Carling Spoon expectations and No January signings

Procold has served its purpose, no more running nose and things related to that.

†нє stage has been set for †нє gunners to take charge of †нє Carling Spoon. †нє Carpenters and †нє gunners waited for †нє final set of quarter final matches to be played. McAlbino’s blues beat †нє Villanz while Keano’s Tractor Army beat WBA. †нє draws took place and we got a double date with Keano’s Tractor Army. First date away on †нє 11th/12th of January and †нє final date in †нє Emirates Stadium on †нє 25th/26th of January. This means that †нє Carpenters would their thing with McAlbino’s Blues.
It does not get any better this, win Keano’s army and †нє Carling Spoon becomes ours.
No disrespect to †нє Carpenters or McAlbino’s Blues but our squad is strong enough to deal with †нє threat they offer.
We tend to be complacent against teams like †нє Tractor Army but there won’t be worries about that because †нє squad wants to win †нє “quad”. †нє Carling Spoon is part of †нє quad. NwaSamba says that win †нє Carling Spoon in late February or Early March would be a “stepping stone” for more.
I like †нє sound of that.

I spent five years in a university without knowing how it felt to win a trophy.

I’ll probably kill a small chicken when we win †нє Carling Spoon.
I’ll save my ram for †нє league and a cow for †нє Champions League.
Let’s not forget †нє FA Cup goat.

AW said that he’s not making any new signings in †нє winter transfer window. †нє Media tried to link us with defenders and goalies from all over †нє galaxy but I feel we are okay with what we have. †нє issue of finding a stopper between †нє sticks have been solved by Flyin Fabbi and Szszszszszsz. Flyin Fabbi has been †нє difference between 3points and 1 point in some games this season while Szszszsz has not conceded a goal in his short Arsenal career. Szszszsz has played 2 games but it doesn’t matter because former England superstar Paul Robinson opened his floodgates to Berbatinho after bragging about not conceding too much in goal. I feel sorry for Stainless Steel because he has been a patient individual and I feel his time is up. After leaving his honeymoon in Celta Vigo to come to London, he spent almost 3 years on †нє sidelines to Volatile Jens. He got his big break in †нє 2007/08 campaign and he won some hearts. Mine included.
This season has been quite difficult for him. He didn’t do to well for †нє gong’s goal when we played †нє Vampires in our season opener, he made a horrendous display against WBA and even got injured in †нє process. Flyin Fabbi came in and grabbed †нє bull by its horns and balls and with †нє “age factor” chipping in, I believe Stainless Steel deserves to be in a simple mid-table Spanish club where he’ll be playing week in week out.
For our defence, I’ve been more than impressed with †нє way Kos100%tackle and †нє Squisha settled into English football. Injourou after a long time out of †нє game was quite rusty in †нє Carling Spoon encounter with Twitch FC but became more and more solid as he got games with his belt.
I know its ideal to have at least 4 defenders in a squad that is challenging to many trophies. †нє Verminator’s 3-day injury turned out to be a mystery but let’s not forget that Sabinus can perform defensive duties in †нє squad. Whizkhid, NwaSamba and Sabinus are our recognised holding midfielders but our versatility has ensured that Diabytes, AquaNama or El-Rufai can occupy †нє role if requested by AW.

Let †нє Media keep linking us with players from †нє Milky Way.

In Arsene we trust.

Here’s to a warm Thursday.


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  1. Enigma, I must say I admire ur confidence that u believe that we cud win d carling spoon.. U shud knw about dis complamency problems we always have against this kind of oppositions.. Let’s see how it turns out it go.. I would say the win against Wigan was well deserved but I’l have to point out d fact that I Nicklas”World Best” Bendtner did rly impress me although he got the winning goal, his work rate wasn’t impressive to me don’t know about u guys but that’s how I feel..
    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to put his head in the game n quit thinking about leaving the club for now..

    Happy X-mas in advance guys..

    • @ChukBass: Eniimiz, nice one. Let’s hope these peepz don’t fall our hand cuz I’ll love to kill all those animals…..starting with †нє chicken!
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  2. If we don’t win the carling cup, I’ll shoot someones foot. Maybe mine, may be anyone else’s. We are condemned to win that cup

  3. Cuntinho i must say u hav be wonderful wif ur writings & expert analysis.kip doing wachyu do.BIG UP URSELF! COME ON U GOONERS!

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