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Battle of the Fans – Who Wore it Best?


This is a featured article I’m writing for eplnaija.com, a fast-growing Nigerian site with guys that are really passionate about what they’re doing. These guys continue to impress me with more innovative activities and I’m also proud to be a player in their inaugural Fantasy Premier League competition where there are loads of prices up for grabs.

Here’s to EPL Naija


Football, as we know, is a sport that binds people together. It’s a common language that is spoken all over the continent and the most significant thing about the beautiful game is that it unites people of all ages, races, cultural beliefs, religion and the whole nine yards.

Football, like any other sporting business, also has it’s benefits – players, managers, agents and backroom staff all get paid for their contributions to the running of a club and the fans also play their part in a team’s success story. After all, they’re the ones buying the season tickets and merchandise with each passing campaign.

That’s were an ingenious site like EPL Naija comes in. The site is so robust, that despite the fact that they provide updates with fine articles about the latest stuff going on in the Premier League with at alarming consistency, the site also publishes Premier League match reports, transfer news and of course, there are competitions for the fans to win lots of stuffs.

Last week, the site published a ‘footy quiz’ competition, where a fan had to answer 10 questions and he/she would be awarded with a jersey of his/her favorite club. As I attempted to apply my knowledge of football in my bid to win a free Arsenal away kit (I already have the home kit), I’d noticed that Sheikh Socrates, the resident blogger of Soccergunz, had beaten me to it and attempted all the questions in grand style. I still answered all the questions nonetheless but I learned that the award was to be given to the fan that attempted them first.

In their bid to show their integrity, the folks at EPL Naija came to Socrates’ office to give him his prize.


Sheikh taking a pic with his new kit

Now these guys are back with a new innovative idea called ‘Battle of the Fans – Who Wore it Best?

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All you gotta do is to take a picture with a jersey and post it on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

The idea is really simple – a female football fan has to take a picture of herself (selfie) in her favorite jersey jersey striking a pose. Then she uploads the selfie on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook with the hashtags #eplnaija #whoworeitbest. There are amazing prices to be won for the best pictures.

For more details on this innovative competition – please click here!

You can follow EPL Naija on Twitter – @eplnaija. They follow back immediately.

You can also join their BBM channel – Here’s the pin C0027BCAF

EPL Naija – It pays to be an EPL fan, literally.