Arsenal makes a bid for Samba, AA23 stays and more media Vulture speculation

There’ll be no more season reviews or Gooner Daily awards for another 365 days so it’s time to write about the daily news that is making waves in that place called GoonerVille. I want to express my profound gratitude to every reader that voted on the blog’s Facebook page. I’ll be updating the page from time to time so you could always go there to see what’s new in your spare time and don’t forget to ‘like’ the page while you’re at it.  Twitter still remains the blog’s strongest base though. You can follow the blog @goonerdaily and I’ll surely follow back.

After tonight’s match between the two sides that were beaten at the Emirates Stadium, there’ll be no real football for three good months so every football lover will have to find something new to keep busy. I have my Football Manager 2011 and my blog to keep my football mind active while another bloke will probably go to the newspaper stands every morning to get him/her a piece of that daily transfer news.

Sticking with transfer news, the media Vultures are it again with news linking players from the Milky Way into Arsenal and news linking some Gunners to the other footballing realms. Starting with the Gunners that seek greener pastures in other realms, AC Milan have joined the long list of clubs that want to take a sniff off our captain’s butt again but they say that they’re a broke ass lot so they can’t afford Fabregas.

The comments made from the AC Milan hierarchy can be likened to a young kid telling the World that he can’t afford a PS3 even though he needs it but my question remains,

“Why tell the World that you cannot afford the PS3 even though you need it? Do you expect someone in the World to open up a PS3 charity organization so that you’ll be able to get it?”

I know that AC Milan is a club that deals with wheeler dealers, marquees and free signings but spend when they want to. They stole the Flanimal from us 3 years ago and have acquired the services of my compatriot Ismaila Taye Taiwo and AW’s long term admirer Phillippe Mexes for free recently. I have one simple message for that Fly Emirates wearing outfit that has Red and Black stripes on their jersey,

“If you want Fabregas, join the list of the other assholes and come with money. If not shut thy pileholes and wait till 2017 or so. That’s when his contract expires”

Samir Nasri is another player that may seek greener pastures elsewhere should he not decide to sign a new contract with Arsenal. I’ve written before that the reason Nasri hasn’t signed a new contract is best known to those Aliens that are scared of attacking the Earth because Chuck Norris still lives. Inter and Bayern are keeping tabs on the Frenchman but the latest bloke that has decided to stick his mucus filled nose into our affairs again is that cuntbutling wankhammer of a left back that called us a training centre late last year. Patrice Evra.

Evra wants his fellow Frenchie to join him at United even though we haven’t heard a word from their gaffer, Sir Alex Chewie. The player that can’t fly his jersey even though his life depended on it still had the nerve to taunt Nasri and his employers, the Arsenal. The cuntbag said that he has won trophies to ∞ at Man Utd so Nasri will have to be on his toes if he wants to join them. I can keep raining abuses on Evra because I don’t really like that bloke but I’m extremely positive that he’ll score an own goal at the Emirates in the foreseeable future.

Switching over to the happier side of the news that involves players coming into Arsenal, I’ll start with the not so good news. It seems as if Nasri’s fellow Frenchie of Algerian descent Karim Benzema will not join us this summer because he wants to stay at Madrid to fight for his place with Gonzalo Higuain. It seems as if Emmanuel Greedybayor didn’t do well enough to impress the men wearing the suit at the director’s box because they are saying that he’ll go back to Man City to meet a manager that might that won’t welcome him back like the prodigal son.    The media Vultures say that Arsenal is closing in on the Europa League’s hottest striker, Falcao. I’m a fan of Radamel Falcao Garcia Zarate because I’ve managed him before in Football Manager and I’ve watched his highlights on TV. He has predatory instincts in the box and he sure knows how to plant the ball at the back of the net. I know that that responsibility has been bestowed on rVp but you can’t bank on our Flying Dutchman to play all 38 league matches. Our bitter rivals, Tottenham are also keeping tabs on the striker so we’ll have to wait and see how the story unfolds. Nobody has worn the fabled No. 9 jersey since Eduardo left it so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

There are also emerging tales that Arsenal are after LOSC Lille Metropole’s French double winning duo, the BioHazard of Eden and that Ivorian chap that has the type of a name Brazilian footballers give themselves. When his parents gave birth to him on the 27th of May, 1987 in Anyama, Ivory Coast, they named him Gervais Yao Kouassi but he felt that Gervinho would be better because he probably watched Brazil a lot when he was growing up. Like Farmer Eboue, he got his big break in Beveren of Belgium before Le Mans snapped him up for a meager sum of £575,000. 2 seasons and a few league goals after LOSC Lille Metropole came knocking on Le Mans door and they multiplied his transfer sum by 10 to sell him to Lille at £5.75m. He dazzled the Lille faithful in his 1st season with 13 league goals in 32 appearances and went even better in the season that just wrapped up. The best thing about Gervinho is that he’s in the mold of excellent wingers that can be deployed in the center forward position and that kind of versatility could play a role in a club like Arsenal. The BioHazard of Eden is in another class of his own. He started his career in Lille at the milk sucking tender age of 16 and has been a regular starter for the French outfit that just won their first double since the days Joan of Arc fought for their freedom. A player like Hazard will command a massive transfer fee because of his age and talent but I know how AW can be in certain situations like this. I’m guessing that if his price is too much, he’ll tell the young lad that he’ll sign him for free and give him a handsome salary when his contract at Lille expire.  Hazard will then tell the World that he doesn’t want to go anywhere but he’ll keep playing for Lille only to arrive at Arsenal for a fee of …..

To the main headline of the day, it’s been said that Arsenal has made an £8m bid for the most handsome captain in the league, Christopher Veijeany Samba.  A player like Samba will be a massive boost to a team like Arsenal because he has that much needed Premier League experience that’s needed at the back. He joined Blackburn from Hertha Berlin for £400,000 and has averaged at least 35 league games every season for them. At 193cm, his aerial prowess cannot be overemphasized. He’ll be a massive threat from corner kicks as well as in our own end when we want to defend set pieces. Arsenal conceded almost 20 goals from set pieces alone this campaign. Emirates Stadium was the only ground in the Premier League where no goal was conceded from outside the box. That tells you the whole story.

However, signing a monster like Samba would mean that Arsenal would have 5 recognized center backs in the team. This would mean that every player will be on his toes because his place will be under threat and he’ll have no choice but to perform solidly anytime AW decides that it’s his turn to play.

Finally, Arshavin has cleared the air about his future in Arsenal. AA23 was also the subject of discussion in my last post because I handed him the award for Gooner Daily Worst Player of the Season. I’m a fan of the little pygmy but I gave him that award because that was what the gooners voted for in my blog’s Facebook page. I wrote initially that the awards will be DEPENDENT on what my esteemed readers voted so I’m sorry if you feel that Arshavin is not your worst player.

Arshavin scored 10 goals for Arsenal this season but most of his performances were very lethargic. It became evident when he lost his place to Theo Walcott as the season progressed. He scored Arsenal’s first preseason goal in the 4-0 win against Barnet but he opened his season account with a spot kick against Blackpool in August. At the end of that month, he scored Arsenal’s winner against Blackburn with a close range finish from point blank range. In September, he joined the party in the 6-0 thrashing of Braga, the icing on the cake when Arsenal walloped Tottenham in the Carling Spoon 3rd Round and the opener against Partizan after a cheeky backheel by Wilshere. He shot blanks in October but ended his goal drought the next month with Gooner Daily’s Goal of the Month for November against Aston Villa. Arshavin scored a scissors kick in the last Arsenal game of 2010 against Wigan but shot blanks again in January. He scored 2 goals in February with the most memorable being the match winner against Barca. His last goal of the season was in March when he scored Gooner Daily’s Goal of the Month against West Brom.

Arshavin is a player that can produce that moment of magic when needed so I’m delighted that he has decided to stay with us. I certainly hope that Nasri and Fabregas follow suit.

The tweet of the day comes from @BarcaTheOffside but @AccioMaria completed it.

“@BarcaTheOffside: If Pep is Aragorn, Messi is definitely Frodo, Villa is Sam while Iniesta is Pippin….”

“@AccioMaria added: Then I guess that Wayne Rooney is Smeogol cause they both have the bald thingy going on”

It’s time to get my Guinness for the final at Wembley.

Here’s to a good game of football, even if I hate both clubs playing it.


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  1. Most of the times i visit a blog I notice that most blogs are amateurish. On the other hand,I could indubitably say that you writting is decent and your website solid.

  2. good info…. tnx… hope Nasri and CESE talk to HELB and matthew and others before deciding what to do… arsenal is the best place for them.. agreed the evra is an asshole of the highest degree.. agreed also that samba will be a great fit for us… keep the info coming ENIGMA…. CHEERS

  3. I have read some good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to create such a excellent informative web site.

  4. Orville, Paul and Kamran: Thank you very much for your comments…..I’m honored

  5. tnx for the great reads, super eagle!

  6. have u changed the site some?

    • No I haven’t….Have you seen today’s post….It’s about Nasri and Koscielny
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  7. arsenalfighter

    Arshavin. He’s a great player with vision and exquisite skills. An experienced and proven player – just look at his games with his previous team and country. That’s why AW bought him. BUT I pity AA23. Why? AW played him OUT OF POSITION. You can only be happy for a while becos once he struggle to fit in a new position, unnatural to him, his performance dipped. Stupid fans then started to question his ability and motivation. Seriously is he any worse than denilson or almunia?

  8. Arsenalfighter: We all know that AA23 played in the ‘hole’ behind the striker in his Zenit days and he exceled admirably. It has been easy playing from the left but the fans don’t understand that. He is a player of immense quality and he has proven himself times without number. I’m pleased to know that he’ll still be with us.

  9. very interesting subject , great post.

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