Red Hell Owners 1 Gunners 0: knocked off †нє summit after a disappointing display

Football is a very fascinating sport.

One minute, you feel like a king of †нє world, next minute, you feel as if †нє world is against you.

In recent times, Arsenal FC has developed a poor record against †нє big boys of †нє League.

All we had to do was at least get a draw from †нє Red Hell Owners in Old Strafford. Instead we put up a poor performance. As a team we were opened up times without number. Individually, we are simply atrocious.

With all †нє buildup heat to such a match, †нє game was quite poor.

Once again, we proved to †нє world that we are not a title winning outfit. There was no desire or determination even after going down at half time. †нє only attempt on goal I can remember was Samir “El-Rufai” Nasri’s left foot shot that vdSave parried to Marouane “ChiAmaka” Chamakh’s path which was intercepted by Vidic. If El-Rufai was in ChiAmaka’s position, we would have had our equalizer. El-Rufai would know that Vidic would slide, so he would simply feint a shot then slam tнє ball to vdSave’s net. That’s football IQ. RvP would have done †нє same too. ChiAmaka has done very well since signing from Bordeaux but its high time glassboned vP takes his rightful place as †нє primary starting striker. We still have Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner to think about. He also deserves a runout on †нє pitch.

†нє Red Hell Owners created †нє best chances and got what they deserved – 3 points. Early on, Sebastien “Squisha” Squilacci gifted Luis “Yar Adua” Nani a chance. Szszsz didn’t move and †нє ball missed †нє net by a lick of paint. Szszsz had played only 3 games in his entire Arsenal career before yesternight. He wasn’t overawed by †нє game but his clearances were quite panicky. His handling was top notch! He was quite unfortunate for †нє goal but †нє saves against T-Pain’s one on one and RooThug’s audacious chip were excellent. I thought Gael “Flash” Clichy dropped †нє Arsenal Self Destruct remote control under his pillow but I just realised that there was a micro Self Destruct chip implanted to his thick skull! Times without number he was turned inside out by Yar Adua. There were times he won †нє ball successfully then gave Yar Adua back for “Yar Adua dribbles Flash” season 2. He compounded it all by using his hand in †нє box leaving Baldy Howard no chance but to point to †нє spot. What is it with Howard’s and baldness. †нє RooThug saved his blushes by killing a hawk in †нє sky instead of slamming it home.

†нє midfield was a lost cause. Jack “Whizkhid” Wilshere tried his possible best but †нє Red Hell Owners were equal to every thing he did. Alexandre “Sabinus” Song did not protect †нє back efficiently. Tomas “Banana Lomo” Rosicky will probably dedicate all his wages for a week to a church if he scores a goal again. For a player with amazing strike rate for †нє Czech Republic and Dortmund he needs to stop making attempts on goal. †нє main individual I’m going to point my finger at is Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin. Hotty came to Arsenal from Leningrad FC following amazing performances at †нє European Championship and †нє UEFA Cup (Europa League). In Leningrad FC, played in †нє hole just behind †нє main striker but with fierce competition in †нє part of †нє team, he was deployed to †нє left wing. Hotty’s performance this season have been very very inconsistent. Its high time he spends some time on †нє bench so that he can reflect on his poor run of form. I certainly wouldn’t mind him coming into †нє pitch when we’re 3 up. If he does any thing stupid he could be forgiven. Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott needs to be drafted back into †нє starting lineup. If his last minute volley was a bit lower, we would have been jumping off †нє edge of our seat in celebration of †нє equalizer that would preserved our stay at †нє top of Mount Premiership. El-Rufai is also adept at †нє left so I would prefer our attacking trio to El-Rufai, glassboned vP and Wal Kuint. AW is †нє head coach so he would know what is good for his squad.

For my match ratings.

Szszsz (6.8) did very well on his league debut. Flash (5.7) was very appalling. Timaya (6.4) wasn’t really troubled by Wong Fei-Hong but he should have done a lot better with his crosses. Squisha (6.5) didn’t have much to do. Kos100%tackle (6.5) contained †нє RooThug a bit but was at fault for †нє goal. Whizkhid (6.7) worked extremely hard for his team but was not fully supported by Sabinus (6.2) who was lost in midfield. Banana lomo (6.2) misplaced a lot of passes. El-Rufai (6.3) was very quiet. Hotty (5.8) was horrible. ChiAmaka (6.0) didn’t get †нє service he needed. El Capitan (6.0) was very very rusty. Glassboned vP (6.1) was all over †нє place without any great effect. Wal Kuint (6.5) used his pace to no avail.

†нє performance was not too good but there is no time to dwell over it.

†нє Red Striped Rugby boys are up next so I expect a title challenging performance on Saturday. I also want to see changes in †нє lineup. †нє Red Hell Owners visit †нє Blue Bridge on Sunday so a win against †нє Red Striped Rugby boys will put pressure on them.

†нє appalling record against †нє Red Hell Owners continues. Revenge is a dish best served cold so let’s hope we do better in †нє Emirates because †нє contest will be a lot feisty then.

As much as I hate †нє Cashlings I would want †нє Red Hell Owners to drop all points in †нє Blue Bridge. †нє Premier League has lost 2 managers this season so victory for †нє Red Hell Owners against †нє Cashlings could be †нє last straw for Carlo †нє Cannibal.

That’s all for now.

Football is about ups and downs, so don’t be too downhearted.


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