Like 98′ and 02′, it’s time to gun for the League and Cup double and injury roundup

I’m woke up this morning for the first time in a month in my Abuja bed. As always, the running nose cliche stepped in. So much for the dust in this city. I also woke knowing fully well that the talk of the “quad” has evaporated as fast as CO2 when you open a soft drink.

The Carling Spoon was lost by a late error, we were shown the Champions League exit door by little wizard Messi and our newest favourite ref, Bussy the Swiss white. Sorry Mr. Dowd, you’ve just been punked.

Djourou says that his ashamed of his compatriot Bussy the White. Djourou has been in football long enough to know that some refs are cuntbutlers so being ashamed of Bussy won’t change the fact that we’re out. If he says he’s ashamed of Bussy, what will he say about the current ruler of his former nationality, Gbagbo…

Colin Lewin has been extremely busy this season. So many players have come and gone away from his “camp” this year. Only one came to stay. He came with his knapsack and his tent. Thomas “Verminator” Vermaelen.

He took the Premier League by storm in his first season and rightfully won a place in the Team of the Year. His aggressiveness, coordination and leadership attributes made him assume the role of Belgium captain at the age of 23. This season started well with good preseason action and good games against Count Hodgson’s Red Vampires, Braga and Blackburn.

While representing his motherland on international duty, he suffered an Achilles injury that has robbed us of his services. There was talk about a comeback on the cards but as soon as he was close to full fitness, he suffered setbacks.

He issued a statement that wouldn’t be encouraging for gooners worldwide.

“I don’t know when I’ll play again. No date has been sent for my comeback. I won’t be in March”.

That’s really depressing. This means that Djourcielny will keep playing for two more footballing months. The only minor positive from a gooner point of view is that there’s no major tourney coming up. The Copa America won’t be of any major concerns to us because we don’t have many ambassadors from the Americas.

Fabregas has joined Verm in the treatment table. It seems as if he has tweaked his hammy again. That hamstring injury is getting out of hand for our captain. I sincerely hope that I doesn’t blight his season because Fabregas is very vital to our trophy hunting plans this season. The diagnosis stands at 2 weeks. Let’s hope it stays that way.

The newest inductee to the Arsenal injury club is our goalie Wojciech Szczesny. I got that from this tweet

“@AAllenSport: Szczesny: 4-6 weeks out without surgery. Out for the rest of the season if surgery is required.”

Losing Szczesny is also a bitter blow. We loaned Mannone out. Almunia was shite. Fabianski made the number 1 his own. Got injured. Szczesny made the number 1 his own. Now he’s injured.

What if we sold Almunia in January? I would have meant that 18-year old Emiliano Martinez would have made his debut at the Nou Camp.

4 to 6 weeks is a long time out for Szczesny. We have no other choice but to stick to our old loyal SpanEnglish goalie Manuel Rivero Almunia.

Let’s hope he plays a vital role in our trophy hunt this season. There were games were Fabianski and Szczesny kept our leads intact for us to seal all 3 points. Almunia had better follow suit.

AW the Alchemist had won the League and Cup double twice. 1998 and 2002. The last cup he won was in 2005.

I can still remember that game against the Cashlings in 2009 that we lost 4-1 at home. The annoying cameraman caught a glimpse of that section were trophies are painted in white with their corresponding years.

The order was League 98′, FA Cup 98′, League 02′, FA Cup 02′, League 04′, FA Cup 05’……………

He kept going and going till he saw no other painting.

That must end this season. We’ll have to make sure we hire new painters to draw League 11′ and FA Cup 11′.

The players also want to win things because they are really close this time.

Sagna says,”We are ready to fight because we are even more frustrated after what happened last night and we want to give more.”

If there’s any Arsenal player that deserves a trophy, its Bacary Sagna. Since joining the Arsenal from Auxerre in 2007, Sagna has been one of Arsenal’s most consistent players. Week in week out, he runs that right flank sending in crosses and make vital interceptions. Let’s not forget that he has added goals to the equation.

Another player that had something to say to the media Vultures was our Whizkhid, Jack Wilshere

He says,”We never give up, that is the spirit of Arsenal. We are still in two competitions and need to get a trophy this year, that will be the aim”.

“We’ve got great mental strength, there’s disappointment in the dressing room but we have to pick ourselves up and got to United to get the win. We’re still in two competitions and are 3 points behind United with a game in hand.”

That’s another player that has what it takes to be Arsenal’s captain in the foreseeable future. A player who’s not fazed by media hype surrounding him.

More on the Red Hell Owner “make or break” game in tomorrow and Saturday’s post.

It still hurts to know that Shakthar are in the quarter finals…they came “first” in Group H. A position that we were meant to occupy.

There’s no time to sulk or lick old wounds.

We still stand a chance of winning the double.

Besides, rivals Man Utd have lost 2 games in a row. Who says that they can’t have a 3rd loss.


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