More on Nasri and a new deal for Jack Wilshere

Few minutes after publishing my tribute for Samir Nasri, a fellow gooner and talented writer Arun M suggested that I send the link of the post to the birthday boy, Samir Nasri himself. He tweeted,

@msnarun: @goonerdaily how about tweeting nasri the link to ur b’day boy blog?maybe he’ll read it!

Whether Nasri reads the post or not, he can rest assured that there are gooners that have his best interests at heart. At least he has 316,258 followers on Twitter. Nasri’s agent has said that negotiations with Arsenal over a proposed contract are imminent so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Nasri would sign the big fat Greek salary.

With Nasri’s future at the club still in doubt, the media Vultures have come with a story that says that Arsenal would sell Fabregas to Barcelona to keep Nasri. Nasri told everyone that he needed more money but he decided to turn it around by saying that he wanted to see Wenger’s transfer activity this summer.

Selling Fabregas to keep Nasri is one of the crappiest things I heard in a while. We all know that Fabregas can move to only one club this summer and they are MC Hammer broke. So broke that they have banned color photo copying machines, sacked their bodyguards and have canceled all catering events.

It’s just awkward to know that throughout Arsenal’s six-year trophy drought, Barcelona has won three Champions Leagues and four Liga BBVA titles yet their coffers are very bare. An African legend like Eto’o scored a million and one goals for them but they treated him like dirt and added a fortune with him tied in a pretty ribbon to acquire the services of Zlatan Turkeymovic that was used for a solitary season before he was shipped out to AC Milan to rediscover his old Inter form.

I can’t deny that Barcelona is the best football team in existence but that arrogance has been exhibited in their pursuit of Fabregas. Fabregas cannot be compared to captains like Charlie Adam or Scotty Parker that have been sought after their teams have been relegated. He’s the captain of a football team that has won 13 league titles, 10 FA Cup and other trophies but has been very competitive and highly unlucky in recent years.

The media Vultures also say that Arsenal’s fierce rivals Manchester United are gearing themselves up to make a £20m bid for Nasri. The last time Arsenal did a deal of any sort with Manchester United, an old French hag was the prize with a meager tag of £750,000. Arsene Wenger has said that there’s no way in Hell that he’s going to enrich his want-away players to his provisional rivals in the Premier League. Be it Clichy to Liverpool or Nasri to Man Utd. Both players have a year left on their present deals so contract talks are the order of the day.

Clichy isn’t the best left back in the galaxy but his years of service to Arsenal Football Club can’t be overlooked. Nasri on the other hand is a star that stepped into the limelight last season so he needs to stay at Arsenal to build on it.

The media Vultures have also reported that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere is on the verge of signing a long term contract that will keep him at the club till 2016. Wilshere is a player that we can call our own because his DNA is 100% Arsenal.

He amassed over 4,000 minutes of active football last season and scored two goals against Shakhtar and Aston Villa. Wilshere deserves a new deal at the club so it’s pleasing to know that Wenger has decided to reward him for his hard work and determination that saw him win the PFA Young Player of the Year award.

Omar Almasri ran a poll for the gooners opinion on the proposed signing of Samba and Cahill. 56% of the fans voted for the Congolese monster while 38% wanted the English Press’ overhyped defensive messiah. The remaining 4% didn’t care about both players joining the club.

I was among the gooners that voted in favour of Samba because I feel that we need a player like him. I intend to write an article about the bloke tomorrow on Bleacher Report.

Sticking with Bleacher Report, I’ll love you to check out one of my most recent articles tagged the top 10 saves of the 2010/11 season.

Trust me, the article is worth a read. 🙂

The tweet of the day goes to Omar Almasri,

@OAlmasri: June 26, 2003, Marc Vivien Foe collapsed on the pitch and passed away at the age of 28. Please take a moment of silence. #RestInPeace

While we drink our Champagnes in celebration of Samir Nasri’s birthday, let’s take a moment of silence for a certain Cameroonian that slumped on the pitch eight years ago while playing the beautiful game we call football.

My clearance continues tomorrow.


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  1. Well written Like this !!!!

  2. ann mccaffrey

    Happy birthday sami nasir have a great day with your beautiful family.We love you @ arsenal please sign a new contract.We want to chant your name next were awesome for us this year,keep the good work up.

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