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A Gooner’s Perspective V: Arsenal’s Striking Options and Link with Loic Remy

Loic Remy celebrates scoring for Newcastle United against Chelsea

Would you mind Loic Remy at Arsenal?

Every Arsenal fan is always entitled to his/her opinion and these views are more than likely to be supported by one and opposed by another. A Gooner’s Perspective will be a series of posts dedicated to airing the views of selected Gooners on certain issues with the club.

In the first two episodes of a Gooner’s Perspective, several Gooners have shared their views about the club’s antics in the 2011/12 season as well as their hopes for the foreseeable future. The third episode was focused on Robin van Persie’s off the pitch shenanigans and the fourth installment had to do with thoughts on Theo Walcott playing as a center forward.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Gooners that are going to share their opinions on a Gooner’s Perspective V, which is focused on the club’s striking options and the transfer speculation linking the club with Newcastle’s hitman, Loic Remy;

@Dondeonbeke: Gideon is a wayward lawyer that was very intelligent in the past…then school happened. FYI, He’s not related to Zelalem. (-___-)

@daviruz: This Trojan Horse…*sneezes*…Virus, Eric,  sure loves his Arsenal and women. He also has his own blog, Movie Reviews, where you can get reviews of your favorite movies from a personal point of view.

@alijaxz: Edosa is an ICT specialist that deals with cars too. He claims he breathes, sleeps, eats and lives Arsenal. *yawns…renders bacteria homeless*

@wheelsindkWilson is a Gooner by nature, easy going lad and an absolute charmer. I can vouch for the last attribute, which has certainly been a reason why I failed to introduce girls to him in our FUTO days. :D

@alexmustii: Alex is a Fantasy Premier League olopaa, and he loves his Arsenal with a passion. Ever since Mesut Özil joined the club, all his “O’s” in his convos are now “Ö’s”. Öh well.

Enigma: Good morning guys

Wilson: Enigi my niggi, hailings.

Eric: Oga mi, I dey hail o.

Gideon: Morning guys, today is my Call to Bar…I’m so excited. *dances etighi*

Alex: K!!!!

Edosa: Alex, why evils na?

Wilson: loooooooooool

Enigma: Welcome everyone, you guys know about a Gooner’s Perspective and today’s discussion will be focused on Arsenal’s striking options and the media Vultures linking our dear club with Loic Remy.

Alex: I hope we aren’t gonna talk about Nicklas “Whore Best” Bendtner. I really hate that guy.

Gideon: Calm your titties Alex. And it’s “World Best”.

Alex: *Yimu*

Enigma: Alex, your evulry knoweth no bounds. Let’s get down to business guys, what are your thoughts on our season thus far?

Eric: Arsenal’s season has been quite impressive. At least, my blood pressure has been normal this season.

Wilson: Hahahaha! In my opinion, Arsenal has shown much mental strength so far, picking themselves up from the home loss against Aston Villa, before firing on all cylinders, tearing apart all teams with the exception of the Manchester United game of course.

Gideon: Wilson, Enigma asked for your simple opinion. If he wanted to know what Wenger wanted to say, he would have gone to Arsenal.com. See your mouth like “Mental strength”.

Wilson: You this Zelalem’s long lost cousin, it’s too early for this kind of evulry na. 🙁

Enigma: Hehehe! Do you guys believe that Arsenal can win the Premier League this season?

Alex: I think we win. We have been beating the lower teams and sharing the spoils with the bigger ones.

Eric: If we maintain this resilience and steel we have at the moment, we will win the league.

Wilson: I believe we can win the title. All they need to do is to keep improving on their style of play, especially when they are playing against other title contenders.

Gideon: Any team that is four points ahead of the chasing pack with 12 games gone can certainly win the league. Injuries could still play a role though and I must say that we have coped with our injuries this season.

Enigma: What are your thoughts of our alpha-dog in attack, Olivier Giroud, and his present back up strikers?

Same OG…according to Wilson

Eric: His hold-up play and goals have been a major highlight this season. Apart from Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott, we need another back up striker if we wanna win trophies.

Edosa: He has done well this season but there’s still room for improvement. We could do with some better strikers though, because our current back up strikers are nothing to write home about.

Wilson: Giroud has done well this season, scoring goals, creating assists and he’s our only striker at the moment. We don’t have any back up strikers, just a confused Danish Samurai and a pin-eyed amusement PARK.

Gideon: Wilson, and you say I’m evil. As for me, Giroud has had an awesome season so far. Not just for his numerous goals and assists but  his work rate has been exemplary and his defensive output is awesome.

Alex: Giroud is doing okay. Arsenal’s back up strikers are worthless to say the least – the Danish Samurai WhoreBest should just transform into a FIFA 14 playable character and play for Barcelona or Real Madrid, leading them to glory with his ego and unskilled play. As for Sanogo, he has sworn to replace Abou Diaby as our new lab rat for sports science experiments.

Wilson: Hahahahahahahahahhahah! *faints*

Enigma: Jeeez, Alex, aren’t you a bit harsh on Bendtner? Do you think he’s delusional?

Wilson: Bendtner is in a new breed of delusion yet to be understood!

Eric: Wilson is on his evil form this morning…lmao!!! I feel that Bendtner is smoking his personal brand of weed mixed with codeine.

Gideon: Bendtner has his flaws no doubt, but we don’t have to exacerbate an innocuous comment to fit with a rhetoric.

Enigma: When did you guys know Loic Remy and what were your thoughts when he joined Queens Park Rangers?

Alex: Until Remy came to the Premier League, I didn’t really know him. He showed what he was made of when he played for QPR last season, but I’d say his contribution wasn’t phenomenal because he couldn’t save them from relegation.

Eric: I knew him when he joined QPR but I used him a couple of times on Football Manager 11 or 12 or so. About his performances for QPR…Bleeeeeeeeeeh! I was indifferent.

Wilson: I never really followed Remy’s progress in Ligue 1 but he caught the eye when he played for QPR. He did his best for them but apparently, his best wasn’t good enough to save them from relegation.

Edosa: Remy was linked to Arsenal in his Marseille days and he was likened to Thierry Henry. I regarded his move to QPR as a coup and I was bewildered why Arsenal didn’t take a punt on him. He did very well and scored a lot of goals.

Gideon: I feel he should have gone to a better club. However, he had a good season with QPR and I can vividly remember watching some of his goals and was totally gobsmacked.

Enigma: Now that he has joined Newcastle, what are your thoughts of Remy?

Alex: He has been a good bargain for them. I hope he sustains his tempo.

Wilson: He’s on a fine run of goalscoring form and he’s looking like the real deal for them.

Gideon: My thoughts are the same as when he joined QPR. He’s surely good enough for a bigger and better team.

Eric: He’s really helping Newcastle a lot and we can witness his contributions on the pitch.

Enigma: If you’re Arsene Wenger, would you sign Loic Remy and why?

Arsène Wenger - Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger says his team must re-discover their attacking instincts

Sign him up!!!!

Alex: There are no better options in the winter transfer window. Giroud needs a deputy for Heaven’s sake because he’s not a machine. Even machines break down after lengthy use.

Eric: I would sign him as he looks a better poacher and a bit more physical with some bursts of pace than Giroud, which offers Arsenal’s attack a different dimension.

Wilson: I’d snap him up easily (it’s a matter of bonjour and c’ava, and he’s signed). He will be cheap, he’s French and he’d provide a much needed back up for Giroud.

Edosa: He’s the kinda striker Arsenal needs. He’s a runner and a dribbler different from Giroud.

Gideon: I believe he’s a perfect compliment to Giroud. Fast, nippy striker that has a dribble in him.

Enigma: That’s a wrap folks.

Enigma: I’ll like to say a big thank you to Gideon, Edosa, Eric, Alex and Wilson for taking part in the fifth installment of a Gooner’s Perspective. Thanks for sharing your various opinions on the club after our heart, Arsenal.

Enigma: Gideon, congratulations on your Call to Bar! O ye Charge and Bail Lawyer of Life. You guy’s shouldn’t forget to vote for Eric’s Movie Blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards.

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