More media Vulture feed and a quick focus on the greedy boy: Samir Nasri

I’ll start today’s post with a comment left by an esteemed reader called Gavin.

“Disgusted with Samir Nasri, to see him flirting with ManUre actually stings. People gave Cesc some amount of sh1t this season but whatever you say about him he has never held the club to ransom and issued come and get me plea’s to our closest rivals. Sad to see Arsenal turn into the new Ajax and the fact Wenger is still refusing to fix it is heartbreaking.”

My buddie Kamran wrote this,

I’m disgusted.. doesn’t he know anything. It’s just like a dog that bites the hand feeding it… inexcusible

In the days of old, Ajax Amsterdam was a squad that produced raw talent and exported them to the rest of the football World. When I was much younger, Ajax produced players like Edwin van der Save, Edgar Davids, Clarence “La Ynash” Seedorf, Nwankwo Kanu, Reverend Father Dr. Sir His Royal Intelligence Dennis Bergkamp, the de Boer twins and much more. The likes of Barcelona, Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan and Bayern snapped them up for good fees. Ajax’ next generation of superstars included Zlatan Turkeymovic (his nose is like a beak), Wesley Sneijder, Steven Pienaar, Christian Chivu, Rafael vdV, Ryan Babel and Maxwell. Present day Ajax has produced the likes of Klass Jan GoalHunter and Luis Suarez. All these players were also sold out to the heavyweights of Europe. Ajax won the Eredivisie on the last day with a victory against previous winners FC Twente but I don’t see this present Ajax squad going all the way in next season’s Champions League.

Arsene Wenger joined Arsenal in September 1996 and has seen through 3 generations of players. The first generation had the likes of Adams, Keown, Bould, Winterburn, Dixon, Seaman, Petit, Overmars and so much more. All these Gunners had 1 thing in common, they gave Arsenal FC the best years of their lives and their departures left the fans with tears that could fill buckets up. The second generation had players that were very clinical finishers and they also had the most lethal counter-attacking prowess in Europe. The only left back that could match Cashley Cuntly Cole for pace in the World was the player that most PlayStation 1 gamers used as a centre forward, Roberto Carlos. Henry was one of the fastest strikers in the footballing galaxy. Wenger also had players like Count Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Monsieur Vieira, Mad Jens Lehmann and the rest of the lot that went unbeaten in the 03/04 season. As the years went by, AW sold some off and let the others go for free because he had a new generation in mind. A generation that was filled up with younglings from our academy and other academies across the globe. Younglings that have made our once happy boss a very frustrated figure.

Despite Arsenal’s shortcomings in recent times, AW’s present squad has some players with outstanding quality. Every team in the World would like to have a van Persie, a Sagna, a Wilshere and a Fabregas but there’s a player I want to focus on today, Samir Ben-Said Nasri. In his Marseille days, he was labeled as the next best thing after Franck Ribery. Arsenal tried to get the scarred elf but Bayern had the greens so AW backed out. When Hleb went on to search for greener pastures in Barcelona in 2008, AW signed Nasri as his replacement. Nasri scored on his Arsenal debut against West Brom but he wasn’t too impressive in his first two seasons in the club because he was plagued by injury. I’m pretty sure that no gooner can forget what Abou Diaby did to him 2 summers ago.

Nasri started the 2010/11 preseason adventure brightly with the final goal in the 4-0 victory over Barnet. He scored 2 goals against Sturm Graz when Arsenal went on their Austrian preseason tour. He also scored the final goal in the 3-2 win against Celtic in the Emirates Cup. He scored the final goal with a free kick in that Arsenal’s scary preseason tie against Fabianski’s previous employers Legia Warsaw.

The maestro got off the mark in this concluded season with a penalty brace against Tottenham. 3 days later, he scored another brace in Arsenal’s 2-3 home defeat to West Brom. Nasri continued his good work in October with the equalizer against Birmingham City after Zigic had opened the scoring for them with his first attempt on goal. He also joined the party when Arsenal demolished Eduardo’s Shakhtar with 5 goals. He continued his impressive goal scoring form with the match opener away at Man City. After a 6 game drought he scored Arsenal’s first goal in the North London Derby in November. This was followed by a technical volley when Arsenal visited Villa Park.

Nasri became the King of Arsenal’s jungle when he singlehandedly tore Fulham apart with two breathtaking goals. That was it for 2010 but his footballing exploits where not unnoticed because he was crowned as the French Footballer of the Year for 2010. If there was any time to give Nasri a contract, December was it because he literally had the World at his feet but our father figure of a manager decided to fold his arms and wait till the summer.

Nasri started 2011 well with a goal against Birmingham but rVp took the goal scoring keys from him and never took his foot off the pedal. After a 4 game drought, he came up with the goods against Leeds in Elland Road then his goal scoring well literally dried up. Nasri had to wait for 3 months before his low drive went in against Tottenham in that pulsating 3-3 draw. This meant that Nasri joined Fabregas and van Persie in the league of Arsenal players that scored in all competitions. The lovely goal against Leeds being his only FA Cup goal, the double penalty salvo against Tottenham being his goals in the Carling Spoon, Shakhtar and Partizan were the teams that incurred his wrath in the Champions League while the remaining 10 goals were scored in the Premier League summing it all up to 15.

This summer meant that Nasri would have one year at the club so there were only 2 possible outcomes; give him a fat contract that has play deserved or sell him out to another European heavyweight because it would be horrible if he goes for free at the next season like the Flanimal. Arsenal has offered the Frenchman at £90,000 per week deal but he has put the club at ransom because he wants pay parity with club captain Cesc Fabregas.

Why on Earth will Nasri want pay parity with Fabregas? Cesc is Arsenal’s modern day Spartacus while Wenger is the Lanista, Quintus Lendutus Batiatus. Fabregas has shed sweat, blood and sand for Arsenal FC. He was sent into this team at the age of 16 and he has been waxing strong ever since. Fabregas has supplied 80 assists in just 7 years at the club while Man Utd’s legend Paul Scholes provided 33 assists in 17 years of service to them. Even if Arsenal buckles to Nasri’s demands and pays him £250,000 like Rooney for all I care, does the Frenchman think that the fans will adore him and sing his songs again? Even the kissing the badge trick won’t work. Emmanuel Greedybayor can attest to that. It’s just shameful to know that money has come to stay in the game and players don’t give 2 hoots about the passion again. Nasri has 24 more days to sign his £90,000 per week deal because AW has told him that he’ll be shipped off from the 1st of July if he doesn’t sign because Arsenal was Arsenal before he stepped his foot in London and Arsenal will still be Arsenal if he decides to search for greener pastures elsewhere.

Before I give my transfer roundup, I’ll like everyone to know that Argentina LOST by 2 goals to 1 against Poland yesterday in a friendly and if FIFA doesn’t probe Szczesny’s nation for match fixing, I’ll be pissed.   

The media Vultures say that we have tabled a £15m bid for that Ivorian Brazilian called Gervinho. I’ve seen that bloke play and I’ve been impressed but I don’t know if £15m is the ideal valuation for the chap. In Arsene we trust as always.

They also say that we are now on the alert because West Ham’s captain Scotty Parker wants to say sayonara to the club and they’ve also said that Sevilla wants our Wald Bezt striker Nicklas Bendtner. I don’t know if a move to Sevilla is a step in the wrong direction but Nicklas B has told the World and probably the rest of the cosmos that he wants to leave Arsenal so if he wants to go to the city of Seville, he can be my bloody guest as long as we get a fee that satisfies both Mr. Kroenke, AW and the fans.

The final transfer news involves Arsenal target Osaze Odemwingie. West Brom are about to offer the Nigerian a new contract to ward off suitors like us. If there’s any player in the league that deserves a deal, it’s Osaze. It’s not every day you come to the Premier League from a different footballing culture like Russia to score 15 goals.

Lansbury has also said that he would love to be like Wilshere when he grows old. 🙂

I’m also honored to write that I was a guest writer for Sounak Mukherjee’s The Hard Tackle and I wrote an article about the bright sparks of a dark season. It’s worth a read.

That’s all for today.


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  1. hi toni,,, all this BS regarding match fixing IS just that. BS… diversion issue created to take football followers attention from rha sham elections held last week. when will we wise up and take the sport back for the people. Arsene is taking the right steps regarding Nasri. i would not bend over and kiss his ass, ala Roony and united. as a club and team we must make an statement. NO PLAYER IS LARGER THAN THE CLUB AND THE TEAM.
    very enjoyable read bro, more power to you.


    • Thank you Kamran, If he feels that 90k a week isn’t good enough for him…he can leave! I must say that I really like your avatar on my blog! It’s so funny!
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  2. westlondongoon

    Looks like Nasri wasn’t the greedy shit we all took him for. He’s come out tonight and said he will sign the contract as stands, but wants to see who Wenger inends to buy first before signing.
    He’s just as worried who Wenger’s targets are as the fans are! This could be the single most defining point of Wenger’s tenure.
    With Cesc off this summer, the next most senior member of our midfield, is challenging the manager to live up to his expectations. This will be a massive test for him. Will he rise to the challenge and buy the playera we need (pacifying the fans and senior players), or will he decide that Nasri is now a troublemaker and sell him to the highest bidder (thereby most probably pissing off any players left in the squad who have a modicum of ambition and/or respect)!

  3. Mr. Westlondongoon, thank you for this comment. This now means that Wenger will be the one in the hot seat because he’ll need to sign quality players that could help the club win trophies. If this is true, I owe Nasri an apology in my next post

  4. westlondongoon, if what is reported is true,it would be a defining moment. a moment where the players take their eyes off their own tasks and start being part time managers. he new the philosophy and the path ARSENAL had st the time of joining. its not him i look to to bring new prospects in. half season of good football doesnt give any player the right to question his boss regarding comings and goings. hope he wises up soon. a great talent with as great a mouth on him to boot.

  5. i also cant see CESE GO. its not ironclad. barka doesnt have the funds and i dont think he will go back on his words and leave fo any team other than BARKA.
    I LIKE MY AVATAR ALSO, IT IS GROING ON ME. i just hope it wont scare any of your readers away my man. im really a big cuddler after all…. hahaha

    • Hahahaha! Don’t worry, I’m sure that those teeth there won’t bite! As for Cesc….I don’t want him to go! 🙁
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  6. Hi there.
    Where did you see the Nasri comments?

  7. Mr. Westlondongoon didn’t attach any link so I’ve been surfing on the web for the info. I’ll paste here or in tomorrow’s post when i find it

  8. Nice post yet again. But I usually don’t join the bandwagon of people that deride footballers for demanding pay rise. Football nowadays is business, football clubs run it like a business, managers run it like a business, why shouldn’t the footballers do likewise? They have a short career span, if they have the chance to make money, I don’t see why not. You might argue that there are more diplomatic ways to go about it, but diplomacy doesn’t work all the time…. Also, everyone wants to succeed.. When a player like Nasri get feelers that his top players like Arshavin, Cesc, Clichy might be heading out. He knows how weakened his side will get, he knows how queer his manager is in transfer dealings… And it won’t take Albert Einstein to know that it gets harder to win anything with a depleted team like that…he wants to succeed, so he says “f*ck loyalty” and signs for Manure….its up to Wenger and the club… They’re increasing ticket price yeah? They should pay money… They should buy players to complement these our guys….. I’m talking too much…I’m sure you get my point. Go Gooners

  9. you guys av spoken well, but we dont really knw what is goin on wit Wenger…..he has been be our best coach so far, but he shld try to change his philosophy but d man is som how ridid…..if d man cld be able sign strong players lyk samba or chahil and striker lyk osaze wit 1 strong midfielder, i tink there shld there a green light. But our Manager wil counts it as FALLACY.

  10. I’m just lost for speech regarding this Nasri’s transfer rumors, gossips and speculations..
    Mathematically and logically if he is given the pay rise will he continue to rise up to the occasion=on?… That’s the big question here…..

  11. Debo: I understand where your coming from but I just hope that everything goes well with both parties involved, Joshua: I also agree with you, a change of philosophy is needed in the club and Wenger needs to get players that want to win trophies, ChuckBass: Remember remember the Greedy Togolese……..He got a pay rise then what happened….?

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