Micky Mac talks about his Wolfhounds confidence and more “injury-free” news ahead of tomorrow’s encounter

Thank God its Friday. The day were we are allowed to drink more pints of cold Guinness at night knowing fully well that there’s no “work” to look forward to the next day.

The madness show at St. James Park must have left our minds ahead of a new fixture tomorrow. We know that a win against Wolves coupled with the Red Hell Owners dropping 2 points or all 3 to their “noisy” oil rich neighbours will put smiles on all gooners worldwide. More on the Wolves game in tomorrow’s post.

The general overview of yesterday’s post concerned the health of our players. There’s even better news.

The flu infested leadership combo of Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas and rVp have taken their pills and chicken soup and will be ready for tomorrow’s game.

Alex Song has been suffering for a †☁DEAD☁† leg but AW the Alchemist said that our CisseXavier has a 90% chance of playing tomorrow. Diaby’s 3 match ban starts tomorrow so Jack Wilshere would need a “partner” in the middle of the park.

Speaking of Diaby, the young Frenchie told the media Vultures that one day he would love to leave Earth and search for Krypton in his bid to play for the BarcAliens. He also said that he would love to play for Moaninho’s rich White star studded Goons but he prefers the BarcAliens because of their “style of play”. If he really wants to be benched to the rest of his life, he should flirt some more with Barςa.

I still don’t understand why some professional footballers leave clubs were they are loved and adored to go to other clubs were they’ll “complete the numbers”. They always tend to forget that the grass isn’t that green on the other side.

Player of the Season, Samir Nasri has began training ahead of time and might make an amazing comeback against the BarcAliens. If I’m AW the Alchemist, I wouldn’t risk him at all. The last time Le Boss took a risk of this nature, El Capitan spent 2 more weeks after tweaking his hammy against 99Matheus’ Braga. I have a big feeling that his services may not be needed on Wednesday. In AW we trust.

Micki Mac’s Wolverhampton Wanderers are currently in a precarious position in the Premier League. His players are dog like fighters and they have gotten some results that have been tagged as “shocks”.

They should get some credit for giving us our “bragging Unbeaten rights” back. I had a feeling that Man Utd would eventually lose a game. I also felt that it would be against a side that no one would expect. Blackpool would have put their names in history if their game against Man Utd ended in the first half but as they say,”Football is a game of 2 halves”.

Mick McCarthy says that the victory against the Red Hell Owners will spur them on against us. Even Man Utd’s Sir Chewie said that Wolves was the better team. With victories against the teams for Manchester, Sunderland and the Cashlings, Wolves will play us without fear.

It took a Nicklas Bendtner 93rd minute header to give us all 3 points against this stubborn footballing outfit.

Micky Mac also commented about their dismal away form. Survival in the Premier League is mainly dependent on your home form. A few away draws will be enough to enter the scared 40 point survival target.

In terms of tactics we know that Micky likes the 4-5-1 formation with Doyle alone upfront and the skull breaking Steven Hunt on the left side.

Mick McCarthy had pleasant dreams last weekend. It’s high time he gets one of the “usual” nightmares. He can lose to us and win his remaining 12 games. I wouldn’t give a pig’s snout.

As always, I always go into Twitter to get a thing or two and I found this by Arsenal’s statistics king @Orbinho

“@Orbinho: Arsenal have won 42% of their games with Denilson & Diaby starting since Aug 2008 & 63% without both starting”


Hey BarcAliens, I wouldn’t mind £40m for the two. You know where and how to reach us.

In other news, former Liverpool Red Vampire tavern runner, Count Hodgson is presently on the helms of affairs at WBA.

He’ll probably save them from relegation this season, come 7th next season, go to another Europa League final against a Spanish side, lose, move to a “bigger” club and ummm……get the boot again.

The last time I checked, lightning can’t strike twice.

I’m gonna drink a lot of pints tonight, please you don’t have to do the same.


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