Pride restored, Emirates revival, Mourinho talks back and †нє FA Cup draw

†нє harmattan is building up slowly in Abuja, at least I’m well prepared.

†нє FA Cup draw was made by…..†нє FA.

†нє Cashlings got Roy Keano’s Tractor Army. †нє Red Hell Owners got a home tie against Count Hodgson’s Vampires while †нє Cash Money Oil Money Billionaires are away to †нє Foxhounds of Leicester.
We got a home tie with Leeds United. I’ve got real beef with Leeds because they contributed to us losing †нє title in †нє 2002/03 season. Then they had household names like Kewell, Smith, and english blooper Paul Robinson. But things have changed now. They are a championship outfit which makes †нє contest sweeter. †нє Gunners however must avoid complacency because Leeds beat †нє Red Hell Owners in Old Strafford last season. †нє game will be played on †нє 7th or 8th of January.

Arsene Wenger has vowed to make Emirates Stadium a fortress again. Since its inauguration in 2006, †нє Emirates Stadium was as dreaded as Stamford Bridge and Old Strafford but this season, things have changed drastically. †нє only convincing victories in †нє league were achieved against †нє club whose nickname is some fruit (6-0) and MadMan Coyle’s Nomads (4-1). Credit to MadMan Coyle for his Nomads resurgence. They are currently in †нє pole position for †нє Europa League. There were also unconvincing victories, †нє Gentle Frog’s Carpenters (1-0) and McAlbino’s Blues (2-1). Recently, there have been no victories or even draws. Our Fortress has been converted to a happy hunting ground. WBA gave us †нє eye opener (2-3), Edge became a star when †нє Cartoons beat us (0-1) and of course Twitch FC (2-3). †нє next team to meet us in †нє Emirates Stadium is †нє Okro Soup Masters, Fulham. Wenger please don’t fall our hand again.

Still saying with Wenger, Jose Mourinho has hit back on LeBoss for calling his team “disgraceful”. Jose would have searched for something new to say but he dediced to stick to †нє #dead cliche of how Arsenal hasn’t won a trophy for 5 years *yawns*. He also said that Wenger should explain to †нє fans how he lost to Braga. This is a manager won 2 league titles for †нє Cashlings but when things got real hot for him and he was sacked. His replacement, †нє Gentle Frog lost his first game to †нє Red Hell Owners but still to †нє premier league to †нє wire and got to †нє final of †нє Champions League, a feat Mr. Jose didn’t achieve in Cashlings FC. I pray Messi and co. rapes his squad tonight. I wouldn’t mind another 6-2 mauling.

In other news, Our third choice…….fourth choice goalie, Vittorio wants to extend his stay with †нє Tigers. Good luck to him as he plys his trade in †нє Npower Championship. I will go berserk if he makes his loan move permanent because that’s a goalie that saved our ass for 9 games when Stainless Steel and Flyin Fabbi were out injured. Its well noted that Arsenal FC did not lose a game while Vittorio was in between †нє sticks. His rating against †нє Okro Soup Masters in Craven Cottage earned him a 10.0 FM rating.

Swansea want our Beautiful Aztec Warrior on loan. I would have preferred him going to †нє Nomads on loan, see what happened to our Whizkhid. He’s not getting as much playing time as he wants here so he should go to †нє Championship and chip all †нє goalies there. Trust me he could do that with every one-on-one he gets.

There’s also an emerging tale that our ever faithful Spectacles Patty Patty might retire from his position as Assistant Manager at †нє end of †нє season. He does that a lot in Football Manager. This man is a living legend in Arsenal. His blood is Arsenal. He was born in 49′, joined †нє club as a trainee in 64′ (15 years) and played till 80′. He notched up 397 appearances and scored 12 goals, 10 more than Mikel (LSC) Obi. From 84′ to 96′, he was a youth coach. He has been Wenger’s right hand Man for 14 good years. If we don’t play a testimonial match and throw a mega retirement party for him, I will………

More on †нє Carling Spoon tomorrow.

Enjoy El Classico, wherever you’re watching it.

Here’s to a Lionel Messi hattrick and Sergio Ramos own goal.


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  1. But wetin consign Wenger.Him don put himself 4 trouble because UEFA go pair Arsenal & Real 4 knockout stages of Champions League.As 4 todays match btw real & barca, I don put 5000 bucks on top madrid say barca no see draw!

  2. Chei! Bukinho u die well.

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