show’s his love for his team. He shouts:

“This is for Arsenal”

and pushes the Manchester United fan off the mountain.

Arsenal has to start their season with a win today.

It’s long overdue.


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