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Van Persie’s U-Turn, Wilshere Reprimanded and some Transfer Tidbits

I hope you enjoyed the inaugural version of a Gooner’s Perspective. There’ll be more posts like this in the course of the season so brace yourselves for that.

I don’t think we’ll drink palm wine in the mornings again though. Bobby took us off guard with that stunt but it was worth it in the end. C’mon, who can say no to a few doses of alcohol when friends are gathered?

There has been no form of football since the European Championships and lovers of the beautiful can’t wait to see some preseason action.

Hopefully, the Gunners won’t play a team like Szombatheyi Haladas and run out as 11-0 winners with Nicklas Bendtner scoring four goals.

With activities on the pitch on an all-time low, activities off it are dominating the back pages. Transfer rumors and contract talks have been the order of the day.

Fiorentina has slammed a €30m price tag on their starlet, Stevan Jovetic, that has been on Arsenal’s radar. The proper way would have been to give Arsenal the middle finger as well as telling them to sod off, because there’s no way in Hell Arsene Wenger would cough out €30m for Jovetic.

That lad is an exciting prospect that would offer a lot to Arsenal’s attack but we’ll see how things pan out in the coming weeks. Fiorentina has also denied making any bid for the out-of-favor Marouane Chamakh and we are back to square one yet again.

Chamakh was utter shite last season and he couldn’t offer Arsenal much in attack. Van Persie’s return to full fitness played a role in Chamakh’s dip in form but he wasn’t even impressive when he got his chances.

To add to the sad news, Bastia has pulled the plug on signing Sebastien Squillaci. The newly-promoted Ligue 1 outfit stated that the Squidward’s wages played a role in making the deal fall through.

Arsenal is a club that complains about a heavy wage bill yet fat contracts are handed to “deadwood” players that are content with places on the bench.

Speaking of deadwood, Johan Djourou has played down exit talks stating that he had a “bad spell” but he’s not going anywhere.

It’s really puzzling to know that Djourou was Arsenal’s best defender by a far mile in the 2010/111 season but he failed to build on that last season. People can say that he was played out of position last season…so did Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny and Francis Coquelin.

Even in his favored center back position, he was bereft in confidence and the “C” in clumsy. His red card against Fulham and the penalty foul he committed in San Siro made him to get into the bad books of many Gooners last season.

However, he’s not a bad option for a fourth choice defender. I’m pretty sure that he’ll get a few games in the Cup competitions this season and I hope that he’ll grab the bull by its horns and balls like Wojciech Szczesny.

Besides, we know Arsenal’s mysterious injury issues can offer Djourou a chance to stake his claim as well.

Sticking with more tidbits, Galatasaray has also played down the speculation linking them to Andrey Arshavin. The Russian was shambolic last season but he got a new lease of life when he was loaned back to Zenit.

Arshavin had a stormer in the European Championships but his nation was knocked out courtesy of the unfair head-to-head rule. Russia vs. Germany would surely have been a better spectacle than the Greece vs. Germany game I witnessed.

Many Gooners want Arshavin to be shown the exit door, but I won’t mind if he stays because he’s undoubtedly a quality player that can offer a thing or two to the team.

I’m not ignorant about his lethargy and lack of desire on the pitch but I’ll like to see Arshavin get a run-out in the hole behind the striker next season. That has always been his favored position and he clearly struggled from the left flank last season.

It’s high time to write a thing or two about Mr. Ambition, Robin van Persie.

There was some side talk of Manchester City offering Edin Dzeko and some quid for his services but Olivier Giroud seems to be in the Dzeko mold; tall, strong, good in the air and a lethal finishing ability

After causing an Arab Spring-esque uprising on the Arsenal world with his statements last week, it seems as if Robin van Persie has taken a dramatic u-turn in the wake of the reaction from the Arsenal faithful

Sources suggest the situation could yet be resolved with echoes of Wayne Rooney’s transfer request that preceded his signing of a bumper deal with Manchester United in 2010.

Van Persie has already stated he loves Arsenal and that he will have further talks with Ivan Gazidis when the club’s chief executive returns from holiday.

I certainly have a hunch that van Persie reversed his decision when he did his homework and found out that his potential suitors may not need his services afterall.

PSG has dismissed interest in him while Juventus insulted the club with that paltry £8m bid. Looking at the personnel on ground, Barcelona and Man City don’t necessarily need to add him in their ranks.

Arsenal fans have already been resigned to losing the captain and it will take some stuffing for van Persie to win back the hearts he has shattered into pieces.

If he can replicate his goal scoring form this season as well as to be a mentor for Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski, I don’t think we’ll complain that much.

He said that he wanted to bring the club back to its glory days, I guess that he has to prove it.

Finally, there’s a bit of info on Jack Wilshere and it has nothing to do with his fitness issues.

Wilshere has received a warning from Uefa disciplinary chiefs after comments he made on Twitter suggesting he had bet on an Arsenal teammate to score last season.

Apparently, UEFA’s regulations forbid players from gambling on football matches in which their teams are involved and the England midfielder has now received an official warning.

However, Wilshere insisted that he didn’t bet on the game, and he was just fooling around. We’ve learned from the Euros that you can’t just “fool around” with UEFA. Nicklas Bendtner was slammed with a €100,000 fine for “fooling around” with his undies.

That’s today’s bit folks.

Please, don’t fool around today. 😀


A Gooner’s Perspective – Episode 1

The Final Kick that won us our last trophy

There are three certain things in life; Death, taxes and England losing in a penalty shoot-out.

Football is a universal language spoken by millions around the globe with certain factions of the lovers of the beautiful game affiliating themselves to a specific team for reasons best known to them. I’ve been an Arsenal fan since the days Merlin was the Chief Wizard of Camelot and this passion is shared by many other individuals here, there and everywhere.

As I would reiterate, opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one. Every Arsenal fan is always entitled to his/her opinion and these views are more than likely to be supported by one and opposed by another.

A Gooner’s perspective will be a series of posts dedicated to airing the views of selected Gooners on certain issues with the club.

Launching these series are four great Gooners that love Arsenal through thick and thin, but if they’re faced at crossroads between watching an Arsenal game and making out with girls, they’ll choose…

It gives me great pleasure to introduce;

@dKingpin: Bobby is a Libra, Gooner and Lover. He’s also a creatively insane fella with a great affinity for Football Manager and girls with *coughs profusely* 😀

@K_Sturna: If Bobby was Castor Troy, Anayo will certainly be Sean Archer but the chances of them having a face off is as slim as Howard Webb growing some hair. However, I wonder what his Twitter bio would’ve been like if he hadn’t watched the Avengers. Apparently, he’s now a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. Amen to that!

@daviruz: This Trojan Horse…*sneezes*…Virus, Eric,  sure loves his Arsenal and women. He also has his own blog, Movie Reviews, where you can get reviews of your favorite movies from a personal point of view.

@wheelsindk: Wilson is a Gooner by nature, easy going lad and an absolute charmer. I can vouch for the last attribute, which has certainly been a reason why I failed to introduce girls to him in our FUTO days. 😀

Let’s begin, shall we?

Enigma: *steps in*, *sips alomo*

Bobby: Battyman, what’s good?

Enigma: Your fagbon, Battyman!

Anayo: Hey guys

Eric: Wassup utunu

Wilson: *yawns*

Bobby: Oga Willy Willy, why do you want to render bacteria homeless this morning? 😛

Wilson: Bobby, why evils? 🙁

Enigma: Guys, you know why you’re here right?

Anayo: Yes Boss

Bobby: Sure

Wilson: Yezzir

Eric: Life!

Enigma: Aii, let’s get down to business, I’ll ask you guys a series of questions about our dear Arsenal and I’ll like to get your perspective

Eric: Ogbeni, no dey speak plenty English. Start na?

Enigma: *Yimu*

Enigma: Good morning, this is Frank Edoho of Who Wants to be a Millionaire…

Anayo: *brings chain* Enigma, you dun high abi?

Enigma: Just kidding jor. Guys, what was your review of last season?

Eric: Last season had its ups and downs, poor beginning, excellent midway, disappointing towards the end. *sigh*

Wilson: Last season was epic, it made me truly realize how great a coach Arsene Wenger is. We lost key players in the summer but we still finished above Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Enigma: Errrrr, Wilson, the last time I checked, Tottenham has always been in our shadow. Was a bit scared though. *cleans sweat from face*

Bobby: Last season was bleeeeeeeh! Started poorly but peaked. We should never start that way. Ever. We met our goals sha (1st place is looking unachievable nowadays).

Anayo:  Last season was quite a good one in my opinion considering the position we found ourselves after the first seven games. So to have finished in third position last season was very good but I felt we could have avoided all that trouble if we had sorted out Fabregas and Nasri’s exit earlier and replaced them with quality players immediately.

Bobby: Ahn ahn, Anayo, everyone has been summarizing theirs. Why must your own be different?

Eric: Looooooooooool

Enigma: Anayo, finally beht why? This no be WAEC essay oh!

Anayo: *shrugs*

Enigma: What were your defining moments last season and how did you feel after the 8-2 loss to Manchester United?

Bobby:  Sp2r5 proved we can’t be below those twats and showed us we can do things. If we had lost that, it would have been the end, Ch3l5a showed our mental strength and how we strong we are. The loss at Old Trafford made us see our deficiencies, I knew we would lose the game but not that much. Jenkinson’s red card changed the game.

Bobby: Guys, brb…I ordered some palm wine.

Enigma: Palmwine this morning? *brings cup on standby*

Eric: Arsenal 5 Tottenham 2. I can never forget that day. Mikel Arteta’s piledriver against Manchester City, I slid with both knees in a pub (we know why…drunk bloke). @Dondeonbeke was there with me. After that loss to Man Utd, I felt like decamping.

Anayo: *hiss* Bobby said everything I had in mind. On the Man Utd game, I felt embarassed but it served as an eye opener for Wenger which made him to delve into the market. I was even grateful to Man United later for the bashing. LOL!

Wilson: Of course, the 5-2 win over Spurs. We overturned a potential 13 point gap to a 10 point lead. Anayo stole the words out of my mouth in regard to the way I felt about the Man Utd spanking.

Enigma: Cool stories guys *yawns*

Enigma: By the way, where’s Bobby?

*Bobby steps back in*

Bobby going local

Enigma: Choi! Nice one boss! *pours palm wine inside cup*

Enigma: Ehen, what’s your take on our mysterious injuries, poor form in January and that tactical error by Wenger when he removed the Ox for Andrey Arshavin?

Eric: Seriously its either the training is too rigorous, the physio team is not doing their job properly or bad luck. Our form in January was terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible…

Wilson: Eric, we’ve heard you! Our form was terrible shikenah. Saying the word more times will not change the price of beans in the market. I felt that if we had won some games in January, we might have ended up in 2nd place.

Bobby: Second place? I can see that you’re getting high on this palm wine.

Anayo: I can’t understand why we are so injury prone. I don’t believe that it has anything to do with our physios though.

Enigma: Guys, what about the Arshavin for Ox substitution?

Anayo: I was shocked! I was still looking for an excuse for Wenger in my mind to try and justify the reason for taking off the Ox, but up till now i still dont know why he did that. *drinks palm wine*

Eric: Terrible decision made by Le Boss. That was one sub he should never had made… Was furious with him that day.

Wilson: That was a totally wrong call by wenger and gamble that turned around to haunt us

Bobby: It was necessary. Ox needed to be eased into the game. Arshavin probably didn’t take his chance. Lazy mo’fo.

Enigma: Bobby, you’re a fucking AKB (Arsene Knows Best) sha. Everybody felt that Wenger messed up with that substitution.

Bobby: Your father, no more palm wine for you!

Enigma: 🙁

Enigma: How did our Gunners fare in Euro 2012?

Eric: Szczesny messed up by picking up a red card, RvP put up an average outing, the world’s greatest striker ever did well (maybe too well with the Paddypower incident), Walcott tried, Kos the Boss showed why is called the Boss.

Anayo: Below average at best. It was quite a woeful outing for them. Apart from NB52 and AA23, no other person really impressed me.

Bobby: The Gunners we want out of the club played well. Not so can be said of those we want to keep. Worldbest is Messi for Denmark. RVP was too eager. That’s why he fucked up. Ox and Theo did well. Szczesny was unlucky. Kos did well in his only game.

Wilson: A collectively average performance with the exception of Bendtner, Arshavin and Rosicky. Walcott did well to get a goal and an assist.

Enigma: This is the spicy part. What do you think about our new signings, who do you want to come in and who should leave the club?

Anayo: I am optimistic, they are good additions to the squad. I expect them to set the ball rolling immediately. They both have qualities that would help them thrive in the Premier League. I also expect more signings though. I want Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela, Squillaci, Diaby, Ramsey (loan), Arshavin, Denilson OUT and M’Vila, Goetze, Muniain and Dzeko/Cavani if RVP leaves.

Bobby: Anayo, Enigma didn’t ask you to tell us what you dreamt about last night.

Enigma: Hehehehee

Eric: Podolski is a top notch signing…. 100 caps under his belt plus a dreaded left leg, 9/10. Giroud, well I don’t watch the French Ligue 1 but with the report scouts, journalist and yours truly @enigma106 has been feeding me, seems like another wonderful piece of business 7.5/10.

Eric: RVP (with his recent behaviour but if he changes his mind he can stay) – Out; Cavani or Doumbia – IN, Denilson – Out; Ganso – IN, Squillaci – OUT! OUT!! OUT!!!, Vela – partly want him to go, Bendtner – can stay and kiss the bench or go if he wants, Park – Sorry but you gotta go, M’Vila – Please get him boss

Enigma: “with the report scouts, journalist and yours truly @enigma106 has been feeding me” *forms Voltron*

Wilson: They are decent signings that wud add bouts of experience to our squad especially in the attacking unit of our team. In- M’Villa, a right back, and AM (Jovetic) or a CF (Villa/Lewandowski). Out- Squillaci, NB52, Almunia, Denilson, Diaby, Chamakh, Djourou, Arshavin.

Bobby: New signings = perfect. Giroud gives us a different option. Poldi is AA’s replacement.  Come in = Any bloody DM that can sit. As in really sit and cover the defence. Not roam. Giving us a different option. Maybe a GK that can act as a cover for Szczesny and to push him also.

Enigma: What’s your take on our rivals and what are your expectations for the forthcoming season?

Eric: Man Shitty still beneath us, Chelshit is vulnerable to us, Tottenshit will forever be in our shadow but we need to seriously do something about the Red Devils.

Wilson: They are going to stage a strong contest for the title with the exception of Man Utd. I expect the Gunners to mount a strong challenge from the start for the title and I have a feeling that we may be crowned champions come may next year.

Bobby: We’ll be back. As in back back. We just need to believe a little in ourselves and stop all the bad press we give ourselves. We are our own enemies. You can see it in our group. Doom sayers. Pessimistic bunch. No faith.

Anayo: They are trying to get even better by signing quality players which tells you that next seasons competition is going to be more competitive. My expectations still remains the same like in every other season which is to finish in the top four. I think that’s a very realistic expectation.

Enigma: Finally guys, what do you think about Gooner Daily? *ties blindfold, wears headphones and increases the music*

Enigma: Disclaimer, please don’t make my head swell utunu 😀

Eric: Gooner Daily is a wonderful concept and I am proud to associate myself with the idea and the dream. Keep the flag flying ashana as i got your back bro.

Enigma: Oshe

Wilson: Gooner Daily has made me not to read other Arsenal blogs because of the creativity of the blogger. Humorous articles without loss of content, a gifted blogger and a friend. KUDOS man.

Enigma: Daalu

Anayo: Gooner Daily is like a family, it keeps getting better and bigger and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a global blog. It’s a fantastic blog with a fantastic blogger (Enigma). I only hope for the best for Gooner Daily, Tony Okike more power to your elbow.

Enigma: *In DJ Khaled’s voice* We Global 😀

Bobby: On our Arsenal BlackBerry group, Team Gooner Daily, you already know what I think. We started this perfectly good chaos. Lol. Cracks me up. Go there anytime you are down and see your soul lifted faster than the skirts of a whore. Fucking perverts they all are.

Enigma: *In Pete Edochie’s voice* You don’t mean it!

Enigma: I’ll like to say a big thank you to Bobby, Anayo, Eric and Wilson for taking part in the first instalment of a Gooner’s perspective. Thanks for sharing your various opinions on the club after our heart, Arsenal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s bit.

Shout out to the folks in my Arsenal BlackBerry group, Team Gooner Daily.


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