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The Latest Song On Everyone’s Lips: “Theo, Theo, Theo!”

Webb you Blad Cunt, that's a friggin penalty

I’ll start today’s post with the official Arsenal manager’s email sent to my mailbox.

Dear Arsenal supporter,

On Monday we became the first team to win four consecutive Premier League games from losing positions and that is the best response to those who have questioned our spirit and quality this season. 

Against Newcastle we gave a relentless effort from the first to the last minute. The tempo was absolutely top level, we kept going until the last second and just managed to win the game. 

The fact we have come from behind recently certainly helped us because even when we were 1-0 down we just kept going. We feel now that we have that complete and total commitment to do as well as we can and give absolutely everything. That gets the crowd behind the team and it made for an entertaining game against a very good Newcastle side. 

We have played recently in the league against Tottenham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sunderland who are all very difficult to beat and we won all of those games. We know every time it was very tight and we won in the last minute in three of them. So there has been complete commitment in every single game. 

Where we finish in the Premier League is down to how we keep going and if we put that same amount of effort into every single game. We are one point behind Tottenham but I don’t focus on them – I feel what is at stake for us is our commitment and that’s all we want to show. 

If you look at our run from the win at Chelsea in October until January you will see that it was quite positive. But we had four full backs out in January and you can cope with that for one game but not for five or six games. I believe we were punished for that but the quality was always there. 

Finally, I would like to praise Theo Walcott because I think his performance against Newcastle was his best for the Club so far. He has been in the spotlight so long that people forget that he is only 22 years old but he is getting to an age where he will perform consistently – it is as simple as that. 

He develops well because he is intelligent. On Monday night, tactically and technically, he had a complete game. 

I’ll like to also share my own views of Theo Walcott after Monday’s game:

Walcott (9.0) sent in a series of delicious crosses into the opposition’s box and made fools out of a number of Newcastle’s defenders with key tactical dribbles.

Theo Walcott has been on the end of “much-deserved” criticism following his performances on the pitch. For what its worth, he has been consistently inconsistent.

We all know how the world of Walcott has been…from boarding the plane to Germany in 2006, to taking over Thierry Henry’s jersey in 2007, from his fight with Andrey Arshavin for a starting berth to missing out on the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Walcott certainly put that huge disappointment behind him to showcase his best campaign in Arsenal colors last season, scoring 13 goals and delivering a boatload of assists with a considerable chunk for Robin van Persie.

Walcott played a key role in Arsenal’s Champions League qualification with two goals against Udinese Calcio but for some strange reason he failed to score a Premier League goal at the Emirates in 2011.

He has had some notable finishes this season with his standout goal being that puzzling finish against Chelsea in Stamford Bridge last October. Everyone on planet Earth knows that van Persie is leading Arsenal’s scoring charts with 33 goals but his closest “challenger” is Walcott with…8 goals.

Walcott has been on the news lately and everyone is singing his sweet tunes. Arsene Wenger labeled his Newcastle performance as his “best ever”. The player has even admitted himself that he has never played this consistently before:

I’m enjoying my football at the moment, I’m still only 22-23 on Friday – so there’s still a lot to come from me I’m sure. But I feel great, I’ve never played so much in my life on a consistent level for 90 minutes”

Walcott’s contract will expire in 2013 but news regarding van Persie’s future has overshadowed his. However, Walcott seems quite happy to stay at Arsenal and he has declared that he doesn’t want to get involved in contract talks – that’s what he paid his agent for.

He stated that confidence is very high at the Emirates camp and he has ran out of superlatives for his friend Robin van Persie. Walcott talked about all those times RVP was on the treatment table and he said that the Dutch forward is “making up for lost time”.

Walcott, like every other individual connected with Arsenal, hopes that captain van-tastic would stay and he said that he’ll continue to rake in the assists because Robin van Persie makes scoring goals look easy.

The quote of the day goes to @_GunnerGirl_:

“You want to be saved? Call Szczesny. You want to be protected? Call Vermaelen’. You want to believe? Call RVP. Want to be proud? Support AFC.”

This season, we’ve heard songs like;

“There’s only one Song” and “He scores when he wants”

The latest song from everyone’s lips:

“Theo, Theo, Theo!”


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