Sunderland visit the Emirates: Time to cut down that bloody gap

This is supposed to be the headline for tomorrow’s post but there won’t be any blog post tomorrow because I have a convocation ceremony to celebrate. After all it’s not easy going through university education unscathed.

We needed a much better response from last week Sunday’s disappointment. Leyton Orient became the victims of that football mutilation. The win against the lower league outfit has taken us to the 1/4 finals with fierce rivals Red Hell Owners.

Hattrick hero B52 has said that the team has moved on from that last Sunday’s heartbreak. A lot of positives can be taken can Wednesday’s performance. Even if we played a “weaker” side, there was a bit of ruthlessness in our play. rVp’s injury means that the goal scoring baton has been passed on to B52 and Chamakh. A hattrick against Leyton indicates that B52 is in pole position to spearhead our attack ahead of Chamakh. His 3 goals showed that there’s dynamism in his play. With important games against Sunderland, BarcAliens and a host of other teams coming up, let’s hope that Wald Bezt Bendtner will keep his favourite groin in check because we know that he always get injured there.

Sunderland visit the Emirates on the back of a defeat to Everton. It’s definite that the Bent One’s loss took its toll on the side but I don’t give a pig’s snout. Let’s not forget that it was Bent that scored that late equalizer after TR7 killed a hawk in the sky with his penalty.

Colin Lewin and his physios are quite busy at the moment because they have gotten new friends Vermaelen could play with in our treatment room. rVp’s knee will keep him out for the time it takes a hen to hatch her eggs. Song still has a knee problem that may make him miss our space shuttle trip to planet Krypton to play the BarcAliens. Koscielny has picked up a hammy injury so he’ll miss tomorrow’s game. I still feel his serving his “punishment” for that cock-up at Wembley. Walcott is still out but there’s a little glimmer of hope for club captain El Capitan. AW the Alchemist talked about Fabregas’ situation but said that the Sunderland game is “too soon” for El Capitan. There’s even a probability that he might miss the trip to play his former Alienoids. El Capitan missed our last encounter at the Nou Camp because he broke his leg and had a suspension.

I pray he plays FC BarcAliens on the 8th. Besides, lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same location.

Despite our recent injury crisis, it seems that our youngling Aaron Ramsey has ended his 2nd spell with Cardiff to challenge for a place in our depleted squad. His last game for Arsenal took place over a year so I’m sure that he’ll get an amazing reception from our passionate fans when he comes on. If I was at Emirates when Ramsey is about to be introduced, I’ll bring out a big picture of Ramsey’s head over Stallone’s muscled up body holding a million and one bullets with a golden Avtomat Kalashnikov 1947. We don’t call him “Rambo” for nothing.

For the team that will play Sunderland tomorrow, Wojciech Szczesny will return in goal. I believe that he’s mature enough to get his psyche on the right track.

Our regular full backs got deserved rest on Wednesday so they’ll continue to do their thing in their respective positions. It’s also good to know that our fullbacks have potent shooting power if the need arises. Sagna unleashed a rocket at Goodison Park and released a torpedo in Elland Road. Clichy also sent a “Surface-to-goal” missile against Leyton.

Djourou will pair up with the Squisha in the heart of our defense. Squisha’s best game in Arsenal colours came in that ill-fated 1-1 draw against tomorrow’s opponents. I hope he takes it as an added incentive.

Diaby will pair up with the Whizkhid in the holding roles. TR7 was substituted for what seemed like an injury but if he’s fit enough to play, he’ll take the Mr. Creativity role behind the attacking triumvirate.

Czar AA23 will rule the left wing like Motherland Russia, SuperSnood Nasri will take charge of the right while Wald Bezt B52 will play in his “favourite” position.

I really hope that Robin the Vampire will give him a soft “bite” on his jugular vein do that he’ll crave for goals like blood. rVp scored 12 goals in just 2 months.

Injury….you big ass bastard.

My expected lineup would be


There’s a high probability that I might miss tomorrow’s crucial match. As I said earlier, its my convocation so I’m gonna spend a lot of time with my favourite Guinness.

I’m sure that I’ll get as high as Nicklas Bendtner leapt when he scored that goal against Twitch FC in the 2007/08 season where he entered the Premier League record books for the fastest goal scored by a sub…..1.8 seconds.

Enjoy the match wherever you are but while you are at it click on the link below to read the news of one of our “Invincibles”, Kolo Abib Toure who has joined the League of Xtraordinary Banned Gentlemen that was initially led by expert defensive huntsman Rio FerdiQuartermain, ship captain Nassarrubel Xavier and immortal Dorian Mutu. I guess he can take the role of Dr. Jekyll

Here’s to our game tomorrow and my bottles of amber Guinness.

As always,


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