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GD Podcast S01E01: Welcome to Arsenal, Fabio Vieira!!!

Fabio Vieira: Arsenal confirm £34m purchase of Porto midfielder | Football  News | Sky Sports

This was a podcast episode that was meant to be published on last week Friday when Arsenal unveiled the signing of Fabio Vieira but I had an eventful weekend here in Lagos, so I wasn’t chanced. I had also published a piece on the blog about Fabio Vieira last week as well, where I labeled him as an exciting addition to Arsenal’s attack. 

After 12 years since I started this blog, I’ve finally decided to go into podcasting and I aim to publish a podcast every Friday.

I’m kinda new to this, so I intend to grow with experience and from time to time, I’d get to feature other online personalities, as we discuss about Arsenal Football Club.

Please listen to my maiden podcast and let’s discuss about Fabio Vieira in the comments!

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Gooner Daily Podcast: Coming Soon

Coming Really Soon….

In my bid to continue serving you will your daily Arsenal digest, Gooner Daily is bracing up to start having podcasts every Friday with a host of fellow bloggers, writers and fans alike as we would talk about the issues concerning the club for just 30 minutes.

You will be duly notified when it comes on air, as it would be available for download on various platforms.