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WaZoBia Gooners: On your marks…

Have you ever thought of what it feels to be Usain Bolt in an Olympic 100m final? The gentle breeze sweeping through your body as you anticipate the race, the expectant crowd that has seen you do it time and time again, disheartened runners who feel that you’re going to win again and a certain Asafa Powell who is going to be contented with second place.

From the sound of the gunshot, you’ll start with your blistering pace which will be shortly followed by burst of quick acceleration. While striding towards the finish line like a cheetah fixed for the kill, others trail behind and you’ll be heralded again as the fastest being in the planet with a new world record of 9.58 seconds.

Unlike Usain Bolt, WaZoBia Gooners can be likened to etisalat’s 3.75G internet service called eazyblaze. Here seat belts have been fastened, crash helmets worn, car engines roared and the pedals have been juiced with a lot of smoke coming out from the exhaust like all those Tokyo Drift cars. We all await the green light to deliver up to the minute Arsenal news from a great country filled up with great people.

WaZoBia Gooners will have enough categories so find your niche and feel free to write about Arsenal using your own unique style. The following categories will be available from the inauguration of the blog but others will follow after considered thought from me and my fellow administrator, @HexyDre .

The starting category list includes:

Arsenal News: Up to the minute news about Arsenal Football Club.

Match Report: Detailed match reports of matches involving Arsenal. Match ratings are also welcome.

Match Preview: Pre-match prediction posts about Arsenal.

Injury News: News involving Gunners that have been crocked.

Transfer Gossip: Rumors, speculations and actual transfers involving Arsenal and the rest of the football world.

The Gunners: A special category dedicated to posts about specific Arsenal players.

Back in the Days: Another special category when we go back in time to write about any Arsenal event that’s noteworthy.

At this point, I and @HexyDre are still open to suggestions on more categories to add so feel free to mention us on Twitter, write on our walls on Facebook or just send a plain ol’ email. The details for all my social networking contact information can be found in the blog’s contact page.

WaZoBia Gooners categories will also come hand in hand with tags and we’ll only use selected tags when publishing posts. The tags “Arsenal” and “Football” will be used in every post but other tags will be used on the content of the post published.

When writing about any Arsenal match, the competition will have a tag attached to it so tags like “Premier League”, “Champions League”, “FA Cup” and “Carling Spoon” will be used. It’s also important to add the tags of the club Arsenal is involved with, whether it’s a match or a transfer rumor linking Arsenal with the club. Finally, specific Arsenal players will have their tags too but it’s dependent on the post been published.

Check out this blog title, “Ch3l5ea 3 Ar53nal 5: Captain Van-Tastic burns the bridge”.

The category will be Match Report while the tags will be Arsenal, Chelsea, Premier League and Van Persie. I’m sure that you get the drift.

The following gooners have taken the bold step to unravel their writing skills to the world under the harsh tag #TeamWaZoBiaGooners. At the forefront of the battlefield, established and experienced Blog writers like @HexyDre, @q_e_d_14, @Femisoro, @omomo14, @thegreengooner, @sniqs, @ArsenalEffect, @Obitwyce and @dkingpin (P.D.P.) will be promoted to the rank of blog Authors.

This means that these blokes can publish their post without supervision from me and @HexyDre because of their experience in the field of blogging.

Aspiring sports writers like @mayorbaze, @Playetta, @Ifreke, @imarnuel, @davicky1, @daviruz, @DaygeeDr, @mustybells, @jidegunner, Emmanuel Daniels (Facebook) and Onyeacholem Victor (Facebook) will start as blog contributors and will be promoted in due time.

Being a contributor would mean that your posts will go through a final revision process before they are published on the blog. Bear in mind that you’ll get adequate feedback from me and @HexyDre after every post published.

I’m pretty sure that @HexyDre also has his own list of Blog authors and contributors and they’ll probably be published in his splendid website Hexy State of Mind. Always remember that you’ll be duly acknowledged on Twitter and Facebook when you publish a post.

If Victor Eziyi publishes a post tagged “10 reasons why Arsenal can still win the Premier League”, it will appear on Twitter like:

“ @WaZoBiaGooners: New Post: 10 reasons why Arsenal can still win the Premier League by @davicky1, please read and RT”

On the blog’s Facebook page:

 New Post: 10 reasons why Arsenal can still win the Premier League by Victor Eziyi.

The blog and the Facebook Page is still in progress and you’ll be notified in due time when we hit the ground running.

Dear Authors and Contributors, please send your email addresses to me through any means best to you (Twitter, Facebook or my email, tnokike@yahoo.com) so that I’ll be able to invite you to the blog as a user when the blog is ready to be launched.

Please, if you still want to be part of this great initiative, contact me or @HexyDre.

WaZoBia Gooners,

On your marks,

Get set,