Does Arsenal lack leaders?

If you have been a reader of Gooner Daily since its inception in November 2010, you would notice that @enigma106 is a fervent lover of statistics. This is my 100th post published and it will definitely go down as one of my personal favourites. I’ll also use this opportunity to send a shout out to you, my esteemed readers.

Thanks a zillion. 🙂

Yesterday saw the first set of international games take place. All the Arsenal players involved didn’t have their limbs broken, balls smashed or hamstrings tweaked and twanged.

Nasri captained Les Bleus for the first time while fucktards like Monsieur Tuck-in Evra where around. Everybody expected a rout but we the neutrals where disappointed. Ribery, Malouda and Evra were very peripheral like I gave a fledgling fuck. Sagna did his thing on the right while Clichy enjoyed 90 minutes of good bench time with the remaining 6 Frenchies because like the game between Arsenal and Leyton Orient at Brisbane Road, the gaffer of the away side didn’t make any change. Nasri led by example by supplying an assist for the opening goal for the Frenchies. The best part of the assist was that it made Phillippe Mexes break his international goal scoring duck.

rVp wasn’t the leader of the Oranje that demolished Hungary away but he was very influential in the game. He gave an assist for Mr. Stamina and scored a goal himself to round up an amazing display. At least he went through the game unscathed. The Hungarians visit the Amsterdam ArenA on Tuesday so I hope that rVp’s tender ligaments and glass bones will still be intact when the ref blows his whistle at full time.

TR7 led his Czech team to planet Krypton to play that Alien lot known as Spain. We all know that the Spanish national side can be regarded as Aliens because their squad is infested with that BarcAlien lot from Catalunya. A blonde Czech bloke fired a sweet long range effort to put TR7’s army in pole position for a shock win but a late brace from the clinically profligate David son of Villa handed all 3 points to the SpanAliens.

Today, the English national team will be hosted by Wales in the magnificent Millennium stadium. I thought I also say that when I’m talking about Wembley. The captain of the Welsh national said a few words to the media Vultures.

He says, “Ever since I was a boy I wanted to become a professional footballer and to captain my country and this day has come and it’s a very special moment for me and my family. My mum and dad put in many miles and time to help me get where I am today so I’d like to thank them. I feel over the moon and honoured to be captain of my country at such a young age. It was a bit of a surprise but a very nice one. Hopefully now I can lead by example in the way I play. We know as a team what we’re capable of doing and we’re going to go into the game thinking that we can do something in this game and get a positive result”

Premier League legend and new Welsh manager Gary Speed had this to say, “I thought about what is best for the team going forward. I spoke to Aaron before making the decision and told him there were certain responsibilities and duties that would go with it, and to see if he was happy with it. I’m delighted and he was really happy. I made the decision because I thought it was best for the team and the future of the team”.

Some pundits and cuntholes alike were skeptical about the decision of Gary Speed to appoint 20-year old Ramsey as the national team skipper. They can feel free to fuck themselves for all I care. As they always say, “In a team, the manager’s say is FINAL”.

Even if England got the bragging rights against their neighbours, a lot of positives can be taken from the Arsenal point of view. Arsenal Whizkhid Jack Wilshere had a good run out. He gave 2 sumptuous through balls to The Bent One but the goal hungry predator wasn’t fast enough to reach the ball at both occasions. He also did a neat one-two with the rich Roo-Thug before passing the ball to the ex-girlfriend shagging captain who killed a bird with his proposed cross. He was substituted for Downing in the 81st minute.

Ramsey on the other hand put up a commanding performance for Wales. I feel that he had the same amount of passes with Wilshere, West Ham’s Spidey Peter Parker and the Lampback of NotreDame put together in the first half. He misplaced some passes though. That back heeled pass he gave the fastest British foul mouthed dwarf delighted the fans even if the attack led to nothing. In the second half, Ramsey sent a defense breaking through ball for the lone striker Steve Morrison but the striker wasn’t in the same wavelength with his captain. Ramsey then created a scoring opportunity for himself but his shot went over. He was faced with England’s captain Terry J. Instead of marking the young lad, Terry decided to show Ramsey his number without Ramsey asking him.

The record books have not been favorable towards the Welsh. In 99 games played against their British rivals, the Welsh have managed a meager 14 wins with the last being in 1984. England had won 64 games before today.

At the end of 90 minutes, England was the victor with 2 goals to the good. After missing out of Arsenal football for 9 months and Welsh national team football for 16 months, Captain Rambo put up a good performance for his country. I’ll probably as @Orbinho to give me the amount of passes Ramsey sprayed in the game because if the amount of passes Ramsey sprayed was equivalent to an insecticide, the insects present in the Millennium stadium would be dead. At least I didn’t write magnificent this time.

In the other parts of the World, AA23 captained Motherland Russia in the bore draw against Armenia.

At least he was their “leader”.

The Leaders

The picture above needs to be seen by pantomime villain Denilson Perreira Neves who said that Arsenal lacked leadership.

Andrei “AA23” Arshavin, Tomas “TR7” Rosicky, Thomas “Verminator” Vermaelen and Aaron “Rambo” Ramsey are currently the skippers of their national sides.

When Cassy Casillas, Junkie Puyol and gutter mouth Xavi decide to enter a portal to the spectral realm and stay there forever, El Capitan might be considered to be the Spanish capitan. If Laurent Blanc feels that Nasri did enough against Luxembourg to be his captain, he will make it “official”. Nasri should also remember that if he’s elected as the permanent captain of France, there’ll be a time when he’ll use his hands to provide an assist for his teammate in the 119th minute of that certain game. What’s the worst that could happen? A one match fucking ban while he gets his national hero status like Luis Suarez against Ghana.           I also forgot to write that Nasri can use his hand to stop the ball from entering the goal like the African Uruguayan heart breaker. rVp also looks like a player who might be in line for the Dutch leadership role in the not too distant future.

As my headline and the picture “say”

Does Arsenal lack leaders?

I think not.

Denilson, if you are not cool with it feel free to join the experienced Gilberto Silva in Panathinaikos. I won’t give a leprechaun’s pot of Gold.

If you don’t like the Greek effect, heed to my earlier advice and go to Arsenal di Sarandi, Arsenal Montevideo or Arsenal Kiev. I even heard that there’s an African club side called Arsenal Ghana.

Brazilians are regarded as football exports, be the first to grace the Gold coast called Ghana. You’ll probably be the highest paid and will be given the captain’s armband. That way you can be the leader J

All thanks to Tomasz for putting this picture in my BlackBerry Messenger group, Team Goonerdaily.

He was the inspiration behind my 1st blog post on the 26th of November.

He’s also the inspiration behind my 100th.

I sincerely hope he’ll be there when I publish my 1000th post.

To Tomasz

Or Bobby Chiagozie Agulanna as he’s known in the real World.



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