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There is Heavy Rain in Lagos…Thanks a lot, Vardy!

It’s one of those mornings when you gear yourself up to write something about Arsenal and then it starts raining. Not just the simple drizzles that you can live with. H.E.A.V.Y rain! And I have a hunch it has to do with Jamie Vardy’s transfer saga. Maybe it’s not a hunch, it’s pretty much certain.

Somewhere in Lagos, there is some folk that did his laundry a while ago and is happy that he’s gonna pick it up in a bit. Alas! It’s back to square one as his clothes are all soaked up, now he has to change his plans of what he wants to wear to work! Aaaargh! Thanks to Vardy.

Out of the blue, everyone has an opinion on Vardy’s transfer and they seem to have all the close sources here and there. Twitter has gone berserk with all sorts of tales surfacing from there and becoming tiring. @BBCSport says that Vardy is expected to decide whether he will join Arsenal on Monday. Errrrr, that was yesterday!

@Lexus7Sanchez, who seems to know the great David Orstein, tweeted that Vardy is mulling over whether he wants to leave the Foxes. Awwww! Are you serious? I’m sure Vardy picked up the phone and called Rebekah Lexus7Sanchez, eyes to the ceiling and was like,

“Hey, Lexus7Sanchez, I really need to talk to you. I wanna join Arsenal but I love Leicester”

Then Vardy is rolling from one side of the bed to another, mulling over, mulling over, mulling mulling over…

@fkhanage had a different opinion though. His own thoughts was about the banter, unbelievable banter of the highest order (as he tweeted) if Vardy turns down Arsenal in his public announcement tomorrow (Monday). Wow! Maybe his source told him that Vardy was going on air to make his a.n.n.o.u.n.c.e.m.e.n.t. Well, I waited but nah, Vardy didn’t feel we were worthy of his great announcement.

@OsmanZtheGooner thought and tweeted,

“Surely, Arsenal would have talked to Vardy’s reps before triggering his release clause. It’s somehow surprising that he’s yet to decide. It would be an absolute tragic if he turns down Arsenal after his release clause was activated. Worse than the Suarez saga”

Over to you, Arsenal reps. Did you guys call Vardy’s folks before you activated the release clause? How did you even know about such a clause? Wily foxes, the lot of ya!

Opinions here, opinions there. It doesn’t matter. I think I’d wait till I see something on Arsenal.com before I raise my hopes. I can’t deny that they were raised though, but we just had to Arsenal it as we do all things.

Ah! I think the rain has stopped.

Thanks a lot, Vardy!


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