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A Tribute to my Blogging Family: And the Leibster Award Goes to…


As a thoroughbred supporter of Arsenal Football Club, I’ve always gone that extra mile to watch every possible game bearing in mind that I’m my own version of the Emirates here in Nigeria.

Unlike some fans in London that are opportuned to see their Gunners play every weekend and of course, in mid-week (I’m jealous), my “Emirates” can be my living room, a pub, or even a viewing center. When the Gunners score a goal, I and that fan in London share the same euphoria and when we lose games; our days become pretty much fucked up as well.

Blogging about Arsenal was born after I was persuaded by three of my brothers from another mum, dKingpin, Obitwyce and Juba to share my views with the internet world. Since the launch of this blog in November 2010, I’ve gone on a wonderful adventure that has bonded me with so many Gooners and friends alike across the globe, even to the extent when I won the 2012 Best Sports Blog Award in last year’s Nigerian Blog Awards nominations.

While I was here doing what I love as usual, my blogging buddy and fellow Gooner, Punkenstein, nominated me for a Liebster Award, which is an award given to WordPress.com bloggers with under 200 WordPress.com followers on their list. I currently have 198 though #justsaying. 😀

The Liebster Award originated somewhere close to Per Mertesacker’s village and Leibster means dearest or beloved while Liebe means love. Prior to this German for Dummies lecture, ze only words I knew were Guten Tag and Guten Morgan.

Getting this Leibster Nominated from a fellow talented blogger like Punkenstein is an honor but the nomination comes with its rules listed below,

Ze Rules

  1. Thank the fellow blogger that nominated you
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the questions the blogger has asked you in the post you were nominated
  4. Nominate 11 other people
  5. Ask the 11 nominees questions as well
  6. Last and definitely least, let them know that you nominated them.

Punkenstein, you’re one hell of a writer. Despite the obvious fact that you live, eat and sleep Arsenal, you have a penchant for writing about the Nigerian Premier League, which is pretty cool IMO. You’re also adept in other sports and I love the “random yarns” in your amazing blog.

I’m sure you know this but I also subscribe to your blog so that I don’t miss anything.


11 Random Facts about Myself

  • I was born in ze ‘80s
  • I believe that the Football Manager series are the greatest sets of games ever made. Trust me, you don’t want to know what this game has done to me over the years, and it gets better with each passing sequel. I’m already in 2031 in my FM 13 and of course, I manage Arsenal.
  • After finishing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 in quick succession, I actually craved to be in the battlefield alongside guys like Captain Price, Soap, Ghost, Roach, Sandman, Truck, Grinch, SSgt. Briggs, Gaz and Yuri while hunting down modern-day ‘Imran Zakhaevs’, ‘General Shepherds’ and ‘Makarovs’.
  • I don’t smoke (watching ze pink lips) but I’m very cool with folks that do.
  • I’ve done unbelievable things to watch Arsenal matches – Trust me, the list is endless.
  • I hate fufu (Don’t judge me)
  • I consider myself to be a “social drinker” – I only drink in parties, weddings and sometimes burials. -__-
  • I have an addiction for fair girls, but my girlfriend is chocolate-skinned.
  • I love my job (Yes, I have a life besides blogging about Arsenal)
  • I’m addicted to music
  • Besides writing a blog about Arsenal, I’m also a sports writer for Bleacher ReportFTBPro and What Culture.

Answers to Punkenstein’s Questions

1. Has your mother ever called you “mad”?

Nah, I’ve always been a good kid *halo appears on my head*

2. What one thing would you never buy if you had £1b in your account today?

Beats by Dre Headphones – I don’t make beats, so what’s the hype about it? *Enters getaway Keke Napep*

3. Have you ever been to the east (of Nigeria)?

Duuuuuuuuuuuh! I’m from Ebonyi State – Salt of the Nation.

4. If yes, what’s it like there? Never been.

In one word – HOT!!!!!!!!

5. Are you, today, who you hoped 5 years ago to be?

Five years ago (2008), I was in my 300 Level studying Chemical Engineering in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. I’d hoped to be a successful engineer with a good job and loads of cash. Yeah, I’m who I hoped I’d be. 😀

6. Frank Spencer and Mr. Bean, Who’s worse/better?

It’s just like comparing Peter Griffin to Homer Simpson in terms of stupidity. Mr. Bean is in his own world abeg…that guy is just epic!!!

7. What’s the oddest item you saw on sale while stuck in traffic?

A guy selling Gold Circle condoms – In traffic, like seriously? -___-

8. Are you considered a tweet-celeb? -_-

In the Arsenal world as @goonerdaily (4,605 ffers) yeah! But for my own personal account @enigma106 (1,188 ffers) – I’ll letchu know when I give two fledgling fucks

9. Gay rights, yay or nay?

I’d say “yay”…It’s their decision not to enjoy what we “straight folks” enjoy. They shouldn’t be discriminated for that. 

10. Can you cook?

Yeah…a mad cook as well. In FUTO, I was the Chef-chenko of my lodge, European Villa, Umuchima

11. Are we done yet? :)


In my time as a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to feast my eyes on a number of amazing blogs. My nominees for the Liebster blog award, noted for their refreshing content, are:

Awesome blogs like One Nil Down Two One Up, Sunday Morning Gooner, O Posts, Lady Arse, Gunnerblog and of course, Arseblog deserve to be on my list, but due to the iron-clad rules I have to adhere too (for WordPress.com blogs only), they only deserve honorable mentions.

Finally, My Questions for the Nominees

  1. If you have a gun with only one bullet in it and you’re to use it to kill anyone in the world, who will it be and why?
  2. Where will you like to spend your honeymoon with your future spouse? (disregard this Q if you’re already married -__-)
  3. How did you feel after Robin van Persie left to join Manchester United?
  4. If you have a chance to screw any of the girls that have acted alongside James Bond in his movies, who will it be and why? (This isn’t for ‘These are not Memoirs’ and ‘Rated Erotic’ – I know you’re ladies)
  5. If you have a chance to be anywhere in the world right now, where will it be and why?
  6. How did you get interested in writing?
  7. If you had the chance to date any celebrity at all, who would you date and why?
  8. Which would you prefer to have this year – 10,000 more page views or 100 more WordPress.com followers?
  9. If you ever played Mortal Kombat, who was your best Kharacter?
  10. What would you rate as your greatest achievement so far?

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. If you didn’t then don’t worry because I’ll be back feeding you with your daily Arsenal digest next time around. This post saw the light of day because it was really nice that someone feels I deserve this award. And it’s not just anyone. I was nominated by a blogger that’s a damn good writer.

NB: There is no general committee that handles this award. its’s just a recognition from one blogger to another for how awesome they are.

Besides, I now know a number of blogs I can follow off the nominees list of others… which basically is what the Liebster is all about in my view. #stolen 😛


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