Arsenal 0 CMOM Billionaires 0: A very good performance ends with 2 points lost rather than 1 point gained

I told you about my dream yesterday. It didn’t become a reality because GreedyBayor stayed at home and watched †нє game from his TV.

I was right about †нє team selection. AW †нє Alchemist saw †нє passion and determination in †нє squad that beat McAlbino’s Blues so he opted for †нє same. It’s also nice to see that AW †нє Alchemist has found his winning formula.

Italians have this knack for being too defensive in their style of play. It was very evident in †нє 2006 FIFA World Cup. †нє Ities conceded just two goals in that tourney. Their best defender even won football’s greatest individual award in †нє same year. He would have come in second place though. That “headbutt” changed it all. †нє Ities however were †нє “S” in shite when they played in †нє 2010 World Cup. They didn’t qualify from a group containing Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand. Italian manager, Roberto Mancini was an attacker in his playing days. His style of play in Internazionale was quite pleasing to †нє eye. Yesterday’s game however was absolutely pathetic from a CMYM Billionaire point of view. Mancini’s side had no plans of attacking us. Even their goal-blood hungry vampire Carlitos †нє Dracula spent most of †нє time in midfield holding up play. They were †нє classic example of another “anti-footballing” side. This tweet says it all….. “RT @_bdon_: £170million pounds of players on the pitch for City. Yet all they did was defend, cheat, feign injury and show no ambition. Kai! Disgrace”
They were a complete disgrace in every sense of †нє bloody word. †нє most annoying show came up when †нє one-dimensional flour Mill-ner tried to dribble Gael “Flash” Clichy. As soon as Flash got †нє ball, 1-D flour Mill-ner hit his ass on our turf and decided that it was time to enter a fictitious injury mode. That was simply appaling. †нє bottomline is that †нє CMYM Billionaires came to †нє Emirates to avoid defeat in any possible way. It’s just a shame that they resorted to Anti-football.
They are still two points ahead but I’m very positive that we’ll leapfrog them in †нє coming weeks ahead.

Arsenal on †нє other hand played like a side that wanted to †нє title. Our gameplay was simply “orgasmic”. We would have gone off to a flyer if Robin “glassboned” van Persie had a quicker response. After some deft touches from Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas and Samir “El Rufai” Nasri, †нє ball fell into Jack “Whizkhid” Wilshere’s path. A delightful low drive infield followed. †нє ball was begging for a player in Red and White to put it in its rightful place (†нє back of †нє net) but glassboned vP didn’t oblige. Crosses like that are bread and butter for Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner. He would have used his long legs to great effect. Arsenal has this horrible habit of being profligate. In †нє past, we have been made to rue our chances. I wanted Lukasz “Flyin Fabbi” Fabianski to keep a clean sheet provided we do our bit at †нє front. He did his bit but we didn’t do ours upfront. If Whizkhid’s drive was a bit faster we would have been 1 up. Glassboned vP used his skill to tee himself up for a shot but was denied by †нє post. †нє best chance…or should i say “double chance” came towards †нє end point of †нє first half. After some fine attacking play, †нє ball arrived in El Capitan’s path. El Capitan had a quick sting at †нє ball. †нє ball evaded Hearty Joey and hit †нє post. This made Hearty Joey hit his ass on †нє deck. †нє ball somehow found its way to Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott who in turn smashed it to †нє other post thereby saving †нє Hearty Joey’s blushes. I was really impressed with Wal Kuint. At some point he was playing as a full back. His awareness was also very sharp. It’s high time he continues his run of games because i believe it would do a lot to his confidence. He says that he wants to reach †нє 15-20 goal mark and it’s quite possible. He was very disappointed when he was substituted for Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin. †нє first half finished on a high for us. There were a lot of bright sparks in our play. Our Cescy football was at its very best. †нє CMYM Billionaire midfield club bouncing trio were run ragged. They were so exhausted from running all over †нє place. †нє second half began well for us with more incisive attcking play. All we lacked was a goal to show for all our efforts. Glassboned vP had another lovely bite in †нє CMYM Billionaires goal of a cherry but Hearty Joey proved to †нє Italian duo of Mancini and Capello why Shay GivGiv deserves to keep boiling water with his ass on †нє bench and why he has come to stay as England’s No. 1. See what a loan move to another Premier League club has done to Hearty Joey’s confidence. AW †нє Alchemist, send Carlos “Aztec Warrior” Vela to MadMan Coyle’s Nomads. †нє game however ended on a sad note for both teams. Bacary “Timaya” Sagna let †нє pressure of a getting a win for his team get into him by getting himself involved in a childish heatbutting row with some Argentine with fading breaking hair. He and †нє Wankhammer got were sent off for †нєir troubles. Wald Bezt introduction to †нє game was welcome but †нє tactics used by AW †нє Alchemist were quite questionable. I expected Wald Bezt to pair with glassboned vP upfront while Hotty would be stationed at †нє left with El Rufai on †нє right. †нє game ended in a stalemate with †нє CMYM Billionaires †нє happier side. There are still a lot of positives to take from †нє game. We showed a lot of intent and dominated a “big game” from start to finish. †нє five shots on target and 62% possession tells you †нє whole story. We also put up a fashion show for †нє neutrals. El Rufai cut his hair and made it look spiky, Wald Bezt decided that growing a goatee is †нє best indication of showing that your a father and Alexandre “Sabinus” Song decided to be †нє missing link between Djibril “Jaguar” Cisse and Abel Xavier.

For my match ratings:
Flyin Fabbi (6.5) had a boring day at †нє office because †нє opponents offered no attacking threat. Flash (6.9) had one of his better games. Timaya (6.7) had a good game before seeing red. Injourou (7.0) had a solid game at †нє back. I really loved †нє way he handled himself when El Capitan gave him a poor pass. Kos100%tackle (6.8) showed his anticipation skills well. Whizkhid (6.8) refused to be intimdated by †нє bouncers in midfield. Sabinus (6.8) scared †нє CMYM Billionaires with his new evil look. El Capitan (7.3) ran †нє show in midfield. Even Red Hell Owner fans on Twitter were commenting on his amazing passing ability. El Rufai (7.0) was twisting and turning. Wal Kuint (7.0) played with fire in his belly. Glassboned vP (7.6) was by far †нє standout performer and was very unlucky not to enter †нє scoresheet. Hotty and Wald Bezt won’t get ratings today.

Our discipline this season has been spiraling out of control. This tweet says it all “RT @Orbinho: Arsenal have earned more red cards already this season than in the last two campaigns put together.” Oh well…

†нє ultimate winners by some distance are †нє Red Hell Owners. They are sitting pretty at †нє top with 2 games to spare. This season has seen †нє exit of 2 managers, Cartoon Naughton and Rugby Lord Sam Sam. †нє future of 3 managers are hanging on †нє balance right now. †нє Gentle Frog’s carpenters lost 5-0 to †нє Cartoons, Count Woy’s Vampires lost 3-1 to †нє Blue and White Rugby boys and Carlo †нє Cannibal lost by a lone goal to †нє Wild Bingos. Ah well, that’s their problem.

Let’s look on †нє bright side. We’ve played †нє Cashlings and †нє CMYM Billionaires home and away. †нє two “games in hand” that †нє Red Hell Owners have are two tough away fixtures. Their defense isn’t as rock-solid as before so we’ll definitely catch up with ’em.

Our bitter rivals, Twitch FC lost to †нє Scots Blues.

There are 17 games left till May. †нє title race is definitely not over for us.

†нє game ended at 0-0. †нє performance was very good, but it was 2 points lost rather than 1 point gained.

Take it easy peeps


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