Good injury news and the goalies

When you love what you do and do what you love, it becomes a driving force within you. After having a quite stressful day, I didn’t have the energy to start typing with my lappy but something kept spurring to take that mighty step.

Let me stop boring you with my tales that go into one ear and go away from the other.

Let me start with the not so good news or @davicky1 gave me a piece of info concerning our Wald Bezt striker B52.

I’m just kidding. @davicky1 came across the info when he was surfing through As a strong Arsenal fan faithful to the cause, he was even generous enough to “munch” it for us.

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The only baffling thing is that Bendtner was supposed to play against Norway and Slovakia when everybody is playing their own games. That’s this weekend and the Tuesday or Wednesday in the upper week. I hope it’s an error though because losing a player like B52 won’t be helpful to our cause.

At some point Denilson said that we could….will win the quad. After the fortnight of horror, all the gunners were playing a different tune. In recent weeks, Jack Wilshere has been the most vocal but flying Dutch man rVp has been the latest to come out of his shell to say that we can win the league.

Thanks Robin…we’ve heard it from the umpteenth time.

It’s always good to be optimistic but after what I saw against WBA I’m gearing myself up for one of those summers. Even if rVp scores 5 goals in a game, what’s the essence if Almunia concedes 5 or 6 in the Arsenal goal? With Fabianski or Szczesny between the sticks in the Hawthorns on Saturday, such a silly goal wouldn’t have been conceded. I know that Fabianski has had his fair share of criticism but he had matured into a better goalkeeper knowing fully that his place will be lost if he concedes any other silly goal. Since claiming the number 1 jersey against Partizan, Fabianski has kept 5 clean sheets with the most notable against Man City and Wolves. Fabianski was at fault to an extent when he jumped with Newcastle’s WWE Edge but he bounced back superbly when we played Wolves 2 days later.

Everybody pointed a finger at Fabianski with that Newcastle error but “everybody” also sang his praises after his performances against Wolves. He also did well when we visited Goodison Park. In the two back to back defeats against Twitch FC and Braga, he was blameless. He then put up consistent performances till he injured his shoulder in January.

Szczesny was handed the goalkeeping baton by his patriot. He started with his dreaded pink outfit against Leeds in the FA Cup. He has kept an astonishing 8 clean sheets for us this season.

Trust me; getting 8 clean sheets is a good feat when a keeper like Almunia has only kept 2. These clean sheets were against Blackpool and Braga. They were both on the end of a 6-0 spanking.

We all know that Saturn head Alves dislocated Szczesny’s finger with that shot but our goalie is still training with the lads. This time he’s working on his distribution.

When we played Man Utd in Old Strafford, his clearances weren’t far up the pitch. Since his target still stands at mid-April let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. We have Blackburn, Blackpool and Liverpool before mid-April. Let’s hope that Szczesny will make it in time to play our game in hand against Twitch FC in White Hart Lane. We all know what Almunia did in their turf last season.

Another name that brings smiles to our trophy laden faces is Johan Djourou. It seems that JD20 will still be part of our title challenge adventure this season. He has gone for an exploratory operation and will be out for 4 weeks. This means that he’ll be available for our final 3 games against those Rugby boys, A Villa and Fool-ham. There’ll definitely be a battle to make him eligible for our game of the season against Man Utd. Let’s also keep our fingers crossed on that one.

That’s a wrap for tonight.

I won’t apologize for the lateness of today’s post.

This is a weblog…some posts come in the morning, some in the afternoon and some at night.

I’m just kidding.

Sorry for the lateness of today’s post.






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