Arsenal visits the Hawthorns: The final surge begins now

I picked up where my Irish folks left off and extended my own St. Patrick’s day yesterday night. After a few amber bottles of ice cold Guinness, I went straight to bed without thinking twice. Besides it was 0238hrs. When I entered the dreamWorld, I saw more bottles of Guinness but I decided to channel my dreams to something Arsenal-ish in nature. I then saw myself in Highbury with a few friends talking about the game about to be played. Arsenal vs Liverpool. Count Houllier’s Reds wore white jerseys with black shorts while their goalie wore an orange jersey that made him look like marmalade. The dream seemed real though. We scored 4 goals and my best player of all time scored a hattrick.

That wasn’t a fucking dream….it actually happened in 2004. I guess that I dreamt only about Guinness then….Bleeeh.

The Hawthorns: Arsenal's happy hunting ground

Arsenal visit the Hawthorns today knowing that there’s only one target in mind. 3 vital fucking points. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Hawthorns has been a happy hunting ground for us in recent times. In our last 16 visits to this ground, the home side has managed to get 1 win. Our last visit here saw us run out as 3-1 winners. Wald Bezt B52 scored a brace.

Bendtner's goal celebration against WBA in the 2008/09 campaign

Manchester United host Mad Man Coyle’s Bolton but I feel that no upset might be on the cards so maintaining the 3 points gap at the end of the day will do our World a lot good. Our last league win was in February and besides that routine thumping of minnows Leyton Orient we haven’t managed any win this month. The form guide of the last 5 games we have played is L-W-X-L-L. All we would love to see in the form table should be W-W-W-W-W-∞. You got that right….to infinity.

For team news, we would be without the usual suspects. Vermaelen, Fabregas, Song, Walcott, Szczesny, @enigma106, @dkingpin Tomasz, @Chuckbass, @davicky1 and Fabianski.

Today’s game will be a game of atonement for present goalie Manuel Almunia. It was his horror outing against WBA that cost him his place in the squad. If AW the Alchemist doesn’t think that his psyche is strong enough he could bring on Mad Jens…..

Who I’m I kidding?

Almunia will do just fine. He was blameless against Barca. He made a good save from Chicharito’s header but Koscielny was going to lose the battle with evil Twin Fabio if he was going to contest with him for pace. For the header scored by the rich RooThug, I could point a finger at Almunia but I won’t point my index finger. I’ll probably use the middle one or the thumb upside down. I can also remember that he invoked the 2007/08 season’s spirit to make some good saves towards the end of the game.

Sagna will continue at his right back position. Clichy should return for Gibbsy.

Then there’s the heart of our defense.

Koscielny and the Squisha.

They have been our worst defensive pairing so far but as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in one fucking day”. I believe that Koscielny would want a Premier League winner’s medal. In his days in French Ligue 2 outfit Tours and Ligue 1 side FC Lorient I’m pretty sure that he didn’t win anything. Squillaci on the other hand has a nice cabinet filled up with medals he won from his previous employers. In his junior days at Ajaccio in 2002, he won the French Ligue 2. A year later, he won the Coupe de la Ligue with Monaco. He was also part of the formidable Monaco side that got into the Champions League final in 2004. He played with Evra, Maicon, Rothen, Giuly, Morientes, Prso and……Greedybayor. He won 4 trophies with French Juggernauts Olympique Lyonnais. The French Champions trophy in 2006, the French Cup in 2008 and two Ligue 1s in 2007 and 2008. His last trophy was last season’s Spanish Cup with Sevilla.

That’s means that our Squisha has 7 winner’s medals. That’s more medals than Almunia, Fabregas, van Persie and Clichy put together. These 4 players are the only ones that have won anything wearing the Red and White in this present crop of players.

Even if he has been our “worst” defender in all accounts, I expect his trophy winning experience to rub on his younger partner Koscielny. I wrote in a previous post that “you can’t get addicted to smoking until you’ve had your first cigarette”. Squillaci can be classified as a good smoker in this category while Hugh Giggs Hefner will be an “addict”….too many fucking medals.

For the midfield, I expect Jack Wilshere to play in the holding role. I’ve gotten tired of watching Diaby start matches so I pray that AW the Alchemist heeds to me and play Denilson or Ramsey. I will take the deep blue sea to the Devil any day, anytime.

I would also prefer Nasri to play the attacking midfield role today. TR7 hasn’t stepped up to the challenge this year. This will mean that the attacking triumvirate would be AA23 on the left, B52 on the right and rVp as the lone striker.

It’s high time we start giving more games to Nick. His height will help us at both ends of the pitch. If he started against Birmingham he would have been the person to mark Beanpole Zigic during corners. There’s no need to open sealed wounds.

My expected lineup should be





My lineup might not be the same with AW the Alchemist. All I care is that we get all 3 points today.

Arsenal FC,

The surge begins now!


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