Advocaat shows Arsenal Arshavin’s user manual and Saturday’s transfer roundup

Arsenal’s transfer activity has been very impressive in recent weeks with player departures and arrivals being the order of the day. I’m the kind of guy that prefers the good news before the other so I’ll start with the transfer speculation involving the player’s that are likely to wear the Red and White next season.

There are fresh reports emerging that Arsenal has been linked with Roma’s skillful Montenegrin Mirko Vucinic. The media Vultures say that Vucinic’s price tag is a staggering £26m but his agent has already arrived in the shores of England to hold talks with Arsenal and Manchester United over the bloke. The 27-year old made 33 appearances for the Giallorossi last season and he scored 10 goals. His natural position is the center forward role but he’s also adept playing on the left wing or in the hole behind the striker. He has amazing dribbling skills and his technique with the ball is top-notch. His off the ball movement is a constant thorn for defenders and he’s a good finisher too.  The lad has been with AS Roma since 2006 and he has been the subject of constant speculation regarding his future at the club but he has never been vocal about leaving the Italian giants. When Arsenal played Roma in the Champions League knockout phase in 2009, Vucinic did well against us but he was the player that sent Roma packing with his penalty miss against Manuel Almunia.

I don’t believe that Wenger would cough out £26m for Vucinic because Arsenal is on the verge of signing Gervinho and we all know that the Ivorian’s introduction to the squad is likely to bring healthy competition so Vucinic’s introduction will certainly mean that another Gunner may have to pack his bags.

Arsenal has been linked with two Premier League center backs in recent weeks Chris Samba and Gary Cahill. Arsenal has already approached Blackburn for Samba’s services but Cahill’s £17m price tag has been a stumbling block for Arsenal. Wenger wanted to try a new approach which involved sending Ignasi Miquel on loan for an entire season so as to reduce the transfer fee but Bolton’s boss has said that he’ll do everything in his power to keep Cahill.

I ran a poll on my blog’s Facebook page to get the fans opinion about Samba and Cahill. 13% of the gooners wanted only Samba, 37% wanted only Cahill while 50% of the gooners that voted wanted both players at the club. Thomas Vermaelen is a centre back that’s also adept in the left back position but I’ll prefer to see the Verm strut his stuff in the heart of Arsenal’s defense than to see him run up and down the left flank because he clearly doesn’t have the pace to do that. Being a left back would also mean that Vermaelen will have to do a lot of crossing and we all know that it’s been ages since Verm had the chance to cross the ball consistently from the left flank.

Vermaelen is a defender that leaps like a frog, anticipates the ball superbly, tackles excellently and has an amazing sense of positioning. He also has a cool composed head and he orchestrates the defense very well. Let’s not forget that he has an eye for goal because he scored eight goals in his debut season at the club while Tottenham’s Defoe scored four goals in 22 matches. These are the attributes that won Vermaelen a place in the PFA Team of the Year in 2009 so I’m strongly in the opinion that Wenger should sign only Samba and forget about that English overhyped bloke. Owen Coyle has said that he’ll turn into a gladiator to keep Cahill and I sincerely hope that he wins the battle to keep his prized asset.

Moving over to player departures, Gael Clichy is the only name that has appeared in the spotlight by the media Vultures today. There was a point in time when they reported that Roma wanted to offer Jeremy Menez in a part exchange deal for Clichy but his agent, Alain Migliaccio has said that those claims are utter shite.  He said a lot of stuff but the pick of the bunch was,

“Swap deal with Arsenal’s Gael Clichy? I’ve known Wenger for a long time, he’s a friend but I know nothing about this.

All I can say is that at the moment we are waiting for AS Roma to contact us to let us know about the future of the player.”

Clichy has refused to sign the £80,000 per week contract tabled for him and he has also refused to give us the reason why he doesn’t want to. I thought that Nasri’s reason for not signing the initial £90,000 offered to him was best known to the Aliens that are about to attack Planet Earth but they’re scared because Chuck Norris still lives but Nasri cleared our doubt and said that he wanted more money. You’ll have to understand the angle Nasri came from because football is more or less a business where the players care more about the money than the passion. Wayne Rooney needed more money for a thing or two so he came up with a brilliant money-making tactic called,

“Threaten to go away and earn more”

And it worked for him because by the end of every month, £1,000,000 will be sitting pretty in his green account. Nasri tried to turn the tables by saying that he was waiting for Wenger’s transfer activity but we the gooners have decided to plead with the club to soothe his greedy demands. My friend and fellow Arsenal blogger Omar Almasri ran a poll about Nasri’s wage demands and a staggering 82% of the gooners voted in favour of Nasri’s wage increase.

Wenger has already told everyone that he’ll only favor a move abroad for Clichy but the media Vultures have wasted no time in lining a replacement for Wenger. Everybody’s favorite has been Leighton Baines but the newest name in the tabloids in Newcastle’s £8.5m rated Jose Enrique. When I was a kid growing up, I knew two Enriques, Enrique Iglesias the musician who sings about how women can run and hide but they can’t escape from his love and Luis Enrique the Barcelona defensive midfielder I adored in his playing days because that’s my preferred playing position in football although I’m more or less like an aggressive Flamini that has a Pirlo approach. Luis Enrique is presently the manager of the AS Roma.

Jose Enrique on the other hand is a 25-year old left back that has a knack for getting forward whenever possible. He’s also in the mold of players that use their right leg for support but in football it’s extremely useless. Superstars that are ranked in this category are Arjen Robben, David Silva, Angel Di Maria, Juan Manuel Mata and the World’s best left footed Chimpanzee, Gareth Bale. Jose Enrique started his career in Levante’s B team in 2004 before having single season stints with Valencia, Celta Vigo and Villarreal. Newcastle snapped him up for £6.25m in 2007 and he has been ever-present for them averaging at least 25 league games per season. The only silverware he has in his cabinet is the npower Championship medal he won with Newcastle in 2010. That’s one more than many Arsenal players who are yet to experience what standing on a podium feels like and I’m not writing about the Emirates Cup. As a player he’s not ranked among the best crossers in the galaxy but he has an amazing work rate and a never-say-die attitude. He’s also a composed lad that doesn’t buckle under pressure from opposition and he’s quite fast.

Should Clichy decide to leave the club, I’ll prefer Wenger to set his sights on Leighton Baines instead of Jose Enrique. For what it’s worth, Robin van Persie has killed too many birds that have flown past the Emirates with his free kicks so Baines is the kind of a player that would convert those free kicks to goals because he all know that he’s a gifted dead ball specialist.

Andrei Arshavin scored 10 goals and laid 17 assists last season but he wasn’t fully appreciated by many gooners. I can’t also deny that I’m among the angry gooner mob that wanted his head on a plate at some point in time. I also came under serious stick when I tagged Arshavin as Gooner Daily’s Worst Player of the Season in my End of Season Gooner Awards. What I intended to write was Gooner Daily’s Most Disappointing Player of the Season and I’ve changed it to that ever since but most of my readers fail to realize that I wrote that article according to the polls I created in the blog’s Facebook page.

Russia’s boss Dick Advocaat worked with Arshavin in his Zenit days so he has decided to show Wenger and the fans how to use Arshavin next season.  Two months ago, Rafa Benitez released Fernando Torres’ user manual to Chelsea but it was too little too late because my birthday mate Carlo Ancelotti got the boot at the end of the season.

Advocaat says,

One of his problems is that he plays 20 minutes per game. Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger uses him as a player who can be fielded in the second half and who can refresh the game.

Andrey is showing willingness to give the team the best of what he has. I worked with him for over two years at Zenit and I know who he is. A brilliant player of a single episode.

At Arsenal it is not enough to be a player of an episode. Expecting from him a ninety-minute running means not knowing and not understanding Arshavin.

This manual will come in handy next season because Arshavin has the likes of Nasri and Gervinho to contend with next season.

The tweet of the day goes to the Red Detective,

“@Detective82: A back five of Szczesny, Sagna, Samba, Vermaelen and Jose Enrique doesn’t take prisoners. Power, pace, aggression and class. Arsene Wenger, make it happen”

At the rate he’s going, I’m sure he will.

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  1. samba is a good nonsence solid defender… we might.very well take him instead of cahill since he is loved so much by his coach… what scares me is his lack of pace and withus playing the defensive highline most of time, he can be a liability getting.back at counter attacks.. and you cant really teach pace or improve it much.. specialy at his age.. cahill would have fit the mould better and he is much.younger but i dont think he can put the fear of god into the opposing teams.strikers like samba can.. also his valuation should be less than 17 mill.


    • Maybe I’m being too harsh on Cahill but everybody seems to forget what Djourou and Koscielny did last season and it hurts me. Arsenal needs only ONE defender. Signing both players would mean that Arsenal would have 6 fit defenders to fight for only 2 positions. That’s too much if you ask me
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  2. i agree,, it will be one or the other depending on Arsene pinpointing our needs and weaknesses( set playes, hint hint) .. the fixture list is also very crowded and fatigue /injuries should be in back of our minds…
    tend to agree with dick regarding Arshavin… play him in his strongest position and dont expect him to give you 90 mins of non stop effort…

    • ” play him in his strongest position and dont expect him to give you 90 mins of non stop effort…”
      OR play someone better who you can expect to put in the effort. Arshavin has lost his place as a guaranteed starter this season to nasri/walcott for this reason, and rightly so!

  3. I think Advocat’s words (if true, and not another horrible misrepresentation due to the translation) are true and quite damning of *arshavin* actually, rather than arsenal. He does put in the effort when playing for us, but he has this odd habit of giving the ball away cheaply, 95% of the time, but then of playing a killer pass, or hitting a good shot/goal with the other 5%. Some players are like that, but they tend to be considered talented underachievers when all’s said and done.
    You can’t argue with the guy’s output, but he is frustrating to watch and frankly I expected more from someone who was signed largely to bring a bit of experience, and show the younger players the way. I’d honestly rather have someone like vucinic who is a lot more efficient in his use of the ball and WILL show the required attitude consistently.

  4. i hear u davi and i understand the expectations from the russian magician.. but you compare apple to apple, orange to orange.. agewise he isnt a young buck anymore and cant put in an intensive defensive effort in the whole 90 mint.. in all honesty i see him trying his best to accomodate and lately he has been working his ass off. his natural and stongest position is to play behind the forward line not on the wing really… no one not even Nasri has his touch on the ball and as such he needs not to be winded when one on one with his defender.. i know he still has the moves to take most defenders to the cleaners.. as it is, he has not played where he is the deadlest and most effective due to cesc taking that space.. we need to use him wisely as an impact player starting and or off the bench.. he did have a ton of assists last year ,which to me is just as good as goals.. he is making the players around him better and i think if the language barrier wasnt there, would make a great leader on the pitch… i didnt mean he should play halfass, and that isnt what he is doing anyways… cheers


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