As the blog’s name implies, Gooner Daily is a daily Arsenal blog that feeds its readers up to the minute news about Arsenal Football Club which ranges from transfer gossip, daily news, match previews, match reviews, team news and much more.

The views expressed on this blog are solely mine and I’m not affiliated to Arsenal Football Club in any way. All comments on the blog are the opinions of the individuals that wrote them, and do not represent the views of Gooner Daily.

The blog was established in November 2010 and it operates with four cornerstones which include Research, Hard Work, Quality Posts and Consistency.

Feel free to visit this blog for your daily Arsenal digest and if you have any inquiries of any sort, visit the contact page.

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Since its inception in 2010, Gooner Daily has been recognized and has some awards;

Best Sports Blog (Judges Choice) – Nigerian Blog Awards  (2012, 2013)

Best Online Media for Sports – Online Youth Achievement Awards (2013) (Nominated)


  1. Jarmew Abiodun Yacoub Jayz

    Put me thru how to be part of it. I’m good in writing.

  2. I would like to write for dis blog site

  3. Hi i would like to contribute and be a blogger for the cause

  4. Enigma106 …

    Your blog is brain refreshing. To be honest, there are fewer blogs out there that offer your unique style of commentary. You provide a mix of youthful desires and experience with your writing and they keep me coming back for more.

    Do keep up the great work you are doing.


    • Thank You so much Wan baba.

      I’ll keep trying my best to outdo myself with each passing post. You were there when it started and you can see how far it has gone.

      Thanks for your support bro.

  5. You left a comment on the WordPress.com site in July when your site shrunk for no reason. My site just did the very same thing. How did you fix your site?

  6. Have you ever considered writing for other sites?

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