More on Nasri and Arsenal’s signing of the season: Laurent Koscielny

Yesterday I didn’t really have many nice things to write about Samir Nasri and I summed it all up with this sentence,

“It’s just shameful to know that money has come to stay in the game and players don’t give 2 hoots about the passion again”.

While I pondered what to write about the Frenchman today an esteemed reader called Westlondongoon left a comment that made me change my perspective about Nasri’s recent shenanigans.

“Looks like Nasri wasn’t the greedy shit we all took him for. He’s come out tonight and said he will sign the contract as stands, but wants to see who Wenger intends to buy first before signing.

He’s just as worried who Wenger’s targets are as the fans are! This could be the single most defining point of Wenger’s tenure. With Cesc off this summer, the next most senior member of our midfield, is challenging the manager to live up to his expectations. This will be a massive test for him. Will he rise to the challenge and buy the player we need (pacifying the fans and senior players), or will he decide that Nasri is now a troublemaker and sell him to the highest bidder (thereby most probably pissing off any players left in the squad who have a modicum of ambition and/or respect)!”

Nasri wants AW to be active in the transfer window before he signs a new contract. This can be seen from 2 different perspectives. The first being that Nasri has now put Arsenal’s boss under a bit of pressure to deliver like he promised shortly after the Fulham game while it also seems as if Nasri wants to keep stalling till his suitors arrive. Before I continue writing about this I’ll like to quote a section of my post on the 29th of April.

“The media Vultures report that Fabregas and Arshavin have told AW the Alchemist that they will stay at Arsenal if he buys a defense worthy of them. I don’t know about AA23 but I feel for our captain. He was in the form of his life season last term then he ended it with a World Cup medal while playing with those his BarcAlien friends in the Spanish National team. Barca tried everything to woo him to wear their alien clothing and warm their bench but AW the Alchemist did enough to convince him to stay. His performances this season haven’t been sky high but his work ethic and defense splitting through passes played a vital role in our trophy charge this season even if our defense capitulated times without number this season. Take the Liverpool game for instance. How would you feel if you waltzed into the opponent’s box late on before being hacked down by some bloke, you get injured but you request that you want to see the penalty being played before you’re taking to the treatment room. Your teammate scores in the 98th minute while you celebrate on the stretcher only to see another teammate concede a penalty in the 101st minute which your opponents converted to level the tie or the Birmingham game when you the striker execute a scissors kick to equalize for your team then you get injured in the process only to see your teammate kick thin air in the 89th minute for your opponents to win the trophy while you’re gutted and probably crying while there’s an ice pack on your knee. I wrote in a previous post that I will not begrudge Fabregas or rVp if they leave the club but they have to understand that they are essential to us because they are the leaders of the team.”

Nasri has just repeated what Fabregas and Arshavin said two months ago. Whether Nasri signs a new deal or not, Arsene Wenger needs to wipe the dust off our cheque book to get players that are ready to win trophies for the club. Not Brazilians that say that they have been frustrated 8 months ago or Danes that say that they are 100% sure of leaving the club. In Football Manager, players get happy if their manager signs players that are the favoured personnel or when the manager signs a player that was recommended by someone in the team.

Kolo Toure kissed AW’s ass several times to sign his brother Yaya from Olympiakos. If Yaya wore the Red and White, Kolo would have still been at Arsenal, not in Man City being a junkie. When Valencia were flirting with the rest of the footballing World using Villa and Silva as bait before the European Championships in 2008, Fabregas told AW that if he signs Villa, he’ll supply him with 20 assists. Wenger went to the tournament in Switzerland and Austria but did nothing. The list of players who would have joined Arsenal goes on and on but AW needs to take a stand this summer to keep Nasri and maybe Fabregas. Arshavin has already cleared the air that he’s staying with us.

Every football club has certain traditions they have to stick to. One of the traditions includes awards for the services of the players. I’ve written my own season review and Jack Wilshere was voted as Arsenal’s Player of the Season. At the start of the season, AW bought 3 French based players into the squad so one of the players had to be voted for as the signing of the season. Most French oldies would have preferred their fellow old hag Sebastien Squillaci to win the award but there was no way it would have been possible seeing what the Squisha did for us this season. Djourou and Koscielny played in St. James Park and Arsenal were 4 goals to the good but as soon as Djourou got substituted due to an injury, Arsenal’s defense capitulated and Newcastle sent football pundits into orgasm with an epic comeback. Squillaci was also a culprit when any error occurred in our defense anytime he played. He was so shitty that he got sent off against Huddersfield Town for a professional foul way up field. Marouane Chamakh was a free acquisition that exceled admirably in the tail end of 2010 but 2011 is a year that Chamakh will try his best to quickly forget, for the half part of it at least. The Moroccan scored a solitary goal in the turn of the year in the 5-0 thrashing of Leyton Orient after scoring 10 goals in his first 21 appearances.

The signing of the season will undoubtedly be Laurent Koscielny. The relative unknown center back joined Arsenal from FC Lorient for £8.25m. With the absence of Thomas Vermaelen, he and Johan Djourou have forged a very strong understanding and have worked very hard in the heart of our defense. They even have a catchy nickname called Djourcielny. He was born on the 10th of September, 1985 in a French town called Tulle. The way his career has turned around is a massive fairytale. 4 years ago, he was plying his trade in Tours FC, a Ligue 2 outfit. In his next season with the club he missed only 4 league games and scored 5 goals in the process. This earned him a place in the French Ligue 2 Team of the Year. FC Lorient snatched him up for €1.7m. He was also ever-present in the club that has a fish with a ball as its logo and missed only 3 league games.

When the Mercenary, Silvestre and Send Errors left the club due to expired contracts, AW the Alchemist felt that it was time for Koscielny to step into the limelight by signing him from FC Lorient after one season with the midtable french outfit. His amazing ability to anticipate the ball and tackle superbly earned him the Gooner Daily nick “Kos100%tackle”. Besides he had a 100% tackle rating in Ligue 1 in the 2009/10 season.

Koscielny was a player that didn’t really rest this season. He even amassed more minutes than jack Wilshere, a player that was labeled to have played 1,000,000 games so he had to be left out of the Under-21 squad.

Koscielny amassed a total of 43 games for Arsenal this season with 3 in the FA Cup, 4 in the Champions League, 6 in the Carling Spoon and 30 in the Premier League. He also managed to score 3 goals in his debut season with the club. His account opener was in the 6-0 spanking of Blackpool, his next was a solid header against Ipswich in the Carling Spoon semifinal and his last and most important was the match winner against Everton in February. He was also brandished the red card two times this season with his first being on his debut in Anfield Transylvania and the other for a professional foul against Nile Ranger when Newcastle visited the Emirates.

The lowest point of his Arsenal career will definitely be that cock-up he had with Wojciech Szczesny in the Carling Spoon final against Birmingham but he had an excellent season for us by his standards. There has been talk of a new defender like Samba joining the club so Koscielny’s place will definitely be under threat thereby making him to play on his toes to bring the best out of him. I’m pretty confident that Koscielny will get many more games for Arsenal next season because the club has players that have fragile bones.

Kudos to Koscielny for winning the player of the season awards for the 2010/11 season.

Time to sleep


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  1. Northbanksy

    It’s not only Nasri questioning the quality of signings by AW. When Cesc & RVP extend their contracts
    there were reports that both had talked about doing so based on the “ambition” of the club, which is generally translated in any language as “show us you mean business by signing some decent players”.No doubt they were promised that this would happen.

  2. Let’s hope for the best then…..Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. agreed, kosher by a neck over chamakaronee.. cut squlaci a little slack. he wasnt brought in as number 1 or two. tvs injury made both new guys play more than intended. and their first season too. they all did the best they could under the circumstances. maruane worked his ass of for us in the begining. and when rvp was good to go, mc took his seat at the bench snd not a word of disontent. my kind of player.. up the guns of ARSENAL!!!

  4. arsenalfighter

    So it’s very clear that AW is the chief culprit for all these stars’ wait-n-wantaway stance! AW took the players as fools but like many have known, it’s him that’s responsible for the team’s failures; it’s him who decided not to buy alonso, villa, yaya, etc.. What was he really doing at the WC last summer, you wonder, and coming back to the club without any intention to beef up the defense and keeper. Let’s not even talk about him keeping almunia and denilson last season.

  5. arsenalfighter

    …and it is also very clear that our star players certainly have ambitions to win titles and trophies for the club. Their disappointments at the defense (and AW’s) failures result in frustrations, though mostly unexpressed publicly, for which the fans have been so vocal about. Players like Rvp, cesc, nasri, arshavin, have ambition to WIN and would have no choice to move on if the club and AW fail to show the same intention by signing top players…not young inexperienced players or old cheapsale with no quality.

    Remember, RvP wanted AW to buy van der vaart – he was keen to come to arsenal himself – but AW just let him go, and how van der vaart did damages against the team’s derby clashes. AW foolish.

  6. Agree with kocielny summary, but think you are letting Nasri off the hook too easily. He deliberately inflamed the whole man utd thing dont forget. He could have negociated quietly & kept his mouth shut when the media came to stir – instead he encouraged man utd to come & make a concrete offer to him. Also he hasnt played well since the start of the year! He was awesome at the start of the season but hasnt been able to make any impact during our run-in. I for one am not so easy to forgive, personally i think he sensed his blackmailing has annoyed the supporters (his wage payers!) and now he’s trying to dampen down the flames he himself was fanning. Lets face it – Nasri has damaged his status at Arsenal & if he does sign then oh boy he had better step his game up and prove his worth. Jack wilshere outshone him in 2011 and I jope Nasri goes to italy or spain for a huge fee. He can certaily be replaced.

  7. @Arsenalfighter: The most painful of them all still remains van der Vaart. That chap was available for 8m pounds and AW folded his arms. van der Vaart played a major role in ending Spurs 68-mach winless streak against the ‘top four’ by beating us in front of our own fans. I just hope that AW gets it right this summer.

    @Stafs: Nasri has made a good mess of things but he wants to ‘dampen the flame’ as you put it. Let’s give him a chance to win the fans back. I am certain that a lot of fans are disappointed but these things happen. Thanks for reading the post 🙂

  8. i tnk one first team defender would be ideal. laurent can fill in if injuries knockout our first three. tv, djourour, kosher, and new guy. also a solid dm, if the market allows. i fear we are going to see some out of this world rates this summer in the trsnsfer market as sll our compatators have gottan their ck books out to push for first place…


  9. carl jenkinson SIGNED

  10. Whoa whoa whoa I dont know how many times you’ve seen Van Der Vaart play but we dont even want him on a free. A string of 10-12 good games does not cover up the fact that Van Der Vaart is HIGHLY overrated. He forces everyone to let him take all free kicks and corners, he gets lazy very easily, and has been known to be a locker room problem. Not something that we need in a young dressing room, we need veteran leaders. LK was definitely the signing of the year and could turn into a very good central defender with experience. He will be desperately needed next year when Verm or Djourou have to fill in at DM for Song during the ANC

    • You have a point Andy…but we need to sign an experienced defensive midfielder because of the African Cup of Nations….There’s a whole summer to figure that out for AW..
      Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  11. yes, a solid dm.. i think in case of an emergency we have players to play out of their natural position to help us, but overreliance in this method will cost us some points. a fast solid dm to cover our lion Song is the order of the day.. wonder what kther cards the professor has ,holding close to his chest ,to play un that regard. certinly some who is problomatic ala galas who cost us a great defender in kolo.
    hope our second carlito is a great signing for years to come.i know he was born to a goooner family.. welcome jenkinson…

  12. @ lee
    rvp & m.chamak … theres one combo. we didnt get to see much of.. perhaps in some games nxt. season the cosch will deploy the troops in a 442 instead of 433.. 🙂

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