Theo talks, transfer speculation, new contracts and Arsenal welcome Carl Jerkinson

The gunner on the spotlight in recent times has been Samir Nasri. We all know that he has one year left on his contract and can leave on a Bosman if nothing is done about his situation but at the age of 23, he’s also like a ripe fruit can be plucked from the Arsenal tree with AW being the caretaker of such a tree. Bayern and Inter have been linked to the midfield maestro and Man Utd is somewhere in the mix. We also know that Nasri has been offered a new deal of £90,000 per week but he hasn’t put his ‘xoxo’ on the ‘________’ part of the contract. As expected, the media Vultures decided to share Nasri’s mouth with him so we were told that he’s stalling because he awaits AW’s transfer activity this summer but he wrote this on Twitter using his official account @Nanas08,

“@Nanas08: I just want to tell you that you shouldn’t listen to the newspapers and the rumours. I will let you know if something happens”.

This tweet has put Nasri in the middle while the Arsenal faithful are now at both ends of the line. Some may think that it’s certain that he will sign the deal whether the players arrive or not while others may think that his biding his time for a move elsewhere but Arsenal legend Liam Brady believes that the club will do business this summer and he’s certain that Nasri will stay at Arsenal.

Arsenal’s Usain Bolt, Theo Walcott understands Nasri’s frustration and said this,

Of course I can understand why some of our players might be getting frustrated and thinking about leaving. They want to win things and we haven’t done that for six years.” 

Let’s face the truth, playing beautiful football without winning silverware isn’t good enough for both the players and the fans. In the past 6 seasons without a trophy, Arsenal has been very unlucky. In 2006, we lost the biggest prize of them all to those Aliens of Planet Catalunya. If Mad Jens Lehmann was still present on the pitch it might have been a different outcome. It was his penalty save against Riquelme that propelled Arsenal to the final after some resolute defending from us and profligate attacking from them. It’s unfortunate to know that the trend has reversed in recent times. The opposition does the resolute defending while Arsenal’s forwards are very profligate with their chances. In 2007, Arsenal was close to Carling Spoon glory after Walcott scored his first goal for the club but Drogba’s love affair with Send Errors was enough to hand them the trophy. That game was marred by Diaby’s Shaolin Knockout kick on that ex-girlfriend shagger that left him unconscious. In 2008, Arsenal was close to winning the league but Eduardo’s horrific injury, captain Gallas’ immaturity and those unwanted draws against Middlesbrough, Aston Villa, Wigan coupled with the defeats to Man Utd and Chelsea saw Arsenal end in 3rd place with 83 points. 83 points would have been enough to win the league this season.

2009 will be remembered for our impregnable home form but Ronaldo, Rooney and Wong Fei-Hong taught us a harsh lesson at the Emirates. Fabianski and Silvestre also played a part in our FA Cup demise in the hands of Chelsea. 2010 was quite hopeless and this season wasn’t any better but there’s hope for the future because if you don’t succeed you’ll have to dust yourself up and try again.

Walcott also says that he’s as optimistic as Nasri in terms of the new quality recruits AW may bring into the squad. He says,

“The manager has said he is going to spend this summer and I’m intrigued to see who we’re going to get.

We’ve got a small squad and it would be nice to see a few additions. I’ve heard rumours of Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema and signing a player of that calibre would get the crowd on their feet and help us hold on to our best players. Of course I can understand why some of our players might be getting frustrated and thinking about leaving. They want to win things and we haven’t done that for six years.

I’m the same. I don’t want to remembered just for being quick. I want to be in the history books for winning things like Giggs and Scholes.

I’m lucky, I’m still only 22 so I’ve still got a lot of time on my side but when you’re at a big club like Arsenal and playing great football, you need to be winning things and at the moment the silverware is just not there.”

Theo Walcott just spoke for the fans with these words. Signing a player like Benzema will definitely get the fans on their feet and could make Fabregas and Nasri stay at the club but at this point in time, the media Vultures don’t mention Benzema after he said that he’ll like to fight for his place in Madrid but they say that Arsenal target Gary Cahill is now available for £17m. I still wonder how English players command exorbitant fees. Andy Carroll cost Liverpool £35m and he scored only 2 goals in that game against Man City. They say that his age probably a factor but Liverpool has also secured Sunderland’s Jordan Henderson for a whooping £20m yet a certain club from Spain prices Arsenal’s most prized asset at €30m. Pathetic.

The media Vultures also report that we are keeping tabs on Blackburn’s Phil Jones. I don’t give 2 hoots about Blackburn and Phil Jones but if you want to get in-depth analysis about the bloke, I’ll advise you to check out Vijay Murali’s blog called The Invincible Gunners. His last post was about the Pros and Cons of signing Phil Jones. It’s worth a read.

A French article also suggests that Gervinho is on his way to Arsenal. You might need Google Translate for that info. They also say that Southampton has buckled to the peer pressure of English players and overhyped prices by placing a £15m price tag on the Chambered Ox. I can’t buy the Chambered Ox for £15m in Football Manager even if I’m managing an oil rich club like Man City so I don’t expect a Master’s degree holder in Economics to follow suit. The Chambered Ox is good because I’ve seen some of his videos on YouTube but there’s no tree that £15m can be plucked from to waste like that.

The last piece of transfer info involves the Brazilian bloke in Shakhtar that sings for the Black Eyed Peas. They say that Arsenal wants to do business with Shakhtar for the services of and could add Denilson in the deal. In South America was part of the air, you could stink in Donetsk because the South American lot in Shakhtar is quite large so Denilson will feel right at home. Arsenal’s escort-in-chief said that he wanted Champions League football and the Ukrainian outfit could offer him that as well as a fat salary because I know that that club is very rich.

While Nasri is still acting up and waiting for Captain America and Professor Xavier to come to Arsenal before he signs, the club is pleased to announce that 3 younglings have extended their contracts with the club. These younglings will win the quadruple with Carl Jenkinson in 2020 and I don’t intend to wait that long to win the quad. They are Oguzhan Ozyakup, Benik Afobe and Chuks Aneke. The club is also pleased to announce that they have acquired Arsenal’s first recruit this summer. He’s not Captain America who would use his shield to block every ball or Voltron that’ll defend Arsenal like the universe.

He’s simply known as Carl Daniel Jenkinson. An English-born youngling that currently plays for Finland’s Under-21s who was born on the 8th of February, 1992. He managed 8 appearances in 2 years for Charlton between 2009 and 2011 but AW probably signed him because in 2020 he’ll have the pace of Sagna, the strength of Ivanovic, the technique of Maicon, the guile and aggression of Rafael and the diving ability of Dani Alves making him the hybrid right back of the century.

Jenkinson comes in as Arsenal’s No. 3 right back behind Sagna and the Farmer but I’m sure that we’ll see the bloke play in preseason then the Carling Spoon. You can wish the youngling well on Twitter @Carl_Jenkinson.

That’s all for today.

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Time to dream about Nasri signing a contract and Captain America wearing the Red and White. 🙂


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  1. hi enigma,,, very nice and indepth article… two points… ABU didnt shoulin kick the adulterous neanderthal… if you watch the replay ,he is desperatly trying to clear the ball from danger zone … that stupid idiot stuck his head in to try for goal… not ABUS fault at all… in 1985 i flat kicked a fellow in the face while trying to keep the ball in play.. out of nowhere this block djves in and got tattoed… i had no idea he was coming from behind while i was doing the bicycle kick kr scissor kick…. second point being ,i really dont like our players washing their dirty laundery in public… whether their feelings as far as the ambition of the club are justified or not is another matter all together… walcot, nasri or HE MAN FOR ALL I CARE HAS no right questioning the coach at any time specialy in front of the journos… talk to your boss in privet, if you can agree ,great. if not everyone is free to live and work where they want… maybe you agree , maybe not…

    • Maybe Walcott went extreme but you have to know that AW’s players are getting wary.
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  2. i do friend, i understand… but there are proper ways to talk to your coach… not to the whole world… wenger is more frustrated and saddened than all of us.. add to that a 20 some yer old telling u they are watching you to see if you will do the right thing over the summer… any other coach would unleach the krakon on them.. he brought you ingrates to the club ,didnt he. watched you develop and nursed you through injuries,, didnt he… where is no one knew who you where and if you had any potential, didnt he.. now you come through and get your chance.. one good season or two and because of your own dhort comings and bad luck, and now you allow yourself to question the guy who had faith in your ableities, and you lose faith IN HIM.. IN PUBLIC? HOW FUCKING INAPPROPERATE.. anyway, thats how i feel… ttyl

  3. Walcott questions Wenger’s decision instead of defending the manager. IN United,any player who writes this stuff about Fergie or UNITED is DOOMED!

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