†нє Red Striped Rugby Boys visit †нє Emirates: “Top of †нє League” chants…..anyone?

Its Saturday and †нє games are coming as fast as ever.

†нє BarcAlien invasion will not take place till February 2011 so †нє theme of today’s game is FOCUS.

Before talking about today’s home tie with †нє Red Striped Rugby boys, Our very own “Clark Kent”, Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas talked about †нє draw with †нє BarcAliens. He said that they were not “unbeatable”. He also said that if they weren’t they should have been winning †нє Champions League every year. He ended it all by saying that to win †нє Champions League, you need to beat ANYONE and EVERYONE.

Now that’s SuperMan talking. He could take all †нє BarcAliens all on his own but he still needs his anti-alien squad. I wouldn’t blame him for talking like that. He also came from Krypton then decided to settle in Mother Earth. We †нє Earthlings welcomed him with open arms. We all saw his exploits last season….19 goals and a cult hero status. His cameo against †нє Villans can never be forgotten. He also proved that he was a “Man of Steel” when his leg was broken against †нє BarcAliens but he chose to stay on †нє pitch.

El Capitan is one player whose departure from Arsenal will make me go berserk. Tony Adams became captain at 21 and led †нє club almost 2 decades….i pray El Capitan follows suit.

Judging by Monday’s dead performance against †нє Red Hell Owners, it is obvious that changes must be made to our squad for today’s encounter.

Lukasz “Flyin Fabbi” Fabianski is still not fit so his new deputy Wojciech “Szszszsz” Szszceny will continue in goal. As good as Szszsz feels he is, i would prefer Flyin Fabbi for our Boxing day clash with †нє Cashlings so Colin Lewin….step your game up. †нє only change i would like to see in our defense should be †нє inclusion of Johan “Injourou” Djourou. †нє Red Striped Rugby boys use a direct style of play so Injourou’s presence will be highly needed in †нє heart of our defense. I feel †нє aging Sebastien “Squisha” Squilacci should be rested for today’s game. He has steadied †нє defensive ship since his arrival from Sevilla. He should leave this game for †нє exuberant young lads. His experience would be needed against †нє Drog Man so it would do him a whole lot good if he sits on †нє bench today. In †нє midfield, i expect El Capitan to come back into †нє squad to replace Tomas “Banana Lomo” Rosicky. Alexandre “Sabinus” Song has to get his act right today and do his bloody job which is protecting †нє back four. He already has 4 goals to his name, that’s 2 goals more than †нє goals his fellow holding midfielder, Mikel “LSC” Obi has scored in his entire career. †нє attack needs two major changes with †нє inclusion of Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott and Robin “glassboned” van Persie for Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin and Marouane “ChiAmaka” Chamakh. ChiAmaka needs to get some rest while Hotty needs to be on †нє bench to reflect on his form. Maybe he needs to be watching †нє game from †нє dugout so that he will know what his mission is when AW requires his services. Congratulations for Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner for being a father at 22. He might probably have grandkids before his football career finishes. I expect him miss out of this match and be with his Baroness.

My expected lineup should be

Sabinus-El Capitan-Whizkhid
El-Rufai-glassboned vP-Wal Kuint

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you about †нє Red Striped Rugby boys special weapon, Rory “SpringHands” Delap. There are tales that he wears a special type of jersey that has an “in-built” towel. That’s his problem. I know that our ballboys and ballgirls will give him only one thing…..†нє BALL.
We also have to be wary about †нє wingers, Matty Etherington and Jermaine “JohnLegend” Pennant. They are good crossers of †нє ball so our fullbacks have to be active.

History is on our side in this fixture. Their last five meeting to our home ground has resulted in 16 goals conceded and 2 goals scored. Their last goal was Ricardo “GanjaMan” Fuller’s penalty on †нє last day of †нє 2008/09 season. It also spoilt Vito “Don Vittorio” Mannone’s debut.

Heard he’s having a blast with †нє Big Ass PussyCats….good luck to him

Enjoy †нє game wherever you are.

3 points would see us leapfrog †нє Red Hell Owners for 24 hours at least.

“Top of †нє League chants”…anyone?


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