Arsenal 1 Stoke 0: Football prevails over Rugby

Football was a sport that was created in the days of old by some ol’ British men. The sport became better with time. Rules were chipped in here and there. I can remember when I was little, keepers could catch backpasses. The teams had numbers without names and their shorts were really “short”. Everybody playing the sport did it for passion. In 2003, a dictator from U.S.S.R bought over a blue wearing mediocre league outfit. He bought stars from all over the galaxy. These stars couldn’t perform as expected so the gaffer that assembled them got the “boot”.

In the past 8 years, the U.S.S.R dictator has hired 6 managers. When the arab boys came to town, the dictator went into hiding but raised some eyebrows by unleashing £71m for 2 players. We all know that money has influenced the beautiful game. But its football.

Rugby on the other hand was also created by some ol’ British folks. People say that there’s a link between both sports but rugby requires a different approach. The standard rugby player must be big, meaty, hefty, ugly, built, aggressive and must be able to leap as high as a bloody kangaroo.

Stoke City football club is the representation of rugby in modern day football.

The lineup I predicted in yesterday’s post had a 100% match with the lineup that played yesterday night.

While Man Utd were run ragged in Stade Velodrome, we had the uphill task of ensuring that we close down the gap to a solitary point.

We attacked Stoke from the off. 70 seconds into the game, the Whizkhid gave a pass to his captain. El Capitan saw our speedy winger lurking on the edge of the area. He intelligently threaded a through pass to Walcott. Walcott’s quick shot hit the post and came back to the goalie.

Walcott had another chance at the Stoke goal but he was off-balance this time. The shot was very tame.

Springhands Delap started his onslaught of throws but we got our opener from an unlikely source in the 8th minute.

Wilshere floated a corner from the right hand side. Bendtner was the first to react on the ball on the far post. He then sent in a nice ball into the 6-yard box. The Squisha appeared from nowhere and used the same head that blocked that shot in Brisbane Road to head home from point blank range.

The Squisha needed that goal for his confidence. Djourou’s emergence has sent him down the pecking order so that goal meant a lot to him.

Shortly afterwards, we lost our captain to what seemed like a hammy injury.

AA23 replaced El Capitan and was deployed to the left wing. Nasri dropped behind the front three.

Losing Fab was a big blow to us because we lacked rhythm when he was absent on the pitch even though we had the lions share of possession at a staggering 74%.

As the first half was about drawing to a close, Stoke pulled up a surprise attack that brought the best in our young Pole Szszsz.

A bloke nodded the ball to Carew who then fired a screamer goalwards. Our goalie was up to that challenge. The save showed that his concentration levels are top notch. I’m very confident that he’ll be between the sticks on Sunday when we aim to end the drought against Birmingham in the Carling Spoon final.

When the first half ended, I changed the channel to see how those Mancurians were faring. Most of the highlights belonged to the home side…….like I cared.

In the 2nd half, that former gunner that looks like John Legend swung in a cross to our box. Gentle Shawcross got his head to it but the ball missed its intended target. I expected a penalty and an own goal from him. I didn’t know what I would have done if Shawcross of all wankhammers scored us.

Springhand’s Delap pelted another missile into our territory. The massive Huth leapt above everyone else but nodded over.

AA23 did well to leave Shawcross on his arse before sending a nice ball to Walcott. His attempt of a first time shot was miscued. That was funny though.

With 20 minutes left to play, Stoke’s Whitehead scythed Walcott on the edge of the area. Our winger didn’t get up from that challenge. The orderly with the stretcher came into the pitch. Walcott was replaced by that Brazilian bloke.

B52 was replaced by Chamakh. I guess rVp’s shoes were too hot for him.

With the game settling down for a simple One-Nil win, Denilson committed a silly foul at the edge of our box.

“@ArsenalUpdates: Denilson commits a stupid foul just outside the box to gift these gorillas a shot on goal”

The John Legend looking “gorrila” sent the ball to the side netting. If he scored that goal I don’t think that we would have gone on the win the game. Thank heavens.

In the dying moments of the game, Stoke had a throw in close to the center circle. Delap ran to the ball and catapulted it into our box. How on Earth can a player throw a ball with his bloody hands from the centre circle to the opposition penalty area? That’s one freaky chap.

The ball ended up in Szszsz’s hands then the ref called it a night.

Arsenal beat Stoke in a hardly fought battle but lost its captain and its fastest winger.

Super Fab might make the Birmingham game but it seems as if Walcott may face a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

Szszsz (6.5) had a relatively untroubled night but did well when called upon. Sagna (6.6) did okay. Same as Clichy (6.6). Koscielny (6.8) worked really hard today. Squisha (7.2) handed us three valuable points with his head. Whizkhid (6.8) sent some delightful passes. Song (6.7) played well. Nasri (6.9) was as sleek as ever. AA23 (6.8) looked as if he’s back to his best. B52 (7.0) gave the assist for the only goal of the game. Walcott (6.7) did okay before getting injured. Denilson (6.6) played well in midfield. El Capitan won’t get a rating today.

When I delved into Twitter for a few moments, I saw a tweet that “caught my eye”.

“@ladyarse: Djourou? Really? RT @Akolaar: @ladyarse I think that’s 28 games his unbeaten streak is now”

I’m as surprised as @ladyarse. Arsenal hasn’t lost in 28 games Djourou has played for us. I think it’s true. During our early season struggles, the defensive pairing was the Squisha and Koscielny. I’ll make more research to confirm this later on.

As always, my tweets of the day

“@ladyarse: Ramsey did not ‘break his leg’ – HE HAD HIS LEG BROKEN – big fucking difference. Fall down stairs, I break leg, hit by car you break my leg”

“@ArsenalUpdates: Wenger should field a team of rugged bouncers to play Stoke, no football experience needed”

“@Dominic777775: Football 1 Rugby 0.”

We are a point behind United who play Wigan, Chelsea and Liverpool on the spin. I hope for the “worst” for ’em.

In our game against Stoke City, football prevailed over rugby.


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